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“Of course, I going with you!” Amy declared almost right away.

“I knew you would say that,” Gena commented, “but think about it, how are you going to escape the girl’s family as you are right now? You’ll be a burden to him, and you both will get caught. I know the mother, and she wouldn’t go easy with people who stand in her way. I’ve accepted this stupid escort mission only because she had threatened me.”

“Then what are you suggesting, let him go, for now?”

“Yes, let him escape while we drive the chasers away.”

“But- we- he-, I,” Amy stumbled at her words before she sighed in defeat.

Lead the chasers away? Mused Kubo, more like saving their own hides while denying the competitors.

They had been nice to him but he knew better than that. People were ultimately selfish in the end. But he also couldn’t have blamed them for anything. Who in the world would risk their lives for someone they only know for a few days?

‘Yes, the sex is great, but we value our lives more.’

Who could have blamed them if they had said that? Life is fleeting in this world. The two men might have been having the best time of their lives before rudely cut short by the goblins. Valen had told him that this kind of thing would happen in the Wilds. That was how he could be patient with Amy and didn’t gobble her up the moment she had given the green light.

He had listened to the girls’ short talk. When Amy insisted to go with him, he was happy to hear it, but listening to Gena had made realize something more important. He wasn’t willing to risk her life over himself as he wasn’t sure he could protect her when the time comes.

“First, let’s get both of you Delver licenses,” Gena suggested.

“Why me too?” asked Amy on his behalf.

“So we can know if you are dead or alive when separated,” Gena stated, “and secondly, its the only way to use the town’s [Relocate Glyph] without a long queue or an open trace.”

“Yes, you are right,” Amy realized, “they can’t inquire about our destination from the glyph operator, but why go separate ways then? Could we just go together”

Kubo raised his hand to talk, but he was swatted away by Gena. Amy looked at him pitifully before cooed him by sticking her chest at him. Gena did the same to his other side as if she was apologizing to him.

Or taking advantage of him. He couldn’t really tell.

He only wanted to ask what this Relocate Glyph was. They couldn’t possible meant some sort of instantaneous ‘magic’ teleport right? That is physically impossible to achieve. The amount of energy needed to separate things into its atoms was already enormous, let alone transporting and recombining them at the endpoint.

This sucks, he said to himself.

Being squeezed in the middle of the two pairs of huge boobs didn’t improve his mood as much. The girls’ discussion became a background sound as he checked his status. He had worked on the interface while he was driving at night so he wouldn’t fall asleep.

Name (Age): Kubo Alaster (18)
Race (Level): Newt (0)
Essence Token: 26
Health Point 16
Essence Point 20
Observed Attribute
Strength 6
Speed 6
Perception 8
Intelligence 20
Hunter's Path, Skills (Rank): Hunting (II), Path-finding (III), Foraging (IV), Cooking (I)
Essence Domains Proficiency
Solid ??%
Terra 45%
Cryst 30%
Metal 64%
Essence Skill Rank Effect
Healing Glyph VII Allow user to channel the Pure Essence to heal any injuries.
- Innate self-healing (rank V)
Terra Sense
Essences: Terra, Metal, Cryst.
III Detect anything linked to the ground around the user.
- Range: 150 m
Material Shaping
Essences: Terra, Metal, Cryst.
II Allow selected material to be shaped by manipulating the essences.
- Range: 180 m
Sword Mastery
Sub Skills
X Slash
X Stab
X Parry
X Counter-attack
X Chain-attack
I Improved bladed weapon handling.
- Increase damage dealt by 120%
- Reduce weapon usage deterioration by 50%.
Boost III Imbue Pure Essence into the physical attribute.
- Attribute increased by 250%
- Att: Strength, Speed.
Aroma Cloak I Hides the user's smell by Pure Essence containment.
- extendable area of effect.
- Current AoE: 0 meters

The display had improved a lot than before. There were many things that he needed to figure out like his future class, but the girl’s specific discussion had pulled his attention to them.

