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Kubo had taken the sword with him, and he took a long way back inside while meddling with it. Like any other teenager in the old-world, Kubo had wasted most of his youth’s free time playing games. And like many youngsters, he had a naive dream to make his own cooler-than-everyone game.

However, those who had tried would mostly quit as soon as he learned how hard it was to code or even prepare the graphics, the 3D models, for it. He had learned to appreciate all the hard work was put into those games after a few months of trying to learn the computer-assisted 3D modeling. It was damn difficult.

But he had never thought learning these very basic skills would help him a lot in the otherworld. Specifically at [Material Shaping]. The sword he made benefited from this as it was shaped to near perfection like a 3d model.

The thick and slightly curved one edged sword had a near-perfect wide shining edge. The blade looked like a wicked giant kitchen knife with a huge ring as its guard. Kubo held onto the thick ring as he walked while the blade rested on his shoulder. The ring also could be used as convenient leverage if the blade found itself stuck somewhere. Long had he dreamed to have a blade akin to this heavy monstrous hunk of metal.

He knew that the huge unique blade would attract attention, but Kubo just couldn’t help himself. He had always loved swords all his other life, and no doubt, he would need it here sooner or later.

Kubo had walked past the front gate with the guards standing there acted like they didn’t see him. He guessed the alleged case was kept quiet by its sensitive nature, and lizard-folks carrying huge swords weren’t the strangest thing.

However, Kubo had completely missed the pale faces of guards, and their breath of relief after he had passed by. His mind was busy with something else to notice those subtle queues.

Inside his head, there could be a few reasons why the case had been kept quiet. The person in power trying to use the case to trick a lizard-folk was one of these reasons, and it made him concerned about the future.

Well, lesson learned, he mused.

He decided that he needed to tread the lines even more carefully in the future when it came to human women or women in general. The way Linda had reacted had proved that a lizard-folk who forced himself onto a human woman was truly hated. Besides, someone up the ladder would always try to profit from his or other’s mistake.

Kubo was reminded of the many groups of people who would be breathing down his back, sooner or later, whether he wanted or not. His instinct to ask Teresa in the alchemist shop was proved to be useful, but any other lizard-males as young as he would have never thought of that. The person above Carl, whoever the person was, knew this and had tried to use it against him.

Would they put a collar around his neck if he was convicted? Or straight murder him as the knight-lady had tried? Then again, Kubo rather not know.

Unlike most other nights, his tail hadn’t been swinging happy tonight. His wounds had healed and the blade secured at his back, but he was at a loss. He didn't know where or how should he spent the night until it was time to sleep as it would be awkward for him to return to the orphanage.

Maybe he should just turn-in early somewhere, and hopefully, he would forget everything in the morning. He hadn’t come here to deal with all these politics and relationships crap.

He had only wanted a simple life, free from responsibilities, and Kubo thought about that as he walked. Curiosity had almost cost him his new-found freedom, but he couldn’t help it wanting to try.

After a long walk, Kubo was surprised to find himself in front of Lily’s nameless establishment. He idled in front of the inn before the blondie who he had turned down showed up by the door.

“Hey! Kubo!” she cheered, “want to come in? We have room to spare.”

At least she didn’t hate him after being turned down and possibly insulted by him. Kind and forgiving souls came in many faces, even if it was clouded by profit.

“Yeah, sure,” he said with a weak smile, “do you have anything to eat? It’s okay if you don’t.”

“It’s late, but I’m sure the chef could stir something up from the leftovers if you are fine with that.”

Kubo ducked his head under the doorway to enter, “I’m not that picky.”

“Are you sure?” Lily giggled. “The gentleman I’ve met yesterday didn’t want a leftover like me,” she mocked him and herself.

“You are not a leftover, Lily,” he clarified. “I just don’t want to be used. No offense, but I don’t even know you, and yet you had offered.”

Lily looked at him up and down once again as if she had never seen him before.

“I think, I also owe you an apology,” she began. “Jaar had sent you here for a reason, and I thought you knew that reason. That’s why I- never mind,” Lily shook her head.

Kubo was about to ask the reason before Lily yelled towards the back of the inn.

“Nana!! Could you stir something for the guest? The leftover is fine, he said.”

“Okay!” another female voice echoed.

“But it does sound suspicious when you said it that way,” she chuckled as she offered him a seat. “You must have thought that I would spread my legs to any new blood sent my way,” she continued.

“Well, it’s hard to deny that,” he chuckled while guilt gnawed on him.

He secured the big sword at the corner of the inn before took the seat.

“It’s fine,” she sighed and sat beside him, “I got that, and horny men slapping my butt all the time. It’s all part of the job. This place would be vacant if I’m too stiff about it as we are nothing special compared to other inns. You do what you have to do to survive right? Better than living off the brothel, at least.”

“You’ve worked there before?” Kubo queried.

“It’s hard to deny that,” she chuckled after mimicking his words. “It’s before Nana got me out and take me in. I’ve fallen in love with her because of that, and we’ve become a great team, you know, two women against the world? Sorry, why I’m even telling you all this,” she complained at the end shaking her head.

Kubo coughed after hearing that, and Lily smiled at him. She was just doing her job when she was seducing him.

“It’s good that you got out of it and found each other. The whole setting only degrades the women in my eyes. Of course, not everyone would agree with me.”

