Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends

Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends

by Ivan Kal

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The world has ended, and those worthy of it have received the chance for a new life in a new reality.

Zach grew in power and thrived in the post-Framework world. He became a respected leader, a shining example of what it meant to be good. But as the world ended, he had only one thought: to punish the monster that had killed the world long before the Framework ended it. Yet not even with his incredible power was he able to stand against the World Ender. His arrival in the new realty, the Infinite Realm, gives him the chance to grow stronger, to find the monster again—and make it pay.

Ryun survived the chaos after the arrival of the Framework by pushing harder than anyone else. He grew in power until he became the most powerful being that had ever walked the planet; but he is hated by the world, called a monster by all others, the World Ender. As the world ends and he steps into a new one, where people stronger than him have lived for centuries, he finds himself lost and without purpose. The only thing that had mattered to him had been lost to him long ago. He truly was the monster that people considered him to be, and he now finds himself wondering if this new reality has a place for someone like him—but he had never been one for lying down and dying without a fight. One world fell to his power, and another might follow.

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Current Volume: 4

Infinite Realm is a story that will follow two main characters at the start, with a few more joining the cast a bit later. The story will be told in two different time periods: past and present up until volume 3. Past chapters take place in the past on Earth, and take form of flashbacks that follow the two as they struggle to survive and grow their powers in the world changed by the Framework. The main story is in the present.

This story is a mix of LitRPG and Xianxia, and it will have Classes as well as Cultivation systems. There are two main characters, and a few others that are introduced later.

The MC focus will change from volume to volume, with the first being focused on Ryun, and the second on Zach (we are currently in Volume 4). Other MCs will still have chapters dedicated to them, but the focus will be on the main volume MC.

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I find the story interesting, the writing is good as well. 

The bad: the constant switching of perspectives and time lines is annoying and makes the story worse. 

Both the past and present times could be intersting, but not mixed. 


The constant switching around only makes me favor one character over the other, so I am forced away from that perspective it annoys me considerably.

I like soup and I like steak, but I don't want a spoon of soup and a bite of steak one after another, it's weird.


As of Chapt 188

The development and architecture of the story are amazing. However, there are several characters, and the only one I actually feel vested in is Ryun. The side stories are ok, but I feel more and more like Ryun's arc is being taken up by the people around him instead of actually being used for his storyline. 

Zac's storyline is ok but I usually just do a quick skim to see what's going on.

As of chapt 225

I feel like at this point Ryun is getting a few more chapters which are nice and the quality of the last 40 or so chapters have been a step above everything previous excited to see what happens.

Chapter 226 - 240

This section is one of the most impactful arcs to the entire book at this point, with a heck of a lot of ground-shacking events that will impact every arc beyond this point.

Chapter Plans - High Ranker

A lot of stories do time skips, but the time skips in this story were done well and let you see what's going on with the large picture of the infinite realm.


An Addicted Reader


Every time a chapter did a flashback, I skipped it.


I've read up to the current chapter (219) and while I can say that I enjoyed my read, there is just way too much going on. 

Between 4 main characters as well as past and present chapters as well as multiple different interludes and multiple side chapters of random characters, there's so much happening that not much is really happening. 

If we break down what happened to each "main" character over the course of the entire novel so far, very little has actually happened because we keep switching to another person which abruptly changes the tone or there are huge blocks of texts dedicated to status or paragraphs for choosing the best level up option or we get the same chapter but from a different character's viewpoint. You could cut 20-30% of the novel and get a more focused story and probably the same amount of info. I actually dropped the novel previously due to the amount of past chapters and switches between characters but I did come back because I was bored and kinda glad I read to current chapter this time.  

Thats my main concern with the novel, lets move onto the best parts of the novel which in my mind is the world buliding and characters. 

