[HIATUS] Middle Management In Another World

by Jamison Ingram

Original ONGOING Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strategy


Some people have within them near limitless potential. People who can shift the tides of war and shape the world. People stopped only by being born in the wrong place, the wrong time, the wrong world.

And then there are people meant to live and die behind a desk.

Follow Jeremy Peters as he struggles to deal with eccentric adventurers, competing guilds, and demanding customers.

Anyone who thinks the quest ends when the dragon is slain has never had to file an insurance claim without email.

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Jamison Ingram

Jamison Ingram

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  • Overall Score

Based on the first chapter, this story is going places. While it uses the near standard "MC hit by a bus" concept you see in a huge chunk of isekai fiction, the writing is distinctive, already showing a strong sense of personality in character and author both. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this goes. 

  • Overall Score

The story's great so far, your style is engaging and unique. I'm looking forward to the protagonist eventually working his way back up to his true calling, middle management.

  • Overall Score

A promising new take on the classic Isekai story

It might be a little early to write much of a review, but as of 8 chapters in, I think it's worth taking the time to provide an early signpost. Things start off quickly, with the truck being introduced chapter one, but the tone and the main character distinguish the story almost immediately. Jeremy works in HR, has a bad leg, and a depressingly firm grasp on counterproductive employee management practices. With a pair of unusual companions and a pair of magic glasses stuck to his face, he's now stuck in a new world doing intro to adventuring tasks with them to try and get by.


This early on, it's hard to tell exactly where a story will go, but the idea of an MC that's primary ability is better workplace practices sets the stage for an entertaining tale. Power fantasies are all good and fun, but who doesn't love a manager that actually wants the little people to do well? That's proper fantasy writing. Anyway, I'll be keeping this on my watch list to see where things go.

  • Overall Score

Review as at chapter 6: Efficient Task Delegation


Its still early in the story for me to do a full review, but what I've seen so far is quite promising. The author delivers a great first chapter that draws you into the character and the world rapidly and leaves you wanting more.


The side characters are well done as well, figured I would mention.


If it continues at this level of quality it will no doubt be a 5 star classic.

  • Overall Score

A waste of a good idea.

 The others reviews are raving and i was saving that read for a moment i needed a laugh. Click, open the browser, get comfy and  start reading ... but then what the hell ?

Yes we all have disastrous experience with middle management and oh boy there is substance for satire. IF it's well written. And it's not the case here. One liner after one liner, in the purest style of mediocre amateur-translated Japanese LN. Yikes. 

The reviews are better written than the story. At least there are paragraphs. And ponctuation making sense .... This should not be trending.

Richard Dain
  • Overall Score

Besides the mediochre title (titles are important people! they're the reason I even click on your fiction!), this work is nothing but pure amazing. I hope the author gets all the support he deserves. 5/5!

  • Overall Score

looking to be interesting

So far 9 chapters are out and I'm enjoying myself. The lack of updates is a bit dissapointing because i want to read more.

Loving the characters, and world so far!

Keep up the good work 

  • Overall Score

TL;DR: Amazing, funny and competent. This one just sucks you in.

Have you ever wondered how a competent middle manager would do in a fantasy world, where society basically works on a level of 19th century western and career bureaucrats are in really short supply? Well, wonder no more.

The few chapters (9) are lighthearted and fun, while also maintaining distincly competent feeling and the style just sucks you in. This one is candidate for my top three favourite fictions on this site.

Ben Hartsock
  • Overall Score

A mediocre story told clunkily.

 I gave this story the standard 3 chapters to draw me in, and it utterly failed to do so, here's why:

The story, as it was presented, is simply a re-skin of a million other stories, person is hit by a bus, sent to another world, has some form of strong ability ect. ect...

The dialogue is basic, clunky, and barely servicable. There are the bones of dialogue in this, but when it comes to giving any hint of personality, only the inner thoughts provide, which doesn't help when it comes to other characters.

I try to like things that I read, but I'm not gonna push myself through a slog of a story that I've read a hundred iterations of, many done better.

  • Overall Score

Excellent beginning to what seems to be an excellent fiction

Love the humor in this so far. Excellent work on twisting the genre, I look forward to seeing the analytical mind of our hero's middle managment background truly shake the world! 

The development of characters so far has been excellent and I love the dangling plot threads that have already been laid out! 

I look forward to reading more as this comes out.