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Don't worry, no one else died. It's too early for that. The MC hasn't had them yet, if you know what I mean. Any of the death wouldn't be that impactful.

His thoughts turned to Amy for a moment before he realized what he was here for. Kubo sprinted towards the red-scale and hoisted her up and under his arm. He legged it back toward the camp as soon as he turned around.

The campfire was out when he got there and the only source of light was Gena’s spell. Her hand glowed and functioned like a torchlight, but there were a lot of ways to use that against her. The smart girl used the big tree to cover her back even if that meant she couldn’t see what was behind her.

He ran past many goblin corpses with burn marks at their faces before a sword’s blade flashed before him. Kubo tucked and rolled while protecting the girl who was inside his arms.

“Wait, it’s me!” He yelled even before he could raise his head.

The smell of Amy covered his face as she put her life on the line to stop any of Gena’s overreaction. But luckily, no stab came right after.

As Amy moved out of the way, Kubo could see that Gena had stabbed her sword into the ground instead. The big girl’s face was pale and full of guilt as their eyes met.

“Sorry, I just, I just, I’m sorry-” she swallowed her own words before slumping to the ground on her fours, or fives if you count the tail.

This might be the weakest moments of the prideful woman’s life for her to ask me, a male, for forgiveness, mused Kubo.

“It’s okay, let me take a look at you,” Kubo handed the girl to Amy as he checked her lovely being.

“You’re alright, love?” he whispered. Amy nodded with her face blushed in the usual purple.

Amy looked uninjured other than the slight burn on her hand that she had tried to hide. She wasn’t in any real pain, unlike Gena.

Blood was leaking out from her armor. Her sword-arm hanged limp while the other hand covered the wound on her side. Her thighs and calves were injured based on the blood oozing out the leg armors. She had been played around by the goblins who might have used the dark to their advantage.

Gena had swung at him with her left, that was why he could dodge the sharp deadly piece of metal. He might not be able to if she was not this injured, or she wouldn’t have done this kind of mistake if she wasn’t.

Kubo clicked his tongue while he was inspecting Gena’s wound, this will take a while.

“Are there more of them?” he asked while the [Healing Glyph] glowed at his hand.

Stomach wound first, he reminded himself.

“No, they ran- suddenly, am I gonna di- shit, it hurts-” she groaned in pain.

“Shut up, lady boss, you’ll be fine,” he said as he held her hand. She looked at him before some hope returned back to her eyes. Kubo tried not to let his thoughts showed on his face.

Shit, her stomach is a mess, she might be moving too much after receiving the wound. It must have been her very first injury.

She would die if the essence didn’t exist, as not even the best doctor in the world might not able to fix her in time. The glyph had scanned her wound and this might be the worst kind of wound he had ever encountered. He didn’t know how she even had lasted this long and why she didn’t just run away?

The real question was, how in the nine hell this experienced bronze Delver even got stabbed so deep into her stomach in the first place? She was watching over the camp for god’s sake, not sleeping or fucking like the other girl. Had she fallen asleep? Gena didn’t look sleepy when she replaced him.

Kubo shook his head. Questions later, even if he would never get the answer. He concentrated at her stomach, put them back into place as he knew best and reattached the arteries back. He worked on the leaking stomach, and the intestine next. Kubo closed the wounds before he worked on the other bleeding wounds on her body. He had done all that while he used his other hand and the essence to stabilize her heartbeat.

Time flew by as he worked, and before he knew it, light already piercing through the foliage. Valen’s harsh teaching had paid off. Gena’s heart was weak, but it was beating steady without his help.

“Are you two alright?”

“Yes,” squeaked both of them.

“Kubo, you head, it's bleeding,” Naomi spoke to him for the first time.

“Right, sorry about that, I forgot.”

He concentrated to heal the scratch so the other ladies won’t freak out.

“Gena is alright,” he said after he was done, “she going to make it.”

“Takir?” the girl squeaked.

