Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends

by Ivan Kal

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The world has ended, and those worthy of it have received the chance for a new life in a new reality.

Zach grew in power and thrived in the post-Framework world. He became a respected leader, a shining example of what it meant to be good. But as the world ended, he had only one thought: to punish the monster that had killed the world long before the Framework ended it. Yet not even with his incredible power was he able to stand against the World Ender. His arrival in the new realty, the Infinite Realm, gives him the chance to grow stronger, to find the monster again—and make it pay.

Ryun survived the chaos after the arrival of the Framework by pushing harder than anyone else. He grew in power until he became the most powerful being that had ever walked the planet; but he is hated by the world, called a monster by all others, the World Ender. As the world ends and he steps into a new one, where people stronger than him have lived for centuries, he finds himself lost and without purpose. The only thing that had mattered to him had been lost to him long ago. He truly was the monster that people considered him to be, and he now finds himself wondering if this new reality has a place for someone like him—but he had never been one for lying down and dying without a fight. One world fell to his power, and another might follow.

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Infinite Realm is a story that will follow two main characters. The story will be told in two different time periods: past and present. Past chapters take place in the past on Earth, and follows the two as they struggle to survive and grow their powers in the world changed by the Framework.

This story is a mix of LitRPG and Xianxia, and it will have Classes as well as Cultivation systems. There are two main characters, and another two that are introduced later.

The MC focus will change from volume to volume, with the first being focused on Ryun, and the second on Zach (we are currently in Volume 2). Other MC will still have chapters dedicated to them, but the focus will be on the main volume MC.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 2 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 3 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 4 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 5 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 6 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 7 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 8 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 9 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 10 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 11 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 12 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 13 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 14 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 15 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 16 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 17 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 18 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 19 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 20 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 21 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 22 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 23 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 24 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 25 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 26 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 27 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 28 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 29 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 30 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 31 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 32 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 33 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 34 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 35 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 36 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 37 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 38 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 39 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 40 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 41 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 42 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 43 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 44 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 45 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 46 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 47 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 48 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 49 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 50 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 51 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 52 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 53 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 54 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 55 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 56 – Present – Reyla ago
Chapter 57 – Present – Reyla ago
Chapter 58 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 59 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 60 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 61 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 62 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 63 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 64 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 65 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 66 – Present – Reyla ago
Chapter 67 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 68 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 69 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 70 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 71 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 72 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 73 – Present – Ryun ago
Interlude – Three Monsters ago
Chapter 74 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 75 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 76 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 77 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 78 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 79 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 80 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 81 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 82 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 83 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 84 – Present – Reyla ago
Chapter 85 – Present – Reyla ago
Chapter 86 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 87 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 88 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 89 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 90 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 91 – Present – Ryun ago
Interlude – Viper ago
Chapter 92 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 93 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 94 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 95 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 96 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 97 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 98 – Present – Reyla ago
Interlude – Viper II ago
Interlude – Viper III ago
Chapter 99 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 100 – Past – Ryun ago
Chapter 101 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 102 – Present – Ryun ago
Interlude – Viper IV ago
Chapter 103 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 104 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 105 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 106 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 107 – Present – Reyla ago
Interlude – Kri I ago
Interlude – The Wandering Drake I ago
Chapter 108 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 109 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 110 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 111 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 112 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 113 – Present – Reyla ago
Chapter 114 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 115 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 116 – Present – Ryun ago
Interlude – Nayra I ago
Chapter 117 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 118 – Past – Zach ago
Chapter 119 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 120 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 121 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 122 – Present – Reyla ago
Interlude – Nayra II ago
Chapter 123 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 124 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 125 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 126 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 127 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 128 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 129 – Present – Anrosh ago
Chapter 130 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 131 – Present – Zach ago
Interlude - Griss I ago
Side Story - Lord of Death ago
Chapter 132 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 133 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 134 – Present – Ryun ago
Chapter 135 – Present – Anrosh ago
Interlude - Night Horror I ago
Chapter 136 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 137 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 138 – Present – Zach ago
Chapter 139 – Past – Zach & Ryun ago

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~= Review as of Chapter 40 =~

TL;DR: Great world, systems and story; artfully juxtaposed character development. Perfect english and smooth reading.

The Story is really quite engaging, the combination of class levels and cultivation progression systems and their interplay is handled very well and offers a unique experience. Great world building on both macro and micro scales. Despite there being two main characters, this feels very much like its going to be primarily a story of redemption and healing for Ryun. After all, the truest and most complete way to defeat evil is to turn it to good.

