The Madec Legacy

by Renan Basso

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Psychological GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The dawn of Emotion Based A.I.s is here, John is the fifth test subject to have an AI implemented in his brain, and so far the first one to survive.

Blinded by the dream of immortality, the researchers push the tests to inhumane standards. John is obligated to take part in sessions of torture designed to test the limits of the AI influence over the physical and mental health. What was supposed to be a new beginning in life turns into living hell.

An (un)lucky twist ends his life. John then reincarnates with his AI in a new world where a System influences the interaction between Magic and Matter. With seemingly limitless potential and a game-like system influencing the world, the hero sets on his journey.


I will state here my promises to you, potential reader:

1. No harem! I don't trust myself to make a harem feel natural or healthy, I never met any person who has a personality that can adapt and live in a harem for reasons that are not monetary, so I can't draw inspiration from real life. Sorry!;

2. The enemies will not be bland and illogically mean. Some may feel like that at first, but I will take great care in fleshing them out, trust me. You may end up hating some, but you won't be able to deny that they had their reasons for what they did;

3. I am using a paid (and expensive) automated editor tool, and I take longer to write because I take my time in editing the stuff. I am aiming to improve and I will not shy away from constructive criticism, nor take offense for no reason;

4. Characters will die and will suffer, some will get over the tragedies and improve, others will not be as resilient.

5. This novel has a lot of ground to cover, it is neither a short story, a manual on crafting, or the script of some action scene. There will be both time skips and oversimplifications of some actions for the sake of moving the story forward. Time skips will be more prominent in the first 30 chapters. I will describe crafting processes and fights with more detail if they are essential for the chapter;

6. If I took my time describing something, it's because it is important. I hate novels that waste time describing useless stuff. If you skim over something, the chances are that something in the future will not make sense. I am an adept of "Chekhov's gun" principle;

7. I already have 31k words on my auxiliary documents, I have a plan for the story, and I will not be making changes even if someone ends up noticing some foreshadowing and figures out what will happen. The story comes first.

8. I have a wife, a job that demands 9h every day and courses related to my job (lawyer) three days of the week, it's unlikely that I will be able to do mass releases at all. I will have a healthy amount of chapters to be able to post at least 1 chapter every day continually. Don't worry.

9. I will read all the comments. I will listen to all you have to say and will try my best to accommodate demands as long as they do not hamper the path I prepared.

10. There is an arc that spans the entire novel. Each volume will be an arc in itself while progressing a little bit of the main arc. Every arc will have one or more main antagonists.

I think that's it! Thank you for reading it all. Have an awesome time reading my first novel!! <3

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Good plot hooks but lacking in writing mastery

Reviewed at: Commander Eleanor Farsteel

The writer seems to be new to writing. The plot hooks are interesting enough to get readers onto the first few chapters but the deficiencies in technical writing skills and experience bleeds distracts the audience. 

From bad "future scenes" to wooden characters that shout out their raison deitre at the first meeting, this is the sort of text that would get maybe 3 chapters from a publisher before being chucked to the reject pile. 

That said, the way to improve your writing is to write bad stuff until you get better. 



Reincarnation in another world with AI companion

Reviewed at: Chapter 30 - Live and Remember

Decent reincarnation story overall, even if it could use improving.

In the future, there are advanced AI's, but they still are lacking in terms of capablity, until a researcher finds a new way by giving AI's emotions, that quickly leads to human expermination, of which John is one of the test subjects, and the only one that who got a fully functioning AI, but the tests do not stop at that and only get harsher to the levels of torture, eventually when the chance arises, John and his AI decide to ruin the entire research project by making the data useless, but in turn get killed by the implented safeguards. After a meeting with two gods, John finds himself reincarnated as a baby in another world, with major blessings and his AI still accompanying him. Now in that world, he carves his path to his future, with greatness being seemingly guantreed with all he has gotten from birth. But the path to such greatness is not easy and many dangers lurk in the new world he is in.

The MC is quite the character, smart and capable, through the AI does a lot of the work for him. He does use the many advantages given to him, making him stand out from others at a very young age to the extent he is seen as a genius, to the extent that he is actually overpowered, i wonder how that is going to be handled. What i like is that the AI is not simply a robotic helper with no personality, but a actual companion, that is designed to assist the host with various things, this makes quite the difference for me. The characters as should be clear, are not perfect at all, and can make mistakes.

