I threw a punch at Kay's head and took a step to the side. She side-stepped casually, grabbed my arm, and pulled me towards her as she bent down, throwing me over her shoulder. Her movement was quick and caught me off guard, but I managed to land on my feet, albeit a bit unsteadily, and retreat a few steps from her as I turned around.

The second I turned my head, I saw a fist come flying towards my face. I urgently put up my arms to guard, readying myself for a lot of pain. Surprise flashed over my face, however, when the blow was barely any stronger than Alima's at her best. It still hurt, but not even close to the amount I thought it would.

However, Kay didn't give me much time to stay surprised as a roundhouse kick aimed at my head shot out from nowhere. I just barely managed to duck to avoid the attack and countered with my own kick against her abdomen. She quickly jumped back and avoided my attack.

"Mm. You're worse than I thought." She pointed out blankly.

"Did you forget about the fact that I'm an archer?"

"No. But I decided to hold back considerably and gradually escalate the difficulty until I found how strong you were, but I did not think that I wouldn't have to increase it even once."

I furrowed my brows. "And here I thought you were just really good at judging my strength." I sighed and attacked her again.

I pretended to jab at her with my right hand. When she moved her arm to block my attack, I changed my course and grabbed her arm instead. Just as I was about to use her arm to move behind her and get control over her body, she twisted her arm and used my grip on her arm to pull herself closer to me, using her free arm to punch me in the abdomen and moving behind me. I lost grip on her arm, and she kicked me from behind so that I stumbled a few steps forward.

I turned around and looked at her whilst catching my breath. It almost looked like she felt pity towards me.

"Just so you know; up until a month ago, my experience in fighting like this was pretty much zilch," I said as I held my stomach. "Expecting me to even come close to people like you when it comes to skill isn't that realistic if you ask me."

"This is one of the top hero academies in the world. Being inexperienced isn't an excuse."

"...I guess I can't argue against that."

"But you do show good promise as a sharpshooter." She added. She was silent for a few seconds. "...Your eyesight is especially impressive."

"My eyesight?" While my perception was far above all my other attributes, I wasn't expecting her to praise my eyesight specifically.

She nodded her head. "Mm. My sight is also relatively decent. If I were to guess, it's probably not much worse than most of the sharpshooters our age."

So not only was she extremely strong with her physical attributes like speed and strength, but her perception was also high? Was she some kind of monster? Right, I saw her completely obliterate several Stone Golems in under ten seconds just a few minutes ago. Of course she's a monster.

She continued. "Despite that, even I was barely able to see that monster from earlier today. But you managed to keep track of it, even when it was behind a tree."

Her face was blank, but I didn't like where this was going.

"Ah, that. I just happened to see it slink in behind the tree. Nothing that impressive." I said, perhaps too evasively. But she wasn't one to pick up on things like that, right?

"Mm. That's why I said your eyesight was impressive."

Suddenly, she darted towards me and punched. I was ready for her and dodged the attack by stepping to the side. She jabbed at me with her other fist, but I promptly blocked that blow with my arms. But another punch quickly followed, which I failed to block. It hit my sternum, and the air was knocked out of my lungs. She quickly retreated a few steps. Feeling like I was being toyed with left a bitter feeling in my mouth.

"You said that you had a late awakening, didn't you?" Kay spoke once again. This was like a mix between a spar and a conversation. How come she wanted to talk so much?

I nodded my head uncertainly. "Yeah, I did."

"Does that mean that you have another Talent except for your specialized one?"

"...You do know that asking that is frowned upon, right?"

She tilted her head and looked at me with a nonplussed face. "You care about that?"

"You don't?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "As long as my enemies don't know about my Talent, then no."

I raised my eyebrows. "Then, you're saying that you wouldn't mind telling me your Talent?"

She shook her head. "No. How do I know if you're my enemy or not?"

"...Presumably, because we're both students in the same class who're both going to become heroes in the future?"

"That doesn't mean anything. People can hide a lot of things. Your past is especially suspicious. I still don't understand how you got accepted here without outside help."

"I told you before; I was just lucky."

"Luck isn't enough to get accepted into this academy." She said and attacked me once again. A short exchange of blows later, I was left gasping for my breath once again.

"Believe me," I said in between breaths. "if I had any contacts at all, my life would have been much more comfortable. I mentioned it before, but I don't have any family with power or anything like it."

In this world, I was considered an orphan. 'Raised' as an orphan since birth, the Authority of Hope really didn't leave me much to work with except for the acceptance into Lemorth Academy.

"Then how did you get accepted?" She was staring at me, but she didn't look mad or accusing. Rather, she almost looked curious. Only barely, though.

I sighed. "You're going to keep asking that?"

She nodded her head.

"Ugh, fine. What if I tell you that I do have another Talent and that I was accepted because of that?"

"Does that Talent have anything to do with how you saw that monster earlier today?" She asked.

"...What?" Was she still focused on that?

"You had some way to see that the monster was behind that tree, didn't you?"

"Why would you think that?" How could she even know that?

She looked at me silently for a while.

Could it be that my eyes glowed or something like that when I used that ability? I hadn't checked. I had to make sure later.

"If you don't want to say, then I can't force you." She attacked me again and easily evaded my counterattacks, leaving me lying down on the floor ten seconds later.

"You should focus less on attacking. You're good at predicting the opponent's movements. Use it more." She said, and she gestured for me to stand up.

I shook my head slowly. I seriously had no idea how this girl's head worked. Despite that, I stood up and got ready for another bout. I wasn't going to waste this opportunity. She might be a bit crazy, but training was training.


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