Author did an amazing job of creating realistic characters and makes the story revolve around them instead of storys where the character is dragged to different places by plot. Also give my boy Zach some love, I've read enough Xianxia novels with characters like Ryun, aka 'murder hobo with their own rules' that I'm rooting for Zach. Sure he's hypocritical at times and some times you just wanna punch his face, but in the end, he does what he thinks is best for the people around him (which might not be the actual best choice for them, but hey, who can say that they always make right choices irl)

I also gotta give props to author for creating such a rich world and setting with unique powers and abilities. Most authors will just build a generic system and set rules for leveling up but author has created pros and cons for each approach to power with multiple examples of powerful people with their own unique abilities. There certainly are some plot holes for the current world and inconsistencies but that's okay. 

Where I'm at currently in the story is hype af as Zach and Ryun may meet and so many things are intersecting but I'm worried for what way the story is going to go afterwards. 

I don't think I'll stick around as I know that its gonna take way too long for the tournament to end and for the MC's to meet and I know there's gonna be a ton of repeating chapters from different character's viewpoints that I'll just wait until volume is over or maybe not, idk. 

Anyways, this is definitely one of the better/best storys on RR if you can tolerate the constant switching of characters/viewpoints. 





I will focus on what I feel other reviews do not tell you, or at least not well.

The strong points of this story are its world and litRPG aspects. If you do not find that attractive, then I suggest you look for something else because the rest isn't remarkable.

I'll start with the bad, then move to the good.
And a heads up: I usually find amateurish writing harder to stomach than most on the site. I dig into whatever issues I have with a story, and I tend to rant. So, take my words with a grain of salt and an open mind.

People seem to praise the grammar; I don't know why. This is written quite badly. I don't mean to pick on the author, but I fail to understand how he doesn't write better with all the books under his belt. The story is in a large need of an editor. Both for simple grammar mistakes and for the writing in general. The combat scenes don't flow well at all, descriptions aren't inspiring in most cases. I found myself agonizing over many chapters because of the way the author presented things, their vocabulary isn't impressive. It shows. You will find yourself reading the same word over and over again many times. Pronouns are present in massive overabundance when they could easily be trimmed down. Commas, "and", "but" and "then" are used in places where they aren't needed with, again, overabundance. Some chapters are seriously grating to read, especially because of the ease with which most issues could be fixed. If you look through the first seventy or so chapters, you will find my comments there at the bottom trying to help, but there is not much I can do to rewrite whole sections. I could go on about the many gripes I have with the author's writing, but I think you get the idea.

The characters and plot didn't impress me either. We follow four (really two) protagonists through the usual journey of power-gaining and fantastical battles. Not much adventuring sadly. It's really as simple as that because the only hints we've had for anything greater point towards more of the same. That isn't bad exactly, personally I like reading about people just doing whatever they want. The problem is that what we're presented with isn't written very well (refer to my previous rant) and so what we do get is held up by very thin threads. I'll get to those later. Back to the characters; our main focus is on Ryun and Zach. Ryun is your usual murder-hobo with his "own set of rules", He's okay as far as edgy anti-heroes go. I have a bias toward those, but I think he's interesting enough as a protagonist. He doesn't have a deep personality and no goals beyond "getting stronger", but that's not unusual. It's probably the reason why 80% of the people who read the story do so. Zach, on the other hand, has more to offer. It's funny because the only reason he exists is to balance Ryun, but he ends up becoming much better in a lot of ways. He actually has issues outside of "being weak", he's not always sure and it makes him believable. It also helps that he isn't the strongest being in the world, he struggles. The problem with Zach is that he doesn't present anything different from Ryun outside of his personality. Which leads me again to the plot, the getting stronger part of it, because that's all we have. Both Zach and Ryun have the same goal, in the end, both of them present it the same way. And the same goes for the other two "protagonists": Anrosh and Reyla. Anrosh, sadly enough, doesn't serve a purpose outside of Ryun. He is her world, her thoughts. She is "make Ryun look better" and nothing more. At least, that is the way the author has been using her. She was interesting at the beginning but at this point, I don't know why she gets so many chapters. Reyla on the other hand has had so little time in the story that we know less about her than some side characters. Yet again, she offers nothing unique. This may very well be my own taste showing, but I find the story lacks depth in terms of characterization. The author spreading the chapters so thin with many characters does nothing to help... Okay, the next section will maybe, probably, be less ranty.

