The girl had called the man ‘uncle’ while she couldn’t even trust him?

Kubo sighed and walked away from the shop after a quick nod to Dan. The man wouldn’t have tried to cheat if he was a smart man as this new customer could have a secret source or something that could benefit him greatly in the future. Besides, Dan didn’t smell bad like other humans he had met, and so he was sure the blacksmith was one of the good guys.

Regardless, calling him a moron might also be correct as he didn’t really care about money anymore, just like a moron would. However, that was his decision when he came to this world, to live without worrying too much about money. He had been too preoccupied with them enough in the old world, and it had ended pretty unspectacularly. Deep inside, he even had begun to loathe the concept of money making the world go round.

And since money wouldn’t be an issue to him, he had decided that as long as he had enough for the day, he would be happy.

“Hey, Cassy, know any place I could buy?”

The girl yelped at her question. Her mind seemed to run at full speed about something before her eyes became determined.

“I know a place, but it already had occupants, orphans to be exact. A wide-open land with a river running through it and a big house at the front. It would be the best place for someone like you.”

“Orphans? Are you kidding me? Why would I want to buy land with noisy little kids running around in them?”

“We- They could take care of the house for you, wash laundry and even cook!” She sounded desperate.

Kubo already knew where this was going. He could see it in her eyes. Those were desperate eyes looking for a way out. Any way out. It probably had to do with someone pressing her and the orphans for money. It wouldn’t be the first time he had heard something like this.

He wasn’t one of the good guys either in his old life. Kubo wasn’t very charity person in his past life as he counted every cent he made every day. The bills and the investment hadn’t been able to make him happy with his life. He had only get an illusion of happiness.

Maybe he should change and start giving as one of his best, true friends had advised. He was the only one who had stayed in contact when Kubo lost his job. Other ‘friends’ had disappeared from his life completely. This hump of cash was nothing to him. He could make another four hundred in a wave of a hand if he wanted to.

“How much?” he asked her.

“What!?” she yelped.

“I’ve said, how much?”

“Only, only a hundred gold?” She came out with the number as if she was asking instead of stating the price.

The upstart swindler is really bad at it, mused Kubo.

“Sure,” Kubo kept fifty coins before he handed the bag of coins to her, “let’s go and do the ‘paperwork’ quickly. I want to eat and sleep, or maybe the other way around. Take the rest of the coins is for the expense.”

Cassy stared at him mouth agape for a few long moments. The girl might have thought he was an idiot fool and she had just made a big score. She only woke up from her airhead moment when his hand reached to take back the bag of coin.

The girl didn’t say anything to him as she walked quickly through the town until they arrived at some sort of office. The place was littered with thugs who harassed the girl as they saw her, but they quiet down when they had noticed a big scary lizard-man behind her. One braver bloke had even said that she had sold herself to him, but Kubo didn’t really care what these thugs had to say. He only hoped the upstart swindler wouldn’t say anything stupid while conducting the business as all of them smelled like shit.

Cassy asked him to wait outside before she went inside the office for some time. She came out later with a lighter bag of coins and a piece of paper. He knew the paper was worthless but he kept it anyway before he followed the girl back towards her home. An old orphanage that no one seemed to care other than a bunch of loan sharks. He could see why the loan sharks targeted them, a bunch of parentless kids in a rundown orphanage were the best and easiest target in town.

They went in pass an almost ruined gate before a huge old house greeted him. The kids who were running around came to greet Cassy before she shut them up and pointed at the big guy behind her. The little kids squeaked in terror before all of them quieted down.

“Good, I hate noisy kids the most,” he smiled with his sharp teeth shown, “where’s this river you said? It’s a nice night for sleeping outside and I expect food will be ready by the time I wake up.”

“Food? We don’t-” Cassy grabbed the kid and closed his mouth.

“It will be ready or warmed up when you wake up,” she said a little too serious, “the river is at the back.”

“Don’t be too tense, Cassy,” Kubo chuckled which made the tiny kids flinch in fright, “you are scaring the tiny little meats,” he laughed and walked to the back.

Kubo suddenly felt lucky being a lizard-man than a human. At least, no one here would dare to disturb his sleep. He was already exhausted after experiencing all of that in a single day. It felt like a marathon that forced him to sprint all the way here.

And it wasn’t even a week yet since he got here. Kubo found a nice spot by the river and under a tree. By then, it was already dark everywhere except the places with those small crystal balls of light shining. He was gone the moment he placed his head on the ground.


Kubo woke up smelling lavender over his face, or something smelled like lavender. A cloth was put over his eyes as the bright sunlight was at the corners of his half-opened eyes. He might have overslept before a fit of coughing entered his ears. It sounds awful.

“Teresa, let’s go inside, let me take care of him,” Cassy said to another woman.

“I’m fine, I’m just going to wait-” she coughed again, “until he wakes up. Don’t you have cooking to do, Cassy?”

“Jacoby and others are working on that, don’t worry about it, with this oaf’s money we could eat our fill-”

“Good morning to you too, Cassy,” he said while still laying on the ground.

The little girl yelped in surprise.

“I’m not an oaf, I already know that you are trying to trick me to pay the bunch muggers.”