“…but him, no one would notice him even in few glances. Others might know me, and most will surely notice a blue-beauty like you, Amy,” explained Gena, “the family could simply call their associates in the other cities to trace us.”

“Yes, you are right,” Amy slumped in dejection.

“Really? Do you have to go that far, Gena? No one will notice me?”

“Its the truth,” she insisted, “your scales looked like a wimp’s and the brown-scales aren’t that popular. Look around rather only focusing on female breasts, the browns are the most common lizard-folks around.”

“I sorry Kubo, I know you are great, but that is after I learned about you after we mated. But if in the first glance…”

“I look pathetic?”

The gorgeous lady nodded before she nuzzled into him.

Gena scoffed, “If you carry yourself better, you wouldn’t look as weak. Know your strength and be proud of it. And for your tail’s sake, walk with your chest out and don’t tuck your tail like a coward. Take our words for it, you are unmatched at your age.”

Gena’s words filled him with pride. For the longest time in his life, once again he felt proud of himself. Yes, he cheated with his knowledge from the other world, but he was only eighteen a few days ago. He hadn’t lived eighteen years old here, and if he did, he might achieve more than this. Kubo knows this for sure as if he was made for this world.

“Thanks, Gena,” he said to her and burrowed his face into her huge bosoms.

Amy graced him with her wonderful body at his back as his hand kneaded Gena’s chest with his face buried in the middle. Nothing in his old world could be compared to this pair of giant-gravity-defying breasts. He couldn’t get enough of them.

Gena started to moan cutely before she suddenly pushed him back, “n- no, Kubo, we had enough fun already, if we going to do this, we need to do this now,” she stated.

“It would only take a few minutes,” Kubo pleaded for a round of goodbye sex.

“Other males, yes, maybe it will only take that long,” chuckled Amy, “but you, I don’t think so."

But that is because I was having it with the most beautiful women in my entire life! Until I had enough, there is no way that I would have stopped even if it kills me! It the old world, I can’t even dream fucking beauties like these.

“Stop telling yourself what you can and can’t do Kubo,” Amy said to him as if she had read his mind.

“Just do your best,” Gena added, “and learn from your mistakes. Now let’s prepare and go before somebody-”

It is easy for you to say, Kubo lamented turning his ears deaf, you don’t how my old world operates. Nor should I care about it anymore.

The ladies got up and busied themselves to dress-up for the occasion.

Amy’s attire was loose but somehow she still made look good on her. The oversize one-piece dull-blue dress leaned on one side of her shoulder, exposing it. A long dark-blue cloth was tied around her waist and its end left hanging on her side. Below she had long leather boots all the way up to her thighs under the skirt of the dress. One of her arms was fully armored, and overall, she looked gorgeous.

Gena equipped a much lighter looking full set of plated leather armor with a chest plate that completely covered her chest. She was going fully practical with the similarly soft, body-hugging clothing under her protective armor. Maybe one day he would make her that boob-window armor too.

But his eye-candying session was suddenly disturbed.

“I think we should start moving, like right now,” said Kubo as the marked person entered his sensing radius.

“What do you mean?” Amy, still in front of the mirror complained.

“I mean, that Naomi and I guess, her goons, are on their way here.”

“Already?" Gena asked, "how far?”

“150 meters and closing.”

“Meters?” both of them said at the same time.

Right, this world should have its own measuring units. Let’s use the carriage as the measuring stick.

“Around what… thirty of those carriages we rode on in length.”

“Thirty?" Gena gasped, "that means… over two-hundred steps!? Kubo how-”

“We’ll talk later, okay? Now is not the time.”

“He’s more attractive when he’s like this,” purred Amy.

“Yeah, confident and domineering,” Gena added.

“Praise me when got out of this mess,” Kubo scoffed.

Nothing like a threat to be enslaved made him more sure about himself. No way in hell anyone would take him without his consent. The truth is, with the [Memory Bank] Valen had left him with, he could easily escape these ladies. Kubo just didn’t want to leave with a bad note. He had been on that other end. He knows how it feels to be abandoned.