“Sorry, girl, he’s long gone when I got there. You stay with Gena, and look after her, can you do that for me?”

She nodded with determined eyes.

“Amy, get what supplies you can, food, blankets, and coins, in that order, okay? I need to refit the wheel.”

If they had attacked two times and there would be a third, but he couldn’t tell them that. The girls panicking was the last thing he needed.

Amy nodded and moved her lovely huge ass to work. Thank god, she didn’t freak out. Kubo went to check the sapling trunk, and it was still intact with some blood splattered at it. Goblin wouldn’t look twice at the unassuming round thingy, but that hadn’t stopped him from worrying about it.

He checked the carriage for damage but found nothing wrong, but the wooden boxes and barrels at the back had been ransacked.

I sure hope they value life more than these things, Kubo lamented.

He refitted the wheel with not much of an issue as he had other wheels to refer to, not that it was that complicated. Kubo cheated a little by using [Material Shaping] to lift the carriage off the ground. He also used it to mold metal to secure the wheel better and repair the other bent metal parts.

The last thing he did was checking the wheel’s glyph, and he was in luck that there was no complicated lock or way to use them. Simply pushing his essence into the bicycle like handle and the back wheel spins. The essence-shaped metal had no resistant to essence, making it a perfect essence ‘conductor’.

Kubo returned to Gena and saw the girl was doing her job well. She was wiping the sweat gathering at Gena's face, and that was better than crying and going nuts or just shuts down. Amy joined later with a bag of things she had gathered in a haste.

“Good job! I’m proud of you girls. Now help me to remove these armors of hers. I’m not an expert so we do what we can.”

Armors were a hassle, that was why he preferred to be light on his feet. It took them some time before Kubo could even consider lifting her up onto the carriage. Her wounds were healed, but she was still unconscious, and so, he had no other choice. He had to do the fireman carry.

Gena was stripped into her pajamas-like inner clothes. The body-hugging set of clothing was soft as silk. Kubo rolled the lady to her chest before he pulled her up by the arm until her legs were straight up. He secured her waist before he slowly went to kneel on the ground while letting her lean forward over onto his shoulder.

Pulling her up to a stand was already hard, but now it came to the hardest part. The woman was huge, a size bigger than him, and he didn’t even count the massive chest she had. Kubo groaned as he pushed his legs up, careful not use his waist or he might break them. He gave it his all and some more before he was up on his feet again.

Goddamn, this woman is heavy! Kubo complained inside his head, and I need to do some lifting if I want to match with someone like her.

- Strength observed, Strength (6) -
- Some heavy lifting required -

“You, you lifted her up!” exclaimed Amy surprised. The size difference might have her doubting him. The other girl also looked at him like he was some monster or something.

“Yeah, barely, go and get the doors please.”

“Yes!” replied Amy before she ran towards the carriage.

Securing her thigh and arm, Kubo began to take one step at the time. The walk was hard and even a little climb had him chain-cursed under his breath. He finally able to breathe in relief when she was finally off his shoulders and on the carriage’s wide bed-like sitting place. Both of the other girls entered right after him.

Three people could sleep side by side on the carriage’s ‘bed’, and it would still have some space. The other set of seats, a fancy couch, faced towards the back with some racks above the head. This approximately six by four meters carriage might have been designed similar to modern van homes where the occupant could sleep comfortably during the night. Four people could sleep inside with the last person sleeping on the similarly comfy ‘couch’.

Kubo took a breather before he went and took the driver’s seat. The carriage’s front didn’t have any much different other than a lower seat for the driver and the lack of pulling animal at the front. The horse rein was replaced with a simple handle without much of a thought, and within a minute, they were in the move again.

This might be the forefront of magic technology or magitech, but he wondered if he needed a license for this. Kubo chuckled.


Gena woke up startled before someone’s hands held her down. Amy was smiling at her, and only then she noticed that they were inside the carriage. It was moving.

