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He woke up on Amy’s lap pillow. Her faint delicious smell caressed his nose to a gentle wake-up call. The carriage was moving again while he was asleep. He already had grown accustomed to the light bumps on the compacted dirt road. Three days' worth of hours was the longest overtime he had ever done, but he didn’t feel miserable at all. Not when he woke up to a peerless beauty looking over him.

“Hey, have a nice sleep?”

“Yes, thank you, how are we moving?”

“Oh, one of the Delver associates found us, and they sent a driver over to get us moving,” she said as her hand snaked on his body, “the young mistress rode another carriage home. You took the wrong turn somewhere, now we are two days further away.”

She hadn’t asked him to sit up, and she let him nuzzle into her naked stomach like it natural for her. Amy wore a smooth and soft silk-like dress that stuck to her skin, and that’s it. Nothing else but her bare skin. She might already know what he wanted right after waking up, and if that’s true, she would be the best woman he had ever met. Even if he couldn’t speak back to her in public, or sometimes in private…

That sounds terrible, Kubo mused.

Kubo got up. He didn’t like it to be ordered around by a woman. His man-ego couldn’t take it, even if he wasn’t a human anymore.

That also sounds ridiculous.

Her hands pulled him back into her waiting cleavage with one of the dress string had fallen off her shoulder. The dress barely hanged onto her. He was forced into the pair of steep mountains' valley before the smell of her lust assaulted him.

“I’m not going to order you around,” she claimed, “just be careful what you say in public. Not all females are the same. Some are too proud while others are like me.”

“Right,” Kubo huffed while her warm and magnificently soft chest pushed against his face. How could have he complained while in this comfort heaven of men?

Do I have to stop acting like a human? Lizard-folks women are more powerful with their domains, that’s why they are in charge. Going against the current will only spell doom to me.

But his man-ego couldn’t help to want to rebel!

Who cares if he ended up dead or worst!

But he cares stupid brain!

Ah, this is going nowhere, Kubo mused, I don’t want to think anymore, he hugged her tiny waist and pulled her even closer. Amy giggled at his action and wrapped her legs and tail around him.

“You're just like a big baby,” she chuckled and lifted his face up.

Her sharp teeth retracted before she kissed him. Her extra-long tongue entered his mouth as soon as his own sharp teeth retracted. Kubo had never known the pointy teeth could do that, and kissing without any teeth in the way was kind of kinky.

Amy in the other hand started to moan while she was eating him. She was enjoying herself so it was fine and dandy until she took his hands on her waist and pushed the hand into her chest from the inside.


Spoiler: Open at your own risk

He didn’t know how long it had been, but they had never left the box at all. The essence and his young blood had kept him going at them after each rest. They had spent these quiet and almost still moments entangled with each other.

This thank-you-sex might be the last ever offered by these gorgeous ladies, and he wouldn’t waste the chance. He didn’t care if the driver heard them as he vented his endless frustration about this world at the women.

He had never realized how big his man-ego was until now. Kubo went on with the threesome until they were told that they were about to arrive at the town.

No doubt, it was the best sex in his life. Amy was still fixated with their kisses. Gena, on the other hand, might already have had enough of him. He was lured to fuck the blue lady one last time as Gena changed her clothes.

No wonder Amy’s pseudo-blowjob was great as she sucked me clean, mused Kubo. The lizard-folks might be part fish too with their retractable teeth.

Gena was fully dressed before she went out. She returned later while Amy was busy with the final touches of his clothes and hers.

“The young one had arrived home safely in the other carriage earlier, but we still need to leave this carriage for the repairs.”

Only now he remembered the other girl. He was glad she didn’t hear or witnessed anything.

“Thanks, Gena,” Amy said before she pulled him up and out of the carriage.

He had lost the sense of time while inside the confinement of the box, but it seemed they had arrived early in the morning. Kubo wasn’t expecting anything but what he saw outside was kind of surprising. The road under his salvaged boots was paved neatly, and all of the buildings around were made from seamless stone. It looked like it was grown from the ground up to form a dwelling for lizard-folks.

Why use bricks if you have the [Terra Domain]?

The buildings had a very round edge, some smaller ones even looked like an elongated egg on its sides. The looked and felt organic on his palm as if it was built by hand, and in some way, it had been built by hand. Their doors and windows were round at the edges with no noticeable roof on top. Small white crystal balls were planted into the walls of the building. It might be the source of light during the night.

The whole town felt like a huge ‘Earthship’ with trees and plants at every corner and even on the building. Maybe that was the point, to live with nature and not totally separated from it. He wanted to explore every corner of it, but Kubo feared that his time here was very limited.

They were just inside the gate of the town with gray walls circling it all around. He could see plenty of similarly seamless watchtowers which had been merged into the walls with lizard-people guarding them.

Unlike Gena's, the males’ armors were crude and unsophisticated, just a piece of curved metal tied together around their body. The ones in leather armors weren’t that advanced too as it looked like ornaments than armor.

