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Kubo felt sorry for himself.

Dreaming a five-some? As if something that lucky would ever happen to him. He also should have known better as the jacuzzi bath should be a clear sign that he was dreaming. He had checked thoroughly, there wasn’t anything that remotely looked like a bubbling mechanism.

His dreaming brain had simply decided to forget about that crucial fact.

Regardless, he should try to make the dream a reality, the jacuzzi part only, of course. There was no way he would want to feel responsible for four ladies, not to mention human ladies. The two lizard-ladies at the back of his head had already kept his mind preoccupied with endless worry.

Sometimes he wonders if he is secretly a retard. Kubo just couldn’t help himself feeling responsible every time he had someone, even as a sex-friend. It only got worse when the nicer ones told him that he didn’t have to take any responsibility.

He swung down the much heavier weapon for what might be a thousand’s time already before he used its momentum to return the blade back to its starting position. Guiding its movement had strained every muscle in his body. The only other way to calm his young blood down was to work out, and he had been at it since before the two suns came out. He was cutting through the stat displayed right in front of his eyes while trying to forget the dream.


Name (Age): Kubo Alaster (18)
Race (Level): Newt (0)
Essence Token: 164
Health Point 16
Essence Point 20
Observed Attribute
Strength 6
Speed 6
Perception 8
Intelligence 20
Commoner's Path; Skills (Rank): Newtarion Common Language (III)
Hunter's Path; Skills (Rank): Hunting (II), Path-finding (III), Foraging (IV), Cooking (I)
Fighter's Path; Skills (Rank): Unarmed Brawl(I)
Essence Domains Proficiency
Solid ??%
Terra 45%
Cryst 30%
Metal 64%
Essence Skill Rank Effect
Healing Glyph VII Allow user to channel the Pure Essence to heal any injuries.
- Innate self-healing (rank V)
Terra Sense
Essences: (Terra, Metal, Cryst)
III Detect anything linked to the ground around the user.
- Range: 150 m
Material Shaping
Essences: (Terra, Metal, Cryst)
II Allow selected material to be shaped by manipulating the essences.
- Range: 180 m
Sword Mastery
Sub Skills (Rank)
  Slash (X), Stab (X), Parry (X), Counter-attack (X), Chain-attack (X)
I Improved bladed weapon handling.
- Increase damage dealt by 180%
- Reduce weapon deterioration by 50%.
Boost III Imbue Pure Essence into the physical attribute.
- Attribute increased by 250%
- Att: Strength, Speed.
Aroma Cloak I Hides user smell by Pure Essence containment.
- extendable area of effect.
- Current AoE: 0 meters

A few more kills and I should have enough token for the first level up, thought Kubo.

The first and most important awakening. His token count had increased again after yesterday’s killings but killing the lizard-kins left a bad taste in his mouth. It felt like murder for some reason. Those eyes were intelligent eyes.

Since he had filled his quota at the walls, it was about damn time he paid a visit to the town’s famous dungeon. This dungeon was the main and maybe the only reason why this, challenging to maintain town wasn’t abandoned a long time ago.

The portal dungeon was filled with monsters for him to farm tokens, and what very unique about it was every entry was different to each delver. Every single person or group that entered would end up at different locations, different settings with no one around. The risk is higher but also does the rewards.

Valen had told many things about this dungeon, but it was odd how he hadn’t talked about humans at all. Maybe he had no interest in them as Kubo imagined, the man might already have more than enough female-lizard problems. The old hobo hadn’t talked about his personal life too, so Kubo would never know anything about it. It was training, training, training every single moment of his jobless days with his former ‘master of the arts’.

Entering the portal dungeon would be a fun adventure, but that was when he was alone, without any responsibility. Cassy is with him now, and so, he had to wait until someone came and claim her. The girl was watching him ever since she woke up in the morning.

“Where do you get the dress?” Kubo huffed and asked.

“It’s Lily’s,” she replied, “she’s a nice girl, despite what the men had been saying. I felt sorry to call her names.”

“You called her a whore or something?” he asked and Cassy squeaked.

“Yes,” she muttered under her breath.

Kubo had spent the rest of the morning swinging the sword at the back of the inn after waking up while molesting the girl’s ass. And also just like in the dream, he had to cover-up the exposed breasts.

Of course, he hadn’t gone into the bathroom. Kubo had only used the [Cleansing Glyph] to remove the sweat from his clothes as he was doing it right now. After that, he used the [Healing Glyph] to remove the soreness in his muscles. A few cracks in his joints later, he was ready for another day in the otherworld. The girl slave, however, couldn't contain her surprise. Cassy’s mouth might have hit the ground if her jaw had opened any bigger.