“I would have agreed with you,” said another woman with a huge pot in her hands.

Kubo stood up to take it from her even when she had relented to let him help at first. He brought it and placed the huge pot on the table without much effort. His suspicion was confirmed when the ladies thanked and kissed each other.

Wordlessly, bowls were placed in between them before it was filled with noodles and soup. The three ate their fill without much interaction as if they had done this many times before.

The ladies didn’t make him feel awkward during the meal. Nana and Lily seemed to know when he needed refreshment and pushed the huge cup of juice to him. Maybe the years they spent attending to people’s needs on the table had taught them to read the physical queues without any effort. That was the only explanation he had in mind other than they were mind readers.

Luckily, those with [Empath Domain] were very rare.

“Thanks for the meal,” he said to them as he finished, “it’s awesome.”

“Really, which part?” said Lily as if mocking him. She knew that he was uncomfortable with the small reveal.

“I don’t really know, but the fluffy thing fits well with me,” the one that tasted like potato, he continued inside his head. The taste made him want to have French-fries, but he doubted anything like that existed here.

“The Kenta root?” Nana asked, “you mean this one?” she lifted one of the last potato-taste-alike tubers with a fork.

“Yes, that one,” Kubo affirmed her, “is there any fried version of it?”

“Fried Kenta root!? Not that I’ve heard of? Why?”

“I would say it would make a great snack, who knows, might become popular too.”

“You don’t say,” said Lily before exchanging glances with Nana. “How do you fry them, have any idea?” she asked.

“Well, you could try cutting them into thin round slices or long square fingers, boil them in salted water, dry them and then fry them.”

The words just flowed out of his mouth before he realized it.

“That’s rather a really specific way to prepare the dish,” Nana eyed him suspiciously. She had asked for an idea but he had given the whole recipe, of course, she would be suspicious.

“My mother used to make something like it while I was younger,” Kubo gave the most believable and popular answered. “Where’s the room for me again?” he changed the subject.

“Do you remember anything else she might have done?” Nana asked.

“No, not really, maybe a good sleep would help,” he tried again.

“Yes, maybe,” Lily said, “let me take you to the back room.”

“The backroom…?” Nana was about to ask something before she quieted down after looking into Lily’s eyes.

“We have but a few rooms, but a big room for a big man, right?” Lily added.

“Sure, I’m not complaining, but is there a bathroom inside or is it a separate room? I would like to take a bath first before bed.”

“The second floor back room has a joining bathroom with another, remember to knock before entering, okay? Use the red glyph if you want hot water. I believe anyone would love a hot bath at night. The water is directly from the main overhead canals and purified before being used, so you don’t have to worry about contamination. The Light Crystals would turn on and off on itself, and you can find more than enough towels in the bathroom. However, I must insist you pay for everything first.”

Kubo fished it out and placed a gold coin on the table, “this should be enough right?”

The said coin disappeared from the table in an instant with Lily’s quick reaction. “Yes, it would be enough for an extended stay along with other services like food and laundry. Would you follow me, please,” said Lily with joy clear in her voice.

The woman really loves money.

He didn’t know why he still found this kind of women hot even after what he had experienced with his ex-wife. Maybe he just liked bad naughty girls in general.

Nana shook her head as he stood up and followed Lily to his room. He didn’t know how the women get their hands on this establishment but he soon found himself soaked in comfortable warm water in a four person-sized wooden bathtub. Correction, four human-sized people. Kubo sitting in the corner already fill almost half of the tub.

Otherworld lesbian couple, thought Kubo before shaking his head. He was way over his head while thinking that Lily was interested in him for real.

Kubo got out of the bath after he had enough of the warm water. He had only put on his rag boxers before the door to his room was knocked. Kubo fantasized that Lily was right outside in her sexy sleeping pajama and he was right when he opened the door.

However, his big smile turned to a frown when he saw the other uninvited guests. The man was in uniform rather than full plate armor this time around.

“Sorry to disturb you this late,” said Captain Henry, “but another report had been made, and-”

“What she says I’ve done now?” he cut the man off directing towards Cassy, the other uninvited guest. But for some reason, the girl had found the floor very interesting.

“Nothing about what you did, but a businessman had reported that this girl had done an illegal transaction with you, and the evidence is solid against her.”


“Well, after swindling one hundred and fifty gold from you, and failed to return the money, along with the false report she had made, she’s now a debt-slave.”

Wow, that escalated quickly, mused Kubo.

“But you are here with her because?”

“Because her crime involved your coins, Kubo, she is legally your slave until her debt is paid, but only if you choose to accept her. If you refuse her, she will be sold to others who are willing to buy her huge debt, and in fact, someone already offered.”

“Let me guess, the men who had reported her?”

“Yes, I’m here because I know you would figure things out with me spitting on your face. Cassy is naive, but she’s a good girl, I don’t want her to be… mistreated by those men,” Henry emphasized.

More like ruined by those men, mused Kubo.

One month in, she would rather herself be eaten by wolves than fall to those men’s hands. At least her suffering wouldn’t last a lifetime. Bitches were hateful, but they existed because of the action of men which sometimes was worse than animals.

Causality. Not many would think of what their actions would cause. Himself included, sometimes.

A note from Zimliz

We will peek into Cassy's perspective on the next chapter.

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