As I've stated at the start of the review, the best parts are the system and world. There isn't much to say without spoiling, but the author managed to craft something that is very enjoyable to read. It scratches that progression itch in many ways, it feels open and (mostly) well-thought-out. Having both cultivation and the usual class system at once doesn't sound very good on, but it works. The trade-off is that the classes feel a bit empty and the cultivation less mystical, but both are unique enough. The world which revolves around said system is fantastical and manages to convey the feeling of "infinite". I think the author could have done a better job with it, there isn't much we know about and things seem to pop up as they are needed for the plot, but I still like it.

I have a lot to say, but I always find it hard to parse through my thoughts and put it into something coherent, so I won't criticize more. I also want to stress that I am very bad at praising. That is why the bad may seem to outweigh the good in my review.

This is a section for the author:

just going to throw in unsorted tips. I won't blame you if you don't take them Have the characters interact more, have more dialogues which aren't just the exchange of information. So far everything we know about anyone is from inner monologues, any information the characters share about themselves we already know and you end up repeating the same thing without any feeling. You need to add more emotion through believable interactions. You can't throw Ryun into a bad situation every time you want to achieve sympathy; it becomes dull. Have Zach focus on things other than killing, it's not suited for his character and doesn't add anything. Many of the latest chapters have been just progression with no impact, it's boring and makes said progression less enjoyable. Simply someone doing X thing and gaining Y amount of Essence. Show don't tell as I've said more than once in my comments. Make your writing more engaging and less dry. Trim down on repeated words so your sentences flow better. Many fights, especially with Zach, are simply "he that and then he that and then...", not very interesting. GET AN EDITOR. Describe powers more than their base stats, they should be more than numbers and words, the character has to feel their power. Tell us more about factions, High Rankers and the world in general. We don't know a lot, and so the world is very "flat".



Awesome. I'm going to have to lay it down. :(

Reviewed at: Interlude - Battles

I used to think that I'd never drop this. It has rightfully held a place in my favourites list for quite a while. 

However, as I've already said - I'm going to have to drop this. 

Look. It's really just the style, there are two characters, two timelines, and two different stories running at the same time that take forever to connect to each other.

What ends up happening is that I'm getting to the point where I skip entire chapters and just wait until a POV of someone I like turns up in my feed. It's really annoying because I love the story itself, the mechanics of the split cultivator/system, the plotline.

Of only one person. That's the crux of the matter, I'm reading this story for one character only, and not for the other. It makes me dislike the other character for just being around, a character that I might otherwise have enjoyed.

I miss important events and lose half the story. This is why after hundreds of chapters of enjoyment - I'll be dropping this story.

I would never discourage anyone from picking it up and reading it, however. It's worth it - even you do end up dropping the story.


Good but plagued by asides and telling over showin

Reviewed at: Chapter 268 - Nayra

While I have mostly enjoyed this novel, I find myself skimming through, if not skipping outright, chapters from the side characters. The characters aside from Zach and Ryun are simply uninteresting, and it can only be attributed to the "tell don't show" approach the author has taken to them. They develop as characters but have no weight, and I don't feel like I should care about them for any reason other than one of the main characters does. Frankly, that's likely due to the fact that these are, at the end of the day, side characters and don't get as much "screen time". Since that's the case I think the author should combine chapters with side character PoVs with those of the main characters rather than dominating an entire chapter with an uninteresting and underdeveloped character. All in all, the strong points of this novel are good enough to read, but you won't miss anything interesting by skipping alternate PoVs from either Zach or Ryun. I also feel I should note it's only in the last few chapters (3-5) that I have found myself skimming regularly, which is what prompted me to write this review, and I reread the chapters I glanced over to make sure I wasn't missing anything.




To show an example of the "tell don't show" approach I criticize, I'll use the recent relationship development between Nayra and Anrosh. Two characters that have received a decent amount of time with the readers are matched together in an intimate relationship, with hardly any foreshadowing, in the span of 2000 words. There is simply no way to attach any kind of emotional weight to a "romance" like this, and trying to do so as the author does is ham-fisted and ineffective. Maybe someone with a higher EQ than me could have seen this coming but it really came out of nowhere to me so I hope that the author lets it sink into the background rather than try to make it a focal point of any of the character's development or interactions, at least until it feels like the relationship is a real thing. I have several more examples of issues like this, but as this was the most recent I found it easiest to go into depth about my criticism and what I think should be done.


