The Citadel's Survivor

by Mongoose

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Low Fantasy Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Super Heroes

Having survived the destruction of his own earth, Kim Hooper now resides on an earth similar to his old one. But there is one large difference. This world is filled with so-called heroes that fight against the monsters that brought ruin onto his own world and which stem from the countless dungeons and towers that litter this world. 

Stuck in a similar-but-different world, he enters one of that world's most famous 'hero academies' so that he can fight against the creatures that killed his friends and family and ravaged his world. Armed only with the mysterious system-like power that saved him from his old world, he sets out to stop this earth from falling into the same fate that his old one did.


Heavily inspired by 'The Novel's Extra' at first.

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We need more! We need more!

Reviewed at: Chapter 28

WE NEED MOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



But no more have we got.... 1 month has passed since the great silence...

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For the only survivor

Reviewed at: Chapter 22

I gotta say, for the only survivor the mc is quite weak, he has only one skill he is good as and its the one he can't use. 

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Better than at least 95% of content here on RR.Engrossing,enjoyable and has realistic characters.

It is only a bit clunky with some minor grammatical errors but nothing that an edit wouldn't solve and anyway still is very much readable.The best part is that the protagonist has potential but no OP cr**py powers and plot armors

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It seems that the author is too afraid of going down the dangerous slope of creating a boring/too powerful character that he doesn't see that also creating a too weak character can be just as bad because some of us will wonder just how the heck the dude is still alive when he can't even kill a low level monster, so he covers it up by constantly reminding us that the mc is lucky lucky lucky, sorry dude but the word you're looking for is plot armor, this is a story and writing believable lucky scenarios isn't easy, for example in far from home: when spiderman is all out of web shooters and has no way to get up the bridge to take out mysterio, he notices one of the drones earlier was still venting gas and was right underneath where he needs to go, so with a little ingenuity he pulled off a manoeuvre that got him where he needed to be, that's a believable stroke of luck, not when your character has absolutely nothing going for him but because luck, he survived a supposedly world ending horde of monsters that wiped out humanity to a few thousand survivors. The author also continues to remind us through various characters just how weak the mc is by having them call him such every few lines, like dude it's enough, we get it,he's weak if you think mentioning it every chapter will make us appreciate any growth in strength later on then I feel you're just makes anything he achieves have no impact because a few lines later someone is just going to tell him how weak he is again.

The dialogue can also be a bit cringy, like you should try and give some people a unique way of speaking, I feel like they all talk in the same voice, like there's a book I read where one of the mcs trained with swords since she was young and wasn't really literate so most of her metaphors and such tend to come in the form of cutting something up and sounds like a country bumpkin.

Every other aspect of the story is okay, some mistakes here and there but nothing too jarring. 

All said ,give it a shot of you feel like, can't really recommend it as the story doesn't excite me but I can't really not because it's not bad either, I'm just not a fan of support character's, maybe if he was a legolas kind of archer I'd be more interested so it'd depend on your taste.

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Nice story.  Easy to read, as in "correct grammar and tensesetc".  Interesting to read, as in "i dont have to force myself to read" 

Vuck L. Wolf
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Good novel dumb reviews.

Reviewed at: Chapter 28

 So I never write reviews but here I want to do so because few people are saying nonsense. This is NOT a rip off of TNE because it has some small similarities like monsters in normal world and humans getting stronger nothing else is similar like MC in TNE knows what will hapen 200+ chapters in and this guy knows nothing about the world. So guys pls dont say nonsense because similar settings, because every fantasy story is copy and same with cultivation novels. Please be reasonable and dont give bad reviews because its similar at some worldbuilding points.

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a clear ripoff of The Novel's Extra hope it wont stay that way

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

It is a ripoff of The Novel's Extra, but as i see at a good book for now I hope it will diverge from the orignial

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I've been to this place before

Reviewed at: Chapter 7


im getting deja vu~


its a parody~


might be hit by copystrike 


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I really like it. A MC that uses a bow? Hells yeah! Too bad it got dropped, though :/