He could see the reason why. These male lizard-folks had tough-looking overlapping scales covering almost all of their outer body. Some even had various horns for some reason.

If they curled into a ball, there would be nothing could reach their softer parts thanks to the scales. Not all of them had natural scales, of course, as some only have the soft near-human like hides. The hard scales were very limited or did exist at all on the body.

Gena’s armor was far more complicated because of this reason. Most of her body was just soft hide under her new girly getup. A simple grey dress paired with long trousers. The handsome pretty face was walking with her chest up, he didn’t how she could do it so naturally.

The scaly patterns were there on the hide but that was all she had, just like Amy. Her monstrous breast though, looked like it would spill out from her exposed cleavage. Sadly this might be the last time he’d enjoy looking at them. The other girl’s choice to head home right away wasn’t a good sign.

“Remember not to stare, okay, Kubo?” Amy reminded him, “some females might feel offended.”

Then why even exposed them? Thought Kubo.

“Yeah, sure,” he replied, trying not to sound annoyed, “Is there another town with less, you know, this kind of mindset?”

“There is, near to the human’s border,” Amy said, “it’s called Fearhollow, but those pink-skinned small creatures are just too rude sometimes. I can’t stand it.”

Wait a minute, there are humans in this world? “They are small?” he queried out loud.

“The tallest of them are about your shoulder’s high,” said Gena, “their small heads fit nicely into our hands as if it’s meant to be crushed like fruit. However, they are still formidable foes, some of them, at least.”

“I think, I might want to go there as soon as possible,” he said to their surprise.

“Why!?” Amy asked a little concerned.

“I got my reasons, if we in a more private setting, I’ll tell you.”

“We’ll go to my dwelling,” Gena said in low voice, “I have more than enough room and the inns got too many ears if you are that concerned.”

“Sure, let’s go,” Amy dragged him again, with his arm planted deeply into his breast. Gena was on the other side, looming over him like a dutiful guardian. Her tail betrayed her thoughts as it kept brushing over his body or tail. Nevertheless, he was guarded like a precious egg.

“Do lady-lizard lay eggs or?”

“Of course, they lay eggs,” Gena answered, “but only one at a time.”

“Oh, do they lay them all the time, you know, or through the seasons?”

“No! They don’t lay an egg all the time. Why are you asking these questions?” Gena asked him back.

“He is just curious, he lost his memory remember? He’s like a newborn baby,” Amy giggled, “and Kubo, females only lay one or two eggs during the mating season, when they are most fertile. Worried if we would get an egg growing inside of us any time soon? It’s fine if you do, as males have one advantage over this. They could make their seeds inert using the essence if they wanted to. That is why the female’s offering tradition still lives to this day.”

“No, I’m not worried, why would you even want an egg with me?”

“Hmmm, why indeed?” Amy mused out loud without really answering.

The long march continued until Gena stopped on her feet. Her dwelling was far away from the center, almost all the way to the wall. They got in before Gena ushered them into her office of sorts. They sat on a sofa with him in the middle. Any attempt to escape the confining space was denied immediately with their tails holding him down.

“No one should able to hear from outside these walls as there is an empty space in between the walls. It muffles the sound.”

Kubo nodded, for insulation purposes, so they are at that level of technology in building construction.

“So tell us, Kubo, why you didn’t want to stay here any longer?” Amy cajoled.

“Because of the young lizard-girl, what her name again?”

“Naomi, why?” Gena questioned.

“I think she, this Naomi, might have interest in me. I know what sounds like, but I have reasons to believe this.”

Especially in a society where women have more influence and status, he continued inside his head.

The Naomi girl had been flirting with him at every chance she got while he was driving non-stop. She even had dared to ask him if he wanted to fuck her, but he would never fell into the obvious honey trap. How could have he stop to sleep when the girl waited for her chance to sleep with him, and who knew what she would do if he took a short nap? Regardless, he could never tell these women that. They would say he was daydreaming, and it would be embarrassing!

Gena expression of disbelief said the same thing as she sighed, “don’t worry about that-”

“No, think about it for a second, Gena,” Kubo cut her off, “she had lost her ‘caretaker’ and should be looking for a replacement. I’m the mysterious male who has rescued her from the goblins twice in a day. ME, this guy right here,” Kubo slapped his chest. “And to what length the MOTHER would go to get me, her daughter’s rescuer? A spoiled rich girl like that should have a very ‘loving’ mother.”

“If the mother learns that you a healer, and you have no clan to back you up…” Gena said.

“She would do anything, might even murder,” Amy gasped by her own words.

“Yes, that what I’ve thought. So we are at a junction here. I’m leaving, as soon as possible, and alone if I must. But you girls can choose, I will not hold anything against you.”

“You want us to choose what?” Asked Amy puzzled.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Gena answered for Amy, “choose to run away with him, or stay and be separated.”

Amy gasped to Gena’s explanation.


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