I swiped my smartwatch against the wall and heard a satisfying click as the door to my dorm was unlocked. I immediately threw my new bow and its quiver on the floor before finding the bedroom and lying down on the bed. This afternoon had been tiring.

I wasn't used to using a bow without any kind of attachments. I'd also forgotten a lot more of my archery skills than I thought. This led to me wasting a lot of time just trying to get used to having a bow in my hands again. In the end, I just managed to remember how to get into the correct pose before the hour was up, and we had to sign out of the Armory with our new weapons. I barely managed to get any real practice done. Luckily for me, almost none of the other students seemed to take much notice of my awkwardness during that hour. The only who did was that blond girl, and whilst she did snicker at me bit when I failed some of my shots, she wasn’t that bad.

I was also happy to find out that, except for the blondie, only one of the other archers could create arrows out of their magic. The other two had to rely on good old arrows, just like me. Although I think one of them might have been able to infuse the arrows with their magic…

After we’d signed out with our weapons, Mr. Basara gathered our class and once again explained that, even though we had no classes during these first few days, that did not mean that we could just slack off. He said that we were now allowed to use the training facilities for as much as we wanted and recommended that we did so. And that’s exactly what I did.

Immediately after he dismissed class 1 for the day, I looked up the location of the shooting range on my watch and hurried there. I hadn't had enough time to remember my old training before, so I spent the rest of the day at the shooting range. When I finally finished for the day, over four hours had passed. After that, I tiredly went searching for my dorm.

Now that I was lying there on the bed, I could feel almost every muscle in my arms and shoulder area scream in protest against today's sudden training pass. It'd take some time to get used to this again. But at least I improved quickly during these first few hours. I wouldn't say that I'm at the level that I was at before just yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if I could reach that point again in week or less. I’m not sure, but I suspect it had something to do with my heightened senses. Aiming at the targets was far easier than it used to be before, and I felt like the only thing holding me back was my body.

Although, that being said; it still didn’t feel like I could catch up to that girl or any of the other students. At least not by myself.

“Hope, could you show me my stats again?” I said whilst looking up at the ceiling.

[Kim Hooper]

[Strength: 1.94]
[Stamina: 2.06]
[Speed: 2.18]
[Endurance: 1.92]
[Perception: 2.95]
[Magic Force: 0.39]

[Talent: The Watching Eye]

The same text that I’d started getting so used to appeared before my eyes immediately. I looked over the numbers a few times as I thought about it.

"Hmm. From today's practice, I learned that perception is definitely important if I want to become a good archer. In fact, it might even be the most important attribute, considering how much it helped me today. But that doesn't mean that I can ignore my bodies' other attributes."

I sighed heavily.

“Both speed and strength are important factors, and so is stamina to a certain extent. Magic Force will also be important if I ever want to create magic arrows like that girl did, but looking at these numbers, I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon. Out of six attributes, the only one that doesn’t sound too necessary is endurance. In other words; I’m screwed.”

I covered my face with my hands and started rubbing my temples.

“Hope, can’t you just create a Talent that increases all of my attributes faster?”

[No. A Talent that focuses on increasing all of Kim Hooper attributes would put heavy strain on Kim Hooper’s body and lead to severe injuries]

“Urgh, of course. Couldn’t you at least create a Talent that made me better at using the bow then? That would at least solve some of my problems.”

[Kim Hooper’s body currently can not handle the strain of another Talent]

I took my hands off of my face and stared up at the ceiling.

“Wait. Then, you’re saying that you can create a Talent like that in the future?”



[There are too many variables affecting Kim Hooper’s growth]
[An estimate of when Kim Hooper can handle such a Talent is hard to give]

“Just a rough estimate then. How long? One month? Two?”

[A Talent pertaining only to increasing Kim Hooper’s skill as a sharpshooter, with minimum effort focused on the growth of the relevant attributes]
[It is estimated that most of Kim Hooper’s relevant attributes must have at least reached 2.2 before Kim Hooper can handle another Talent without risk]

“2.2… So probably around one or two months then?”

[If Kim Hooper’s growth follow the same rate as previously, correct]

“Then, is there any way to increase my growth rate?”

[There is]

My eyes shot open with surprise. It hadn’t mentioned this before.

“Really?! How?”

[Disregarding the creation of new Talents which Kim Hooper can not handle currently, there are several herbs and relics that can help Kim Hooper’s growth]

“Do you know where I can get any of those?”

[It is very likely that some can be bought from other humans]

“But I don’t have any money.”

[These items can be found in dungeons and towers]

“…Yeah, no. I’m not doing that any time soon.”


Awkward silence followed. At least I thought it was awkward. Not sure if Hope knows the meaning of the word.

I cleared my throat.

“Ehem. Anyway, I’m a bit curious. Exactly how many Talents can you actually create?”

[The amount of Talents that can be created depends on Kim Hooper’s growth]

"…Right. Of course, it does. But does that mean that, in theory, as long as I grow strong enough, you can just keep creating new Talents?”

[Correct. The only thing limiting Kim Hooper’s acquisition of new Talents is Kim Hooper’s growth]
[However, Talents put a heavy strain on the owner. It is unlikely that the amount of Talents Kim Hooper can acquire will be too numerous]

“Still, that’s awesome. From what I’ve heard, just having two Talents is pretty amazing in this world.” I said as I kept staring at the ceiling. I had nothing more to say to the Authority at the moment, so I just lay there and tried to ignore my sore muscles.

After laying there for a while, I finally sat up and took a look around. This dorm looked pretty good. It’s not that large, but it had more personality to it than the apartment Hope had liven in. At least here, I had a desk and a couch.

I stood up and walked over to the closet. Mr. Basara said that our student uniforms would already be in our dorms, so I opened the closet and looked inside. There I saw four sets of identical clothing. A fine red vest with three silver towers embroidered on the left chest. A tight-fitting white shirt with a black tie. Black pants and low-cut brown shoes that looked fairly comfortable. This was the Lemorth Academy’s official student uniform. It wasn’t too bad.

I grabbed one of the uniforms and tried it on. I went to the bathroom and checked myself out in the mirror. It looked good. They must have taken my measurements during the entrance exam, considering how well it fit too.

Still wearing the uniform, I went out to the kitchen and opened the fridge. There were some basic foods in there. Enough to last for a few days, at least. The academy provided the students with food every week for free, but there was also a cafeteria and a restaurant for those who had the money to buy something fancier. I wasn’t one of those, but I didn’t mind. I’d eat anything as long as it filled my belly.

I cooked some food and quickly ate before I started getting ready to go to sleep. I had a lot of training to do during these coming days, and I had to rest as much as possible when I had the chance.


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