~= Review as of Chapter 40 =~

TL;DR: Great world, systems and story; artfully juxtaposed character development. Perfect english and smooth reading.

The Story is really quite engaging, the combination of class levels and cultivation progression systems and their interplay is handled very well and offers a unique experience. Great world building on both macro and micro scales. Despite there being two main characters, this feels very much like its going to be primarily a story of redemption and healing for Ryun. After all, the truest and most complete way to defeat evil is to turn it to good.

The author's Style is interesting, beginning in medias res at the end of the world (which is quite an amusing phrase to say!) Initially I feared that the "Past" chapters would be focused upon too much, but they become less frequent and showing essentially just the highlight reel as the characters, both their past and present, are established and fleshed out. I came to appreciate this approach and my initial concerns proved to be unfounded. It is there to show how Ryun became the world-ender, butcher of humanity.

The pace feels a little slow. Not a great deal seems to have happened by the 40th chapter - it feels like having read the first third of three books. This is a result of splicing two acts of the same overall story together, with three sepatate plot threads between them. While I enjoy how it has turned out, it has slowed the pace of the story quite a bit in comparison to total words consumed.

The language and Grammar are impeccable. Sentence structure and flow are clean and clear. A+ and a gold sticker for you!

I am enjoying the differences in Character development between Zach and Ryun. Whereas in act 1, the coming of the Framework allowed Ryun to be who he really always was, Zach was forced to grow in ways he hadn't previously considered nor wanted, as he adjusts to his new reality. Act 2, conversely shows Zach as having grown into his responsibility and if not who he wanted to be, then who he needed to be. And Ryun, with Earth behind him, is offered a fresh start without (much) external baggage to drag him back. Ryun can finally begin to heal from whatever deep pain broke him so thoroughly (despite what that one  Title says). He's not so much forced but released to learn how to be good again.

The juxtaposition of these character growths at each end of the story being told simultaneously is what really sold this style to me.

David Barnes

The author has a quite brilliant imagination as evidenced by this and his other novels such as the Empire series. Having just discovered this story very recently I’m devastated to have reached the latest chapter as I now have to wait like everyone else for the next installments. Hurry up Ivan! :-)


At start i didnt like it, use [x spell] to do [x thing] with [x buff], but once u get thro those chapters it gets rolling.

Grammar gets better, character interactions more meaningful, system and powers - cultivation is interesting.

I personally prefer Ryun over Zach, and found it best to let chapters accumulate, and bing read thro, fast updates make it a good option.


Incredible character driven RPG/Cultivation combo

Reviewed at: Chapter 90 – Present – Anrosh

I can't remember when I was recommended to read this, probably somewhere on Reddit but I added it to my follow list and told myself I would get to it sometimes.

Man was that a mistake.  I should have started it right away.  The author has done a fantastic job weaving two main protagonists with past and present storytelling.

The present is the main thrust of the story with just enough past POVs to help illuminate why our characters are the way they are.  Two old friends, one who now hates the other, their stories create a wonderful mystery to enjoy.  The author does a great job of not making either one seem to be overwhelmingly the "good guy" or the "bad guy" and as the story progresses you get pushed and pulled into rooting for one then the other.

This story has a great system, a combination of classes, cultivation, and skills combined with magical weapons and armor.  Each MC chooses to focus on either class or cultivation (although there is overlap and the ability to advance both).  There is enough abilities to make combat seem organic without spamming one ability over and over but not so much you lose track of what they can do.  By the way, combat descriptions are one area where the author shines.

The story also doesn't repetitiously move through the same beats.  There is PvP scenarios, town building, exploration, all without excessive grinding (this may be a function of multiple POVs but even without that I don't find any action to be too repetitious).

If you are a fan of character driven story lines without a clear cut good/bad guy then do yourself a favor and read this story.  Honestly I place it in my top 5 on RoyalRoad and top two of character driven stories along with Epilogue.