Okay, after the more recent chapters, im quite bothered by the fact that characters do not seem to be actually developed, it is like they lack emotion, i dont have that much hope that it will improve, unless the author works on his writing skills.

It can be seen, that the author cares a lot for the world he has developed here, with there being many things that sort of stand out, however it is still early in the story, with many still left to be revealed, but what already has been, gives this story a lot of promise that it could be a great one.

Overall good grammar, i personally have not noticed typo's, but find that at times, sentences feel odd, and could be better written, but thats sort of a minor thing.

Overall nice writing style, the prose is good enough, pacing is great, not overly fast while still allowing time for things to develop, the infodumps barely are a problem to the story even if at times they could be done better.

Though there are still some problems with the overall style, for example descriptions could be done better, and especially character interactions and dialogues have room for improvement, this one still is quite a problem.

As said, this story has a lot of promise, i hope the author can capitalize on that, and make this a actually great one, what is said in the description gives me hope, that the author can avoid the problems that usually ruin stories like this, i seriously recommend the author to improve his writing, to avoid the story being boring and not fun to read at all.

You can give this story a try if you want, its overall a decent read, but keep in mind it requires quite a lot of improving, as it can be boring at times.



I've tried hard liking this story, because I love stories in this genre. But it's been impossible. The MC is a Mary Sue with no personality whatsoever apart from having a computer companion that does everything. I don't necessarily have a problem with Mary Sue characters, in fact I love overpowered heroes, but it just doesn't work here. 


Even worse are the other characters. They all lack depth. And the forced conflict between nobles and commoners is just so tacky and not subtle at all. 


I tried reading it because it's on popular and I usually love these stories, but it just wasn't very good. Do not recommend. 


The grammar... for all that's is holy, get an editor! If English is your first language then I'll eat my shoe.

About the Plot: standard Gary Sue isekai. Everything is told to you and not shown. Sooo much exposition. 
Author has a cool concept, but the story needs a rewrite. 


First few chapters feel really rushed and kinda turned me away. The authors main language is probably not english. I would refrain from giving a score because it is on trending and people seem to like it. But the start is really akwardly written and I have to.

I will come back to this in a few months. If it still has 4 stars until then.


To begin I will say that I have dropped this story after the smithing chapter, chapter 16. The reason for this is that the story is boring. I understand that this story is an OP one but so far there has been no challenge for the MC, challenges are interesting and help build the character but in this story there are none the MC just trains to the skill/attribute cap without really doing anything. 

The other thing that is bothersome is that he is perfect in everything. He is maxed in all forms of combat be that melee, ranged or magical and now he also is about to max his crafting? There is a reason why popular characters have flaws and are good at some thing and bad at others. Being perfect is boring. 


Now onto the story. I really enjoyed the first 5 chapters. They set up the world that the MC was being born into really well. However as the story progresses the story starts to suffer. The most glaring issue is the life oath, there is really no point for it.  

Overall I think this story needs to be edited from almost the beginning to fix little mistakes and to flesh out certain aspects of the world. This is a good first draft but by no means is it a final draft.


While I’m sure no one would claim this is an artistic masterpiece, it is pretty fun to read. The story is well thought out and most of the conversations seem pretty realistic. The main problem with the book is that a third of it consists of info dumps, so if that’s not your thing you may want to avoid it. 


Needs a bit more emotion everything else is very good.

Reviewed at: A Boon Disguised as Torture?

Your story premise is very good (if you are aiming at a light hearted fic). The only fault I find that your dialogues between the (human) characters feel robotic.

Give the characters some facial expressions and body motion between the dialogues.



Good premise. Starts slow. Bad grammar

Reviewed at: Chapter 30 - Live and Remember

It definitely starts off pretty slow but it improves as you get further. The grammar leaves much to be desired. Overall, I like the premise and i hope that the author continues writing this story.

Yimkumer Jamz

Trashy OP protag but very intriguing plot.

Reviewed at: Where is my EXP?

its another typical overpowered isekai protagonist. The story itself is really good, with the plot keeping us in bind but there are some issues that could be fixed. I won't suggest an entire rewrite but i think there's potential for so much more if the author is willing to cover more bases