“I see, then on her behalf, I’m sor-” the lady coughed again. The coughing had gotten worse before the fit stopped.

Kubo groaned in annoyance.

“Cassy, leave us grown-ups to talk,” he said to her.

“But you are eighteen just like-”

“Cassy, please do as Mr. Kubo said,” Teresa said, “you could’ve gotten arrested if-”


“GO!” she chased the stubborn young girl away before the coughing began again.

The girl hesitated before she stomped her way towards the big house. Kubo waited in silence until the girl was far enough.

“So what do you want to talk about, Mr. Kubo? If it’s about what she did, I’m sorry the girl had swindled your money, but I ask not to report her, please.”

“Lose the Mister, Kubo is enough, and I have nothing to talk about. I just need you to place your head on my chest and stay quiet.”

“What!?” asked Teresa shocked by the sudden request.

“I won’t hurt you or do anything improper,” said Kubo as he tried to reassure her.

The woman hesitated for some time before she resigned herself and did as he asked. Kubo placed his hand on her back and activated the [Healing Glyph]. Teresa yelped in surprise before she realized what he was doing. Anyone would have noticed when the pain inside their chest had suddenly lessened.

“Keep it a secret, please,” he told her.

The woman nodded and Kubo continued to heal. If he wasn’t mistaken, she might have lung cancer along with everything else which was wrong with her body. He would classify her as an overworked lady with little to no health care or a lack of nutrients. Teresa wasn’t that old to have her body deteriorating like this.

Teresa’s muscles had atrophied and her bones become brittle along with other complications over the years. Kubo had used a lot of Essence in the process and applied his knowledge in modern medicine to fix all those problems.

- [Healing Glyph] ranked up -

There was very little surprise when he ranked up because of that. He had needed to and had never used this kind of medical treatment before.

“I’m done, you can go now,” he said to the human woman.

Teresa stayed on his chest for a long moment before she looked up to him. She had beads of tears in her eyes before she pushed herself up. The woman gasped in surprise when she could push herself up easily. She then inspected her hands in wonder and touched the corner of her eyes to check for wrinkles. Even if she checked her whole body, not a single wrinkles existed on her skin anymore as he had made sure to fix that too along with everything else. He had used the essence version of botox to fix those wrinkles that women feared the most.

Of course, his version of skincare didn’t involve an actual injection, or the pricks of pain from the toxin, or any toxin for that matter. He only restored the fascia along with skin tissues throughout her body back to its younger, healthier state, and encouraged the regrowth of her bones. Even her chest had regained their youth.

Teressa cupped her cheeks as she blushed red like a young woman she should be. She was a lot easier in the eyes now, and wouldn’t be coughing into his ears anymore. It was a win-win situation.

“It feels like I’m twenty years younger,” she muttered in excitement, “how can I ever repay you?”

“You can start by leaving me alone, and take care of yourself more,” Kubo claimed.

He had tried to be uncaring but he always had a weakness to kind women who took care of orphans even without any pay. That kind of person is rare in between this cruel world and his old world. Giving back her youth was granted while healing the annoying cough. The smell of lavender had come from her instead of the cloth, and he began to wonder if he would start to judge people with their smell.

“No, that won’t do you any justice at all,” she cajoled, “you have solved our debt problem and now this miracle. I might even need one or a few of those [Flesh Essence]s,” she hinted at him.

“[Flesh Essence]s? What is that?”

“Oh, you didn’t know?” She looked surprised, “that means you haven’t gone to the red-light district yet?”

“No, I haven’t,” he groaned in annoyance, “but what that essence had to do with… Oh!? You don’t mean?”

Teresa got closer to him and whispered, “yes, consuming it will allow women to stretch beyond their limit without hurting themselves,” she chuckled at his baffled reaction.

“Why something like that even created?”

“I’m not surprised lizard-folk like you don’t know, but I’m surprised that you even asked about its origin.”

Kubo shrugged, “it is my greatest weakness, I guess.”

Teresa sat up before she continued, “well, at first it was created for highborn women who dislike the pain from giving birth. Humans give birth instead of laying eggs and the grown baby could get really big sometimes. The nobles had a hard time because they could never force the girls and ladies to get pregnant because of the Essence. Their family lineage was declining before this [Flesh Essence] crystal was created. It became very popular and spread wide between all ranks of women, and I think you can guess what happens next.”

“It became popular with the interspecies relationship?”

She was surprised before she nodded with her cheeks starting to blush, “aren’t you curious, don’t you want to try it?”

“Yeah, I want to,” Kubo replied while trying not to look at her reddened face, “but I rather not go the area for that reason only. Of course, no offense for those women who are only trying to feed themselves. It’s just me being picky about it.”

“No, I mean, with me, do you want to try it out with me?” Teressa asked as her face became even redder.

“I don’t know-”

“To tell you the truth, that’s the real reason I’ve come to this woeful city,” she cut him off and lamented, “but I haven’t had the time or the courage. The lizard folks are too scary for me, but not before you-”

“Sure,” Kubo interrupted her, “Do you want to go on a date with me, Miss Teresa?”

“Y-Yes, I would love to,” she answered with a deep blush.


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