The author's Style is interesting, beginning in medias res at the end of the world (which is quite an amusing phrase to say!) Initially I feared that the "Past" chapters would be focused upon too much, but they become less frequent and showing essentially just the highlight reel as the characters, both their past and present, are established and fleshed out. I came to appreciate this approach and my initial concerns proved to be unfounded. It is there to show how Ryun became the world-ender, butcher of humanity.

The pace feels a little slow. Not a great deal seems to have happened by the 40th chapter - it feels like having read the first third of three books. This is a result of splicing two acts of the same overall story together, with three sepatate plot threads between them. While I enjoy how it has turned out, it has slowed the pace of the story quite a bit in comparison to total words consumed.

The language and Grammar are impeccable. Sentence structure and flow are clean and clear. A+ and a gold sticker for you!

I am enjoying the differences in Character development between Zach and Ryun. Whereas in act 1, the coming of the Framework allowed Ryun to be who he really always was, Zach was forced to grow in ways he hadn't previously considered nor wanted, as he adjusts to his new reality. Act 2, conversely shows Zach as having grown into his responsibility and if not who he wanted to be, then who he needed to be. And Ryun, with Earth behind him, is offered a fresh start without (much) external baggage to drag him back. Ryun can finally begin to heal from whatever deep pain broke him so thoroughly (despite what that one  Title says). He's not so much forced but released to learn how to be good again.

The juxtaposition of these character growths at each end of the story being told simultaneously is what really sold this style to me.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Incredible character driven RPG/Cultivation combo

Reviewed at: Chapter 90 – Present – Anrosh

I can't remember when I was recommended to read this, probably somewhere on Reddit but I added it to my follow list and told myself I would get to it sometimes.

Man was that a mistake.  I should have started it right away.  The author has done a fantastic job weaving two main protagonists with past and present storytelling.

The present is the main thrust of the story with just enough past POVs to help illuminate why our characters are the way they are.  Two old friends, one who now hates the other, their stories create a wonderful mystery to enjoy.  The author does a great job of not making either one seem to be overwhelmingly the "good guy" or the "bad guy" and as the story progresses you get pushed and pulled into rooting for one then the other.

This story has a great system, a combination of classes, cultivation, and skills combined with magical weapons and armor.  Each MC chooses to focus on either class or cultivation (although there is overlap and the ability to advance both).  There is enough abilities to make combat seem organic without spamming one ability over and over but not so much you lose track of what they can do.  By the way, combat descriptions are one area where the author shines.

The story also doesn't repetitiously move through the same beats.  There is PvP scenarios, town building, exploration, all without excessive grinding (this may be a function of multiple POVs but even without that I don't find any action to be too repetitious).

If you are a fan of character driven story lines without a clear cut good/bad guy then do yourself a favor and read this story.  Honestly I place it in my top 5 on RoyalRoad and top two of character driven stories along with Epilogue.

David Barnes
  • Overall Score

The author has a quite brilliant imagination as evidenced by this and his other novels such as the Empire series. Having just discovered this story very recently I’m devastated to have reached the latest chapter as I now have to wait like everyone else for the next installments. Hurry up Ivan! :-)

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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Framework: Monsters and Legends is a story with an interesting premise that has been executed well so far.

The basic premise of the story is that the system came to Earth years previously with the stipulation that the strongest people at end of a certain period of time would be transported to another realm as a reward and opportunity. Basically, the story initially follows two main characters in the past Earth and present Infinite Realm, of which one was a hero to humanity and the other was a villain.

This story does a lot of things well, with the system and storytelling being particularly well done. The system is a strong point in the story since it shows multiple ways of gaining strength, each with its own nuances, and it doesn't overload on skills, making fights more interesting to read than just a series of activated skills. 

Very often, in stories where a past and present storyline are being told simultaneously, the past storyline quickly becomes redundant and uninteresting, but this story has done a very good job of keeping the past storyline interesting and relevant for both characters. The ways the POVs are being handled overall is very commendable. In a lot of stories on this site, a common problem with many POVs is that even if they are all written well, some of them feeling like they lack an purpose can be a serious issue. Making each POV interesting and giving each one a clear purpose in the story is something this story has done very well so far. There are 6 POVs in the story, Zach/Ryun in Past/Present, Reyla, and Anrosh. The main plot is driven by the Zach and Ryun POVs in the present, valuable backstory is established by the Zach and Ryun POVs in the past, the Reyla POV is being set up to place present world conflicts on an intersecting course with both MCs, and the Anrosh POV provides a grounding perspective to Ryun's present actions and their impacts since his character is somewhat disconnected from social interaction. It remains to be seen if the author can keep all of these POVs good long-term, but the way a strict balance or rotation is not being forced is a positive sign.

