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Royalroad is legal-age-sensitive, so here the story states its legal-age definition just to make it clear and adds to the plot.

“I will escort Amy or Aesthia Thyorm to her family, while Trish Alaster will return to report to hers. After the debacle with these red-scales, or the Mento family, quiets down, we will come for you. We don’t want them to suspect anything at all. That is the plan, for now.”

Gena gave the simplified version of their plan. He was sure there was more to it as they would need time to discuss it with the family in how to handle him. The two families also need to collaborate in silence to keep not just the Mento, but also the other families in the dark.

Kubo didn’t want to have anything to do with them, but he guessed that there was no way around it. He also didn't want these girls to suspect anything and would give himself three to four months at most to get his Path or Class. If he wasn’t strong enough by the time they come for him, he would escape to human territory or even to the Wilds. He hated to disappoint, but he is selfish too, just like these girls and Valen were.

The mystery behind Valen’s appearance in his old world was intriguing, and he could work towards to solve the mystery with the help of the clan’s resources. However, he only wanted to enjoy life as it was his fantastic retirement journey. Getting himself into the serious businesses of a base building or harem gathering was the last thing he had in mind.

Amy returning to her family is the best course of action, as she would be a lot safer there than beside him. She would still return to the clan if she was saved by someone else, and maybe take revenge to whoever who had set the trap for her. After months of living with more prominent blue-scaled males or whatever, she would soon forget everything about this random brown-scale.

“Aesthia is a pretty name,” Kubo said and Amy blushed.

“I’ll make sure the best arrangement is set for your sake, Kubo,” she cajoled in his arms, “you know I’ll do that right?”

That’s what she said, Kubo mused, that what they always had said.

Her family, on the other hand, might not be that agreeable, and they might even doubt her fantastic claims about him. They would make her doubt herself by the time any decision would have been made.

“I guess,” he shrugged before he turned towards the other woman in his arms, Gena, “remember, use the sword as not a tool but the extension of your hand, I’m sure you’ll get it sooner or later.”

“And if I don’t get it?”

“I’ll make sure you do.”

“Good,” the big woman kissed him.

Gena might be rough around the edges, but at least, she didn't have a family to steer her around. Amy did the same after Gena was done, and only then they let their tails unravel around him. Their embrace may fall into a ‘forced consent’ category, but he wouldn’t deny that he had enjoyed their soft and warm bodies.

“May I have a kiss too?” said Trish.

“No, you may not,” Kubo said.

“I’m not asking you, Wildtail,” she quipped, “and you should be glad someone like me offered her lips to you,” Trish declared.

Gena huffed and Amy looked away in sour agreement before Trish approached him. Her longer but thinner tail caught him before he could step back.

Trish might be not as pretty as his Amy, but the green-scale lady wasn’t that far off. The elegant oval face had captivating golden eyes, and the equally golden hairs were lustrous. Below her face was nicely sculpted with bountiful chest and wide hips he loved to hump at.

She took his hand and place one on her small waist and another directly onto her breast. Her tail tightened around him before she went in for a kiss. Kubo had to pretend to kiss her for real or this would never end if she wasn’t satisfied. Trish moaned in their kiss as he kneaded the slut’s breast roughly. Her tail pushed them closer together until his unfaithful hardened dick could feel the tenderness of her secret valley rubbing against him. The kiss lasted for a little too long until Gena had to intervene by clearing her throat.

“That should be enough, the booked time is upon us already,” she said before Trish relented and let him go. She licked her lips as they separated.

They were inside the basement of Trish’s personal dwelling in the town. Rather than cutting queue at the public [Relocate Glyph], they would be using the Alaster family’s private glyph. The reason was obvious as it was much less attention-grabbing from cutting the lines. Trish had offered this to the girls and they had no reason to disagree, this was why Gena had specifically asked for the green scale lady. Kubo also didn’t have to worry as the ticket they bought had set and booked the destination glyphs.

The glyph right under and around his feet is long-range teleport magic. According to Trish, it worked by using both the [Cosmo] and [Crono Domain] to swap anything, even the air, between two spaces set up by the glyphs and the ticket. The domains were used to synchronize the space and time, respectively, to avoid any mistake which could be plain horrible. Imagining two bodies trying to accommodate the same space was horrifying enough.

The reveal, however, had fascinated Kubo. Instead of tearing the traveler apart into atoms and rearranged them back at the destination, which sounds really painful, this method in the other hand was a lot more feasible. Kubo traced the glyph with his eyes and committed it into his mind. He would study them when he had the time.

“You can learn about them in the Alaster family,” Trish offered.

Kubo scoffed at her offer, he was sure any other family would also study them. Trish smiled coyly even when her effort to trick him had failed.

“Take care of yourself, Kubo,” Gena said in her circle of glyph close by. She wanted him still in one piece when she met him again.

“I’ll offer again when we met once more, but until then, enjoy yourself, okay?”

Amy hinted at him. She was giving her green light for him to ‘breed’ with anyone he liked. As if he needed their permission to live and enjoy life. He only replied with a toothy smile as their time was near. The timer inside his head reached zero before the flash of lights occurred.

His view totally changed the next second later. He is here. There was a banner welcoming people to the town along with the mix-matched guards to keep the peace.

The town of Fearhollow.

This is where the average lizard-folks would piss their pants if they choose to live here, mainly because of the frequent siege of monster hordes. Everyone here above sixteen needed to contribute to the almost daily fight, and only the most desperate would come here.

