Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Harem High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

An ex-salaryman had made deal with a mysterious entity, and now he was in the other world. He was told that he wouldn’t get any special powers but he wasn’t worried. A little science and his rough upbringing should be enough for him to survive whatever thrown at him. The man didn’t want any glorious adventure or anything to do with great romances. He just wanted to have some fun, as long as it lasted.


Author notes:

- The English might not be perfect, but give the story a chance if below notes are agreeable.
- Aimed for adult audiences, but focused on plot rather than just getting laid.
- Fast-paced but the litrpg mechanics, plots, etc are revealed in stages.
- Characters will die as the plot sees fit.

*cover art source is not mine*

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  • Overall Score

Bad english mucho macho harem

 Needs work, but is basically functional. Like a toddler in a fully loaded nappy (to quote Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw).

TL;DR: Macho human reincarnated/transported to another body in another world with system and a LOT of harem development. The english is bad, but the point is - barely - getting across. It's the wish fullfillment LitRPG without much suspense.

If you like your hero to be a little bit OP and so macho he can, in this case literally, make any woman/female have an orgasm by smelling him, then you're in the right place. It's the supermacho litrpg with some sex wallowing comfortably in bad english like a pig in a pen full of excrement.

There is no long exposition, you're just thrown into the story and left to piece everything together as you go. I'd write more, but the author does not like to bother himself with setup, so I ain't bothering either.

P.S.: In case you can't tell - I ....didn't hate it?

P.P.S.: Oh, yeah! Almost forgot. I read it up to chapter 15.

Randomly Kaotic
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There are several grammatical mistakes but it's readable.

The style is good though i find the mc has it too easy figuring out magic (if he just decided to sit down a day or two and give it a try he could become invincible, instead he only did it 2 times and for what? 1 or 2 hours? And he already got 3 advanced magic, super healing and magical weapons etc...) and it could use a bit more details sometimes, in particular the fighting scenes.

And Istill can't understand his view on relationships.

As for the rest I think he did a good job, i liked it.

The Infinice
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Not so advanced review, just some tips I wanted to share.

Its a good read.


Characters aren't too unbelievable for a fantasy genre focused book, with decent enough development as the story progresses.


Style, while slightly generic, isn't done in a boring way. It is essentially an isekai story with a non-human male character, so some tropes are expected to slip in. The take on science being used as a magical field of study is not unique, but it is done well enough to not matter in the long run.


The story has a small issue with lack of lore, but that's not much of an issue depending on how the author wants to carry out his world's plot. 


Grammar, however, is a small issue. Overall, no glaring errors except for the switching around of words and awkward sentence structure. Its not common, but its not rare. I cant remember an exact example to give, but a small tidbit of it would be "...when even how...". Again, I don't have a specific example, but you should be able to catch the gist of it.


Overall, not bad. Give it a try, but I still recommend the author try and go back through the chapters to fix the minor errors when possible to keep story flow from feeling awkward.

  • Overall Score

Good, Interesting and Engaging

Very interesting and engaging the story also scratched an itch I rarely get itched of the main char being nonhuman but humanoid in a notable way.

Spoilers Ahead!!

I mean he’s got a tail, scales, pointy retractable teeth, and is larger and stronger than human normal and it’s noticeable in the story not just forgotten or glossed over like it is many times in othe books I read.

  • Overall Score

MOIST and SWEET with a TANGY Salty Flavor


All those good things come across this Mature and Explicit story. 

So be warned. 

Overall I liked it because it has the right blend of mature+explicit+Litrpg+solo badass MC. 

Can't wait to see how this all ends. (full on women at his beck and call and a family to raise that he sires with them)

Plus...this reminds me of Randi Darren's "Wild Wastes" series...(so if you liked his novels...give our write a read too)