The characters have been solidly established, but the character quality going forward will hinge on certain reveals and character moments being done well. As of now, the main characters have interesting and distinct personalities and motivations being slowly fleshed out in the present and with their backstories. The third and fourth main characters seem on track to be interesting as well, though they have not had many chapters devoted to them as of yet.

Overall, the story is engaging, and there is a lot of potential for interesting plotlines in the world and setting being built. Finally, the story has been well edited so far.

I would recommend this story.

(As of Chapter 65)

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

If Xianxia and LitRPG had a child

Reviewed at: Chapter 114 – Present – Zach

Reviewing as of Chapter 114:

The beginning of this story is a little rough in that the POV shifts and flashbacks can be a lot to get used to. However, once this story hits its stride, it's hard to put down. The first part of the story focuses on Ryun, and he is an amazing character. The cold monster is shown to have more layers, and his side of the story is very compelling, if biased. He's also a total badass. On the other hand, there's Zach. While at first Zach seems like the typical righteous MC, the author shows that it's not as simple as that. In many ways, Zach shows himself to be the opposite of what he thinks he is. Zach definitely starts off as a weaker and less likable POV, but the author has intentions to flesh his character out more. The other two POV's aren't as fleshed out either, but both are solid and likable. 
The author of this story is an experienced writer, and it shows. The flashback plot lines are done well, and the author finds ways to tie them into the present timeline in good ways. The prose is serviceable and far better than a lot of stories on this website. If you want badass characters with interesting development, this is the story. 

  • Overall Score

What fun! Well written, well edited, good system, good plot! 


Can't ask for more, can you.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I've often thought to myself: What makes a novel so addicting? After much deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that its because of our emotions. The best novels evoke emotions that we rarely feel in our lives - curiosity, delight, rage, sparks of inspiration - and in that regard, all I have to say about this serial is Wow.

As of Chapter 101, I would characterize this story as follows: Derived from a wonderful premise with an innovative progression system, this novel is a post-apocalyptic litrpg/cultivation story with a heavy emphasis on character development. Like an onion, layers of each character's past slowly unravel, mysteries unfold, and as readers, we have the pleasure of embracing the flood of emotions that this serial brings.

I would highly, highly encourage readers to check this out. I would donate $50 to wipe the slate clean and experience this again. 

My only gripe is the heavy shift in POVs - concentrating on 2 or 3 characters at once, including flashbacks to the past which can take away from some of the story's drive. But its all worth it. Within several months, I would in no way be surprised if this became a staple of RRL's Best Rated. And, I see this story inspiring multiple other stories in the future, both in terms of premise, power system, and storyline. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Interesting Story with an awesome MC.

Reviewed at: Interlude – Viper IV

This is another earth has an apocalypse and people gain status screens story. People can choose between 3 methods for improving themselves: cultivation, level-ups, or training their skills. However, after 10 years, the surviving people of earth are transported to another "higher plane".

There are two main protagnists who were previously good friends but had a falling out after the apocalypse started. They both represent opposite viewpoints. One believes in the strength of the group while the other believes in indiviual strength. The guy who believes in individual strength, Ryun, is a total badass and has been the focus of the story so far. The group strength guy, Zach, is a self-righteous prick but I still like reading about him and his chapters provide a lot of world-building. 

This book has a lot of POV changes and lots of flashbacks to the past that some people might not like. Personally I enjoyed the changes but it might not be for everybody. 

This author strikes a really good balance between world-building, character development, powering up, plot, and action. Too many litRPG authors focus too hard on one element and the story ends up fallling apart, but this author manages to strike the right balance.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Unique and well though put world. A new perspective on LITRPG.


The story is surprisingly intriguing. The characters are well balanced and have room to grow, the world is a combination of established and new concepts.

The main protagonists are interesting to follow and I easily fell in love with the story.

The author has an interesting style of writing, going back and forth between the past and present, it is quite enjoyable. Later chapters are written much better.


I highly recommend you read this novel!!!

  • Overall Score

I've been pretty damn lazy with reviewing stories lately; I reckon this is the first time I've left a review in a good couple of years. I had to create an account just so I could do so. It should show something that I felt deeply enough about this story that I'd forego my usual lurking to leave a review.

Infinite Realms has complex, well-written characters, an intriguing story, and an interesting style of writing. It took me a while to get used to the jumping back and forth, it felt like the 'past' was just filler providing context for the present. While it's true that it provides context, it's also immensely interesting in itself. I now look forward to both 'past' and 'present' chapters equally (though I imagine the 'past' ones will naturally peter out as it catches up to the 'present'. The setting of the story itself is pretty damn neat. I wish I had the kind of imagination this author has!

So far, this is my favourite story on this website. Would strongly recommend checking out the author's other works as well!