“But why above sixteen?” He had asked Valen before.

The answer is simple. In this world, adulthood came with responsibility. Adulthood wasn’t only a ticket to freedom within this world. Yes, it was the legal age to do almost anything kids prohibited to do, but it also at the age where you would have to contribute in one way or another.

All living being mature faster compared to the old world thanks to the most basic essences, the [Pure Essence]. Tree and plants grew faster which make farming took a lot less time and the produce also much more abundance. Most humanoid creatures were also the same as their body and mind reached full adult potential only at sixteen. Valen gave him a picture of people skipping a few years to reach adulthood here. He had to find out himself if it was true and the only thing he could compare was to a human. That's the real reason he was here rather than all other places.

Kubo looked around and the annoying pink creature was almost everywhere, and they did look squishy in his eyes. It felt like if he pinched their heads it would pop in his hand. Kubo chuckled as he walked away from the public glyph so others could use it. He was in a great mood because for once, he was free from the women’s clutching tails.

He wanted to try to wrap his hand around one of the pink heads but that may cause some chaos. The humans might gather to get him with pitchforks and torches. Kubo reigned his laughter as his muses entertained him.

“Hello there cousin,” said an older lizard-folk to him.

“Hi,” he answered, “but I think you have mistaken me with someone else, I don’t have any cousin that I know off.”

“You must be new here then, we call each other cousins between the lizard-folks,” stated the green scale, “I’m Jaar, by the way.”

“Call me Kubo,” he said, “what seems to be the problem, cousin?” he chuckled.

“No, no problem," Jaar smiled, "just these pink-skins lose their balls every time they see a new fierce face. I need to know why are you here for, that’s all.”

“I’m not looking for any trouble, if that what you meant, but if you insist, I’m just running away from the female harems up north.”

“Oh? Really?” the man who as big as Gena looked at him up and down.

“Feel free to believe me or not,” Kubo scoffed. He really looked weak like a wimp at first glance.

“I’m sorry, Kubo, I don’t mean it, it just that I couldn’t see it in you. What makes you so special?”

“You are right. I’m not special, I’m just good with the sword and someone fancied me, that’s all.”

“You in luck then, the monster wave is within a few hours, we could use another blade upfront on the human side of the wall, you’re up for it?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever, just point me to a spot.”

“Good, very good, no hesitation at all,” Jaar laughed, “Stan, quit pissing in your pants and bring this good cousin of mine to the second section and point to his spot. Then bring him to the Lily’s for a special meal. It's on me.”

“Ye-yes captain,” the man named Stan answered with eyes wide open.

Kubo wondered why it was so surprising to the man.

“I may not be able to speak human,” Kubo declared.

“What do you mean?” Jaar asked, “their choice of words might a little weird but we spoke the same language for generations already.”

“Oh!? I didn’t know that,” Kubo grinned at the human and flashed his awesome sharp-looking teeth.

The pink turned white for a long moment before Stan noticed his extended hand. Stan took his hand hesitantly before Kubo shook him carefully. Stan's hand felt fragile almost like holding on to a finger inside his grip. Kubo didn’t want to break his human guide further on the first day here.

He had enough fun already and as a former human, he could understand the guy if he really had pissed his pants. The average looking guy felt like a kid to him as he stood below his chest. For Stan, it must feel like looking up to a monster itself. Kubo might have been having fun with the idea, but he wasn’t a bully.

“Let’s go, Stan, we don’t have all day,” Kubo told the man who was starring at his unharmed hand.

“Right, sir, this way, sir,” Stan said.

“Lose the sir, Stan, don’t let me say it twice,” Kubo warned.

“Yes, of course, s- Ku-Kubo.”

“Good,” he said while stifling a chuckle.

It was already evening by the time he got to this town and he already feeling hungry. He hadn’t the time to eat any proper food after arriving at the last town as they had to push up the schedule before the red-scales sniffed the plan. The most he had eaten was at Trish’s dwelling. She made a sandwich for him while they were waiting for their turn. Yes, they had bread here, but a little on the green side even without the actual green.

Stan guided him through the mix-matched buildings. They were made out of what he used to see in the lizard-folk town and what he imagined otherworld human town should have looked like. The mix of wooden buildings, brick buildings, and stone-grown dwellings were very interesting. The town's walls were thicker and higher than the last town, the testament of the frequent monster surge. Other places would need to defend their walls once in a few months, but this place had them almost daily.

Kubo was brought up onto the wall before Stan pointed the spot down below for him. It was marked with a red flag numbered twelve along with other similar marks along the three quarter circle wall. Simple and effective, he liked that. The wall faced the heart of the continent or the Wilds where no sane being would choose to live in while the opposite of the wall was the mountain range that divided the nations.

Stan waited for him to say something, but Kubo had nothing to say to the man. They stood there for a few seconds in silence.

“Yes, Stan? Is there something else I needed to know?”

“Do you have any concerns?” he asked.

“Other than archers shooting my back, then no,” he stated, “let’s go and grab something for me to eat, it might be my last meal, you know.”

Kubo laughed at Stan’s pale face. This is fun.

He wanted to see how much Valen’s [Sword Aura] techniques were any good, and how true his claim to be a silver rank was. Kubo had received a Lead plate with his name on it. It kind of disappointing and embarrassing.

Lead, Iron, Brass, and then, Silver. I guess everyone had to start from below over here, thought Kubo.


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