“We’ll take the sewers,” said Gena, “no red-scales would follow us there.”

“Aren’t they smelly and full of those slimes?” complained Amy.

“That is precisely the reason we are using them,” Gena chuckled at Amy's disgusted face. “The slimes were put there to keep the place clean, so don’t worry about both.”

“Lead, the way, boss lady,” Kubo responded to her.

Gena scoffed before she led them to the back of her dwelling and down a hidden hatch into the town’s sewer. Amy was right about the sewers because it was as stinky as it gets down here. The running water inside the underground hallway was crystal clear so the smell might come from somewhere else. Maybe the jelly-like creatures roaming the sewers were the source but he had no way to be sure.

They walked through the smelly sewer with Gena leading the way while he guarded the back. Amy was too preoccupied trying to survive the smell that even would enter your mouth if you were not careful. She had a cloth over her nose and mouth but she still gagged a few times along the way.

Kubo, however, had his [Aroma Cloak] to filter the smell. He was cheating in a way and that fact gave him a wicked idea.

“Amy, Gena,” Kubo called out to get their attention, “if they caught up with you two, just tell them you’ve found out that I’m a conman, a swindler. Tell them that I’ve used a limited use artifact for the healing, and just another regular grunt who is good with the sword.”

Gena stopped on her feet as she turned and stared at him. She hadn’t said or yelled anything though.

“But that would stain your name, your reputation,” Amy complained.

“Yeah, I know, but it’s better than being chased after.”

“I don’t think it’s the worst idea,” Gena said, “but are you sure about this?”

“Yes,” he answered, better that you two being in danger because of me, he mused inside his head. “Say that you chased me away after you’ve found out. That will explain why I’m not with you.”

“We are practically strangers to you, Kubo,” Amy cajoled, “why you have to go that far?”

“Because it benefits me too as I don’t want to be chased around by a girl and her family, reputation be damned,” he explained, “I just want to roam free, you know.”

“To say that, you really are a Wildtail, Kubo,” Gena said, “I don’t have the same opinion as you, but I can respect your decision. We will use your idea.”

“But Gena-”

“Amy, think about it,” the other woman cut her off, “this will throw off the family far away from us, and more importantly, from him. Don’t you want him to be safe from them or not?”

She turned towards him, “Kubo, I don’t think-”

“I know Amy, but I promise that if we meet again I’ll tell you a secret no one else knows about it. Just do this for me, okay?”

The lady nodded weakly with her tail tight around his arm. His bad reputation might hinder the girls from returning back to him, but there was no helping it. Amy could be stopped by her family while Gena might not want to associate herself with him. Kubo knew he had saved Gena’s reputation, and the way she paid back showed how much she appreciated the gesture. Her reaction told him how much reputation mattered in this world.

He had made the choice not to silence the girl when he had the chance, and so, he had to accept losing these girls too. Amy gave him a tiny hope of her returning to him, but she might change her mind after some time. Her beauty alone could carry her up on the social ladder, and the excellent control over the [Aqua Domain] would push her even higher.

They walked in silence, and it seemed Gena knew these sewers like the back of her hand. She even took a roundabout to avoid a group of slimes feeding on whatever they were feeding on without losing her way in the maze-like place, every tunnel looked almost the same.

The big woman’s hand had been glowing in the dark like a torch ever since they entered the sewer. Maybe it was the result of her activating one of her domain power but he couldn’t have known for sure. Gena hadn’t even cared to inform him anything about it. He was worth the trouble but wasn’t that important to her.

“We’re here,” said Gena after a quite long walk, “above us is the Delver Society building and I need you to watch out for the red-scales Kubo.”

“Yes, you are right, I think a few of them are waiting for us above.”

“Then what we’ll do?” Amy squeaked.

“We’ll wait,” said Gena and Kubo together.



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