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The waiting game didn’t last long, and soon, Amy was freed from her torture. Kubo imagined that she had never even once smelled something as nasty in her life. She might have been living in a palace-like home if he had to guess. Something like the girl Naomi had.

Gena led them into the building using the back door and someone was already waiting for them inside. Of course, he already told her that, but what was weird to him was how trusting she had been, he was practically a stranger after all.

“Have a problem with the red-scales again, Gena?” said a tall much older man the moment she stepped in.

His face might look old but his build was still solid as steel, tall and barrel-chested. What Kubo respected about him was the mustache. Properly trimmed and as intimidating as the horns on his bald head that curved to the back and up.

Is he a different species? Kubo mused inside.

The old-lizard got a similar tail to everybody else’s. The pale-yellow scales at the back of his hands and arms looked cool though. He wanted one of those, only in the titanium black. Shiny black scales, how cool is that?

“No, I’ve returned their precious daughter without even a scar, why I would have trouble with them?”

Gena stepped inside without any hesitation and ushered them follow her.

“They were looking for a blue-scale and brown-scale just like these two,” the old man said.

“You know the red-scales right, Theo?" Gena turned and said, "They still want to recruit others even if they had refused, like these two. Do me a favor, old scale, and bring Trish to the backroom to register these two as Delvers before we get the hell out of here and off your scales.”

The old yellow scale clicked his tongue, “Yeah, I’ve lost a cute promising nephew to them because of sweat promises. She ended up burned alive because of one little misstep. Training accident my fucking tail,” he cursed, “I’ll get Trish for you, and you own me for that.”

“Really? Do you have to spell it to me?” Gena scoffed.

The old scale walked away before Gena visibly exhaled. He hadn’t noticed that she was nervous.

“He’s a snake with a second awakening, there is very little way to escape if he's against us, but I think we are okay,” she explained herself.

The big girl ushered the two of them with her head to follow her further into the building and into a room. They sat together again with him squished in the middle.

Kubo had kept watching the old yellow scale’s movement, and he hadn’t approached the two hidden-and-waiting red wireframes inside his head. Somebody else had stopped the old scale before she headed towards them. His paranoia was at it again but it was better to be safe than sorry. Kubo searched the [Memory Package} for appropriate skill for escape but he wouldn’t use it just yet. He could afford to wait until he was metal chained or something, and so there was no need to overreact.

Not long after that, there was a short series of knocks at the door. Gena looked at him for the obvious reason, but he couldn’t tell who she was as he had never seen her before.

“Not the red-scales,” he told her before she nodded.

Gena went for the door and opened it, another voice gasped before the other lady-lizard hugged the big woman. The hand wrapped around the big lady had a red base that transitioned to yellow.

“Gena! I missed you! I’ve heard that you injured badly, is it true?”

“I’m fine, but I’ve told you not to put your face into my chest like that, Jean,” Gena said.

“But they are so big and so fluffy! Right? New boy?” The girl peeked over and asked.

“No comment,” he answered.

“I heard it was you who healed her, so thank you,” the lady said to him.

“Using up the artifact his father gave to him in the process,” Gena said to his surprise, “he had hidden the fact because it was very valuable. But he did save my life.”

“So, you didn’t know how to use a healing glyph?” Jean inquired.

“I just good at activating items with glyphs,” Kubo followed up as Amy tightened her hand around his. Lying might have given him a bad taste in his mouth, but years in the company had taught him to properly hide the truth with half-lies.

“And this lovely blue scale lady is indeed gorgeous beyond anyone here,” the lady named Jean said as she plopped beside Amy. “What's your plan as a Delver, honey?”

“I’ll want to get stronger,” said Amy with determination, “strong enough to carry his egg inside me by the end of next season,” she dropped the bomb before she hid her red face.

Kubo starred at the lady in disbelief. She had just made it up, right? To convince the other lady, right?

“I get it now, Gena too want an egg inside her from him! He must be special somehow?”

“He is not that special like the red-scales might have said,” Gena declared, “but I know that he would never abandon them-” she stopped as she sat beside him and nuzzled at him.

Now he might have confirmed that these ladies were just acting in front of this lady Jean. The lady in red-yellow scales might have some connection to the red-scales, and so it made sense to act in front of her. The Gena he knew would never act so 'tamed' in front of others.

“So it’s true then,” Jean's tone changed before she sighed, “he’s nothing that special.”

“He’s special to us, but the red-scales might found him disappointing,” Gena added. It did hurt him inside, but he tried to remain silent. Do not speak unless spoken to. The rule of thumb for a lower status male.