“Sword expert, Boost, Cleansing, and Healing!? What are you? No one eighteen could do all that. Even two of them would already be an achievement.”

“I’m your master,” he reminded her, “keep your mouth shut about it.”

“But why? You could get to Bronze easy if you show this to the Delver’s-”

“I don’t want the attention,” he cut her off, “the next thing they’ll do is scan for my domains.”

“Scan for your domains? For wha-” Cassy swallowed her own words, “it can’t be. No, you're kidding, right?”

“Remember what I’ve said, Cassy, I don’t want the choker to choke on you,” Kubo chuckled at her flabbergasted face.

“Let’s get something to eat and then we’ll hit the shops,” he slapped the girl on the ass to get her to stop daydreaming and moving along.

Well, if no one came to claim her, she wouldn’t go anywhere for some time. She would need to earn the gold coins herself as he couldn’t just release her from the debt. He could do that, but the said honorable businessman would have complained and maybe got his hands on her. They wouldn’t want to leave a loose-end hanging loose.

Of course, he could think of a few roundabout ways to get her free, but he could use someone gawking at him right now. She made him feel that he had achieved something great without the risk of turning his life upside down suddenly. Kubo would let the human girl free after she could stand against the odds by herself. That should remove any worrying afterthoughts.

And maybe I should get some more oath-bound slaves to gawk at me, thought Kubo.

He shook his head. He wasn’t that desperate for praise, and why he was thinking he would have her for a long time?

If she was someone that important, whoever they were, would come to get her in a few days at the most. Kubo wondered if he had been unconsciously wanting to keep her for himself because it was a lot easier to trust a slave with his secrets.

He sighed as he pushed the back door open. The breakfast was already served for them when they entered. Kubo took a seat before he noticed that there weren’t any other customers around. Lily placed the plates around the table before she took her seat.

“You closing for today?”

“Yes, some foolish guy gave us a coin of gold last night,” Lily quipped, “it would last us a few weeks at least. I’ve always wanted a day off, and Nana wanted to try the new recipe you’ve told her last night.”

Kubo wondered why she hadn’t give back the change. Maybe she assumed that he had nowhere else to go? Lily might be right as he still ends up at her place after wandering around all night.

“It’s been a while since I’ve got the leisure to try something new, thanks Kubo,” Nana kissed his cheek before she went back to the kitchen.

Somehow he wasn’t surprised when he saw the kiss was coming his way. He knew that he shouldn’t have reacted as it was just a gratitude kiss on the cheek, but why his gut was telling him there was more to it?

“So, you going to buy her clothes today?” Lily asked as if nothing happened.

“And armor,” he replied. “Something leather should be fine, maybe bow, quivers, and dagger, and then maybe we’ll hit the dungeon.”

“Solid plan,” she complimented.

“The dungeon!? But I-”

“But do you know what a girl would need for her daily life?” Lily cut Cassy off.

Kubo chuckled and shook his head, “that’s why you are coming, right?”

“You got that right!” Lily cheered.

That was how he had ended following two girls as their bag carrier and also the one who pays for everything. They hadn’t just gone shopping for Cassy as Lily had shamelessly asked for hers and Nana’s things too.

By the afternoon, the things they had bought were no longer able to be held by the big lizard-folk and had to be delivered by a courier service. The ladies are leeching off him, but he didn’t feel bad this time around. Kubo knew he shouldn’t, but he still felt satisfied and happy witnessing the smile on these girls’ faces.

Kubo himself wasn’t sure why.

Because of the dream? No, I don't think so.

Maybe because he hadn’t spent much effort to gain that much money for a short amount of time. He had trained impossibly hard, but he had done what he wanted rather what he was told to do. That’s why he couldn’t say he had spent much effort on them.

Maybe also because the three of them were pretty women, and he was unconsciously hoping something would happen after he had bought everything they wanted. He had the gold to spend and a pretty woman practically begged him to buy something for her. Kubo didn’t know if anyone else in his place could do otherwise.

And maybe I’m just a lonely fool, Kubo chuckled.

Regardless, bringing Lily along proved to be useful when he hadn’t needed to participate as much as he wanted to. Which is none? This part of the activity would’ve been troublesome especially when it comes to lingerie. Women would get excited for no reason when it was time to buy that kind of clothes, Lily included.