“We in the carriage?”

“Yes,” Amy answered.

“Who carried me here, who’s even driving, Takir? Where are Jamus and Kubo…” she grabbed Amy by the shoulders, “Kubo! Is he alright?”

She recalled that she had back swung her sword at him. Guilt gnawed at her heart. She was stab while she was pleasuring herself with her own tail. No way in hell she would tell anyone that, and if someone knew, she would be ridiculed.

“Aw! he’s fine!” Gena loosens her grip after hearing that.

“Sorry,” she mumbled.

“Takir and Jamus didn’t make it,” Amy said, “the girl Naomi is upfront with Kubo. I’m glad you are awake, but Kubo hadn’t slept for almost two days straight. Other than shortstops, we have been moving constantly, even during the night. He moved slower, but-”

“I’ve slept for almost two days? How he keeping with the essence, how he was even driving!?”

“He said, he is a fast learner, it’s in his resume’, whatever that is. And you have lost a lot of blood. Can you drive this thing Gena, I can’t, so he had been doing it alone.”

“I don’t know how, but we can stop now. I’ll guard while he sleeps.”

Gena banged the wall to the driver seat and the carriage lurched to a stop at that signal. She leaped out from the carriage and lifted the man in a bear-hug the moment she saw him. It was her fault that they were almost killed, but she could never admit it out loud. Her leadership would be questioned by the Delver’s officers if they heard anything about it.

All the years she had taken to build up to her current reputation would be for nothing. Delver without a good reputation would never get any lucrative missions or access to good dungeons. She might even lose her license as a Delver if politics got involved. Two lizard-folks died while under her command. If not for Kubo, they all might have died.

“Being buried in these huge breasts is nice and all, but can you let me go now, please?”

“I’ll bury you more than just breasts if you don’t shut up,” Gena warned him before she let him go.

Why couldn’t he just shut up and listen? His disrespectful tone was really rattling her nerves. No males had dared to say breast out loud in front of her at all, and she almost blushed because of this damned young man. He had said please to her, but it sounded like mocking than a plead.

“Go to sleep, I’ll watch while you do,” she ordered.

“I’m fine, I’ve pulled-”

“I said, go to sleep, now!”

“O-okay, boss lady, no need to get antsy,” Kubo said before turning around, “goddammit, woman,” he mumbled.

“Do you want me to put you to sleep!” Gena yelled at him.

“I’m going already!” he protested.

“This grunt!” Gena almost exploded before Amy stopped her. Kubo went into the carriage without even a look at her.

“He’s exhausted, Gena, and he is a Wildtail,” the other woman reminded her.

Gena looked at Amy for a moment before she sighed, “Sorry, sometimes I forgot how Wildtails could be so annoying.”

“He’s young, not even Awakened yet, and he knows pretty much nothing about the world. We have to protect him, we owe that to him, don’t we?”

Gena looked into Amy’s eyes, the girl had been through a lot, “yes, I guess. We owe him more than just our lives,” she admitted in low voice.

She would be dead, and so did all the ones she supposed to protect. Losing her life was one thing, but losing her reputation would be devastating, alive or dead. Her bronze plate would be stepped on like it was dirt if she failed to guard at least the little girl’s life. Even her family or her friends would feel the heat when the real ‘boss lady’ got angry after losing the precious daughter of the clan.

And it was supposed to be a risk-free job. A fucking bartering training escort.

Something or someone had rallied the goblins, and if there was someone, she would find out who. She promised herself this. The goblins rarely attack twice in a day, not after losing a few of them in that way. The goblins would never take a risk like that unless they was threatened or manipulated.

Despite all that misgiving, meeting Kubo might have been a godsend.

Gena set her mind to repay him with her life if she must. Other males would have run off to save their own hide if they found her that gravely injured. Kubo had gone through the trouble to heal her and carry her off to safety. And for that reason, she wouldn’t settle for anything less.



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