Jean sighed again, “But they won’t believe me that easily, so it’s better to wait until the young lady lost her interest. Trish, process their Delver license and send them off,” said the lady before she walked out of the room.

Gena let her breath out as the steps disappear in the distance. Her hand which was crushing his arm had let him go with the breath. She also had prepared to escape at a moment's notice.

“That was really close, if I knew Jean would be here, I wouldn’t have come anywhere near this building.”

Yeah, she was acting, Kubo mused, she was good at it too, with the blush and everything. I’m totally fooled.

Another lizard lady entered the room with a thick book in her arms. She came and give Gena a hug while placing her face into the big lady’s cleavage.

“Seriously Trish, what are YOU doing?” Gena said to the green hide lady annoyed.

“It is very soft and comfy,” Trish pulled her head back, “I’m just affirming the fact that after Awakening, the ladies’ breast can still be really soft. You know how secretive the clans can be. Even to ones of their own.”

“Let’s make this quick, okay?” Gena asked, “Amy, Kubo place you hand on the book and allow it to read your status. Not all of it, of course. Just the name and the sword skill you have.”

“Sure,” Kubo quipped before he placed his hand on the book.

A box appeared for everyone to see. It got his name, Kubo, and the rank one [Sword Mastery]. He had only shown his given name because he didn’t want something else surprising to happen today. The Alaster was given by his Master, Valen, to him. If he didn’t know any better, the last name should have something to do with the old crazy hobo’s master plan to ruin him.

But that didn’t stop Trish’s face to pale. The three of them looked at him with wide-opened eyes. Amy had a whole new appreciation in her eyes. They knew something about his skill that he didn’t know and that was troubling.

“What!?” said Kubo alarmed.

“No wonder you are that good with the sword,” Gena muttered, “others will first need to max up the ranks of five basic skills like Slash, Parry, or Block before they get the weapon’s mastery skill. Even I-” she swallowed it down her throat.

“Do you want to join the Alaster family?" said Trish, "I can recommend you as I’m one of them. We green-scales are more flexible than the red-scales, of course.”

Well, that escalated quickly, mused Kubo. What would happen if I had revealed the last name? Would invisible sirens suddenly ring everywhere? Damned Valen, why are you doing this to me? Stupid hobo.

“Don’t you dare say yes,” warned Amy after she studied his expression, “if you want clan protection then come to the blue-scales.”

“Hey, Kubo,” Gena asked while her tail snaked around him, “you could give up a few tricks to get the mastery skill, yes? I’ve been stuck for years already.”

“Ladies,” Kubo started as he stopped the tails from strangling him with his hands, “how about we come to a compromise? I promise that I’ll talk to these families, and try to help you to get the mastery skill, Gena. But that is after the matter with the red-scales has calmed down. One thing at a time. Okay?”

The only reason they were asking his opinion nicely was the fact he could make his seeds inert as Amy had confirmed before. The family effort to breed a better future generation might be in vain if he was forced to join the family.

Of course, Valen had already told him about this 'inert seeds', but the old man might have been lying to screw him up. Gena, on the other hand, could never force him to teach anything if he didn’t want to. It could be detrimental to her if she had forced her way to it. That's why he still had some say in this.

If the situation wasn’t as they were, the women would again talk between themselves without asking him at all. Like right now, the three of them whispered among themselves after hearing his opinion. He heard some argument but it wasn’t anything serious.

At the end of their discussion, the three turned towards him with big smiles. It meant that they had worked their different opinions on the matter. Trish wanted him to join the Alaster family but Amy rather had him join hers. Gena didn’t want him to join any of the family so she could have him for herself. Other than his healing ability, now she also wanted him to teach her. If he joined the family too soon, she would lose the chance to learn from this ‘free of charge’ [Sword Mastery].

Kubo didn’t know what their plan exactly was, but at least, they would let him escape for now. It could have been a lot worse, as they could have sold him to the red-scales, but these ladies were smarter than that. He had expected no less from the ruling gender, but they were still too trusting of this Wildtail.

They still looked at him as just a simple male. These women thought that he was bound to his nature trying to breed and past his genes as much as possible. He couldn't blame them as his lizard-young-blood had been itching to have a foursome with them right now. If he hadn't had his years of experience with scheming women then he might have lied to himself that the comfort they offered was worth the trouble.

These lizard-females didn’t have a clue about his three Domains yet. That piece of news would probably cause a war between clans. He might be exaggerating but he would never know, right?



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