After the basic life necessity, their last stop, the Delver’s Guild Market. This was the real reason he had even agreed to hang around with them.

Situated closest to the dungeon, this was where most of the loots were gathered, sold, and bought. It’s where they could get armors or anything else a Delver would need for their adventures.

This is where he bought what he had always been wanting to buy, the ‘Bag of Holding’, or this world’s version of it. He had some interest in the D&D concepts but Kubo hadn’t really enjoyed the make-believe inside-your-head game. The Bag of Holding, however, had piqued his interest.

The best [Spacial Bag] was in the shape of a bandoleer had cost him nine gold coins, and Kubo also bought three gold coins worth of [Spacial Bag] for Cassy. She would need somewhere to put all her clothes and whatever. That way, it wouldn’t be hustle when it was time to say goodbye. These two items were easily the most expensive purchase of the day as the three girls tons of clothes didn’t even amount to a single gold coin.

The leather armor set and the bow she had chosen were forty-something silver, not even a half from the price of her bag. Both of the bags were secured by binding the item to their essence signature which was unique to each person.

The bind was as easy as pushing his essence into the bag or dripping your blood onto the glyph, which what Cassy had done. There was no surprise when Cassy almost cried when he handed the bag to her and asked her to bind it. She hugged it as if her life depended on it until they got all the way back to the inn.

Kubo had decided to buy her the bag simply because he rather not have any of her clothes everywhere in his room. The two purchases were a small sacrifice to keep annoying cliches out of his life and eliminate the need to carry a huge-ass sword around at his back.

The bandoleer had two spatial spaces he could access and each of them was the size of a small 3x3x3 meters room. He also wanted to buy this world version of the 'magic tent' that came with its own small pocket dimension, but he decided not to. The people who were secretly following them around everywhere would drop their eyeballs if he had bought them. It would certainly add an X-mark behind his head.

Another surprise hit them when they arrived back to the nameless inn. A group of people had gathered at the door with a closed sign. Neither one of them needed to ask the reason when the smell of fried Kenta greeted them when they entered the inn. Nana came out of the kitchen to greet them with a big bowl of fries.

They wasted no time and tried the dish. Lily practically moaned in delight when she tasted them before locking eyes with him. Kubo was glad that his favorite pastime food was once again available for him. They enjoyed the food until the evening came before he retreated to his room.

During the evening, Kubo decided to look at Cassy’s status. He had only need to ask her to show it to him and she had no other choice but to obey.

- Name, (Level): Cassandra Aithen, (Level 0) -
- Race, (Age): Human, (18 yrs old) -
- Essence Token: 18 -
- Status: Oath-bound Slave -
- Unlocked Attribute: Perception (2), Agility (4) -
- Common skills: Newtarion Common language (2), Sprint (5) -
- Thieves Path, Skills: Pickpocket (4), Hide (3), Swindling (1) -
- Archer Path, Skills: Aim (2), Marksmanship (1) -

Valen had told him that asking others to show their status was not only rude but also considered offensive to some. Showing personal information to others was like exposing all your strengths and weakness to the person, and some people would even consider it worse than being naked.

Cassy looked at him worried while trying to read his reaction. The girl looked a little confused when he hadn’t reacted as he read her status. The low essence token in normal because she had to share kills rather than had solo kills, but that might not the reason why she was worried.

Anyone would have been worried if with the [Thieves Path] listed in their status. She should have had obtained the path while she was struggling as an orphan, and no doubt she got the [Swindling] when he agreed to give her the money she needed. Path and skills only would manifest after a big enough 'achievement' in the related activities. Stealing a few iron coins would never get you the [Thieves' Path], period.

Others might look down or something because of the existence of the path, but Kubo rather glad she had it. He wouldn’t need to teach her how to keep herself unnoticed while he was engaging the enemy. She could even turn the [Hide] skill to essence skill [Stealth] with some pointers from him or from others that would come for her.

The [Archer's Path], on the other hand, was trained into her when she was old enough. He had seen the kids, young boys, and girls, who were trained with bows and swords near to the walls. The training was harsh but these kids were paid with a warm meaty meal every time the training finished. There was no way orphans like her would miss what practically a free job-training and meal. Only idiots wouldn’t waste that kind of chance.

There was also no surprise she had no essence skills at all.

You have to work your ass off for any of the skills in this world. No skill list would pop out for the pleasure of your choosing. Leveling up the skill was already given rather than a struggled.

Sunshine and rainbows only exist if you made them.



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