How should Heathes panel hide?
It is sent into a magical pocket dimension and is recalled by a magic word.
15.5% 15.5% of votes
it becomes a magical tatoo on her arm or wrist that creats a holpgraphic display
52.77% 52.77% of votes
It becomes a peice of jewerly that can magically be turned back into the panel as needed.
10.33% 10.33% of votes
It becomes a sort of spell book that she can then magically protect and call to her side when need be.
18.82% 18.82% of votes
Other creative option, comment about it below.
2.58% 2.58% of votes
Total: 542 vote(s)

A note from omnixius

This is the end of book 1. 

Heather felt a wave of relief sweep over her to see Frank was safe. Then she felt a sense of dread to know he was now trapped here with them. She looked back to Moon as the woman shook her head in disbelief.


“How?” Moon asked as she turned to glare at Frank.


“Heather may not be a gamer, but I am,” he said. “When you started being so helpful, I knew you were up to something. So I planned ahead and had a surprise waiting for your friend.”


“How clever of you,” Moon applauded. “But what did you hope to accomplish by coming here? You should have stayed in your hole and forgot about her.”


“You should have accepted Heather's offer to help you and your town,” Frank said. “Now, you're going to lose everything.”


Oh, you poor boy,” Moon teased. “I knew she would have some way to protect you from resetting, and you would be able to tell her how. She might be clueless but I knew you were dangerous. But I also know the stone only works once, and you already used it. So here you are outside your graveyard, are you really going to risk being reset for her?”


Heather watched as Frank pointed at her and spoke.


“Until Heather, I thought everybody was like you. I was ready to give up trying to work with people, but she made me want to try again. She isn't a gamer and sees a better way to do things. You should have learned that lesson from her.”


“She needs to learn from me,” Moon said. “Only the strong get ahead in this world. Her little plan was sweet, but she's weak and will soon learn that this world chews up people like that.”


“Heather is strong in her own way, and I like her the way she is. I refuse to let you teach her how to be like you. Let her go, or I will kill all of you.”


“Ha!” Moon laughed. “Most of you are level one. All of us are level five or higher. I can take you myself if needs be.


Frank shook his head. “You think you have us outnumbered?”


“I have far more friends, and we are higher level,” Moon said with a scowl.


“You only claim to have to have friends, but nobody has friends like Heather does.” He looked over his shoulder and waved to the forest behind him. A green figure only four feet tall with green skin, pointed ears, and long black hair walked out. She wore a yellow dress with flowers painted on and carried a long stick. She walked to stand beside Frank and glared at Moon with an angry toothy scowl.


“Who is that?” Eribold whispered


Heather blinked in surprise to see the goblin woman.


“Her name is Umtha,” Heather whispered back. “She is the queen of the goblins in the forest.”


“A queen of goblins?” Margus said, shocked. “What is she doing here?”


“She is a friend,” Moon said as she watched the tense display.


“A goblin?” Moon laughed. “You brought one tiny goblin?”


Frank turned to the short goblin woman and nodded.


“No,” he said as he looked back to Moon. “I brought all of them.”


Moon looked around as if uncertain what to expect when the short goblin woman began to dance while shouting in a guttural language. Behind them, the forest came to life as green forms burst out of the brush and ran down the hill screeching.


“Goblins!” the dark elf cried as dozens of the creatures came rushing down with crude spears or swords in hand. The taller goblin brutes led them as they raced into the streets at Moon's faltering line.


“Stand your ground!” Moon ordered. “Most of them are only level one!”


“There are dozens of them!” the Lizardman grunted. “We can't kill that many fast enough!”


“And the warriors will be higher level!” the dark elf shouted.


“If we lose the necromancer, we lose everything!” Moon shouted as the green mass closed in.


Heather watched in awe as the wave swept into the street and around Frank racing towards Moon’s people. She watched as Moon ordered the others to stand and fight then quickly ran off herself.


“Heather!” Frank called as he ran up to her with Umtha at his side.


“Frank!” she yelled, relieved to see him. “How did you escape?”


“We can talk about that later,” he said as he looked at the others. “Are they with you?”


Heather looked around at the other sand quickly nodded. “They helped me escape and were coming with me to rescue you.”


“So they are all friends?” he asked.


“Aye, we didn't have anything to do with her panel being stolen,” Margus said. “That thieving bug did it in secret. When we found out what happened, we tried to rescue her.”


“They are friends,” Heather insisted.


“Friend of Heather is friend of Goblins,” Umtha said with a stamp of her staff.


Frank nodded and looked over them until his eyes fell on the zombie. He gave her a nod and then turned back to Heather.


“We have to find your panel, and you have to change your class. You're not worth anything to Moon or anybody else if you're not a necromancer.”


“But what about playing with you?” she asked.


“You can play any class with me. It isn't the class that matters; it's the person playing it. Does Moon still have your panel?”


Heather nodded. “We couldn’t get it back. She had too many people protecting it.”


“Umtha and her goblins will take care of that,” Frank said.


“Goblins are many strong,” Umtha said. “We will fight for Heather.”


Heather looked around and saw the carnage as the goblins tried to sweep Moons people from the streets. They were fighting valiantly, but they were taking heavy losses. She couldn't stand to see so many of them dying.


“We have to help them,” she said. “They are dying to save us.”


“Moon is probably going to take your panel and run,” Frank said. “If we don't go after her now, we might never get it back.”


“But the goblins?” Heather pleaded.


“We can help the goblins,” Margus said. “You and Frank go stop Moon!”


“Umtha will make sure Goblins not attack Heather friends,” the short woman said.


Heather nodded and turned back to Frank, “Then let’s go. I am sick of Moon.”


He nodded, and Heather followed him as he ