The following days went much like the first one did. We had theory lessons in the morning. The ones we were currently having were Ethereal Beast Analysis, Group Subjugation Design, and Metaphysical Formation Analysis. The afternoon was currently only filled with Basic Combat Techniques and Survival Class. But as we got more experienced, we’d start with courses like Group Subjugation Engagement, Sparring Classes, and even Live-Combat classes. From tomorrow and onwards, we’d also have Weapon’s Practise two evenings a week with specific instructors that’d be teleported in from all over the world to help us students improve.  Of course, I'd made sure to practice my archery by myself these past days and made some improvements on my own, but it’d be nice to have a professional give me some pointers, even if they might be a bit disappointed at first.

Liang had also approached me a few times, too, asking about the study group. At first, I kept telling her that I was still thinking about it, but I finally decided to accept her proposal. Getting to know some of the other students from class 1 won’t hurt, and being in a study group might even help me out at times. If I don’t like it, then I could just leave. Liang had persuaded a few others to join, too, and proposed that we would meet the following weekend, and I agreed without question. It was Wednesday today, which left me with a few days to get my head around our subjects.

And that was what I was doing now. I had finished my evening practice session and was currently sitting at the desk in my dorm, trying to solve the problems in our textbook. Ethereal Beast Analysis and Group Subjugation Design weren't that difficult for me yet. In Ethereal Beast Analysis, we just had to memorize some common monster types, their weak points, and parts of their biology. In Group Subjugation Design, we just had to know the fundamental roles in a subjugation group and a few common strategies plus where and when to use them. The roles themselves were simple.

You had the supporters. Arguably the most important role. The abilities of these heroes could vary a lot, but they were usually weak when by themselves. Common abilities that supporters could have were healing, buffing, and terrain control.

Then you had the vanguards. The vanguard’s job was just to stand at the forefront of the battle and stop the enemies from reaching the rear. How they did this depended on the hero. Some worked as tanks, taking the attention of the enemies and enduring their blows. Others weaved and dodged the monster’s blows and tried striking at the enemy’s weak points. And then there were vanguards who didn’t care about any of that and just beat the monsters senseless as soon as they saw them. The heroes that acted like that tended to be a bit stronger than usual, so they could afford to be that reckless. But in the end, there were almost as many different kinds of vanguards as there were vanguards. The one thing they had in common was just that they were all close-range fighters.

The sharpshooters were also important. In lower-ranked groups, these guys could be gunners, but in higher-ranked groups, they were almost always archers. There wasn't much to be said about them. They were sharpshooters. They worked from the back lines and were often tasked with taking out or crippling the stronger monsters.

Of course, you also had the magicians. Depending on the magician, they could fill all of those roles and more. They were very sought after because of how versatile they were. Magicians were much rarer than heroes, though, so guilds usually only used them in their highest-ranked groups.

Memorizing the roles was easy, and I didn’t have any problems with remembering any of the strategies that we’d learned presently in that course. The question that I was having trouble with right now was from the Metaphysical Formation Analysis textbook. The subject focused on the theory behind dungeons and towers. How they worked, what they were, and what you could find inside. The problem was that there were a lot of calculations to be done in it.

For example, if you had a dungeon that was a certain size and let out a certain amount of mana and showed signs of accommodating certain magical plants, what sort of monsters could one expect inside? Different monsters and plants let out different amounts and different kinds of mana, so you would often be able to calculate these things and get a rough estimate of what to expect from the dungeon. The problem was that we were supposed to be able to do this on the spot, and so we weren’t allowed to use any calculators or other external help. But some of these calculations could get fairly complicated, so I was starting to get frustrated.

When I was sitting there, looking over the same problem that I had tried to solve for over thirty minutes and rubbing my temples out of frustration, I suddenly had an idea.

A small smile formed on my face as I looked up and spoke out loud.

“Hey, Hope? What’s two plus two?”


The smile turned into a grin. “And what’s two times fourteen?”


I nodded my head. “And what’s three hundred and forty-seven times two hundred and twenty-three divided by seven?”

[11 054,4]

I laughed out loud as I realized what this meant. How come I didn’t think of this earlier?! This would make everything so much easier. And who knows where the limit is? Maybe I could make Hope help me in the other subjects well?

“Hope, do you know about the monster called the Himalayan Blood Toothed Tiger?


“Do you also know what its weak point is?” I asked, hopefully.


I sighed. Maybe it was too good to be true.

Or maybe not…

“Hope, if I told you that the Himalayan Blood Toothed Tiger is unable to move quickly and agilely when they lose their tail, could you remember it?”


“Then, you could you repeat the Himalayan Blood Toothed Tiger’s weak point to me?”

[When the Himalayan Blood Toothed Tiger loses their tail, they are unable to make use of their agility and quickness]

I kept grinning for a long while as I thought about how to best use this newfound gift of mine. I might be weak, but sometimes I really felt like I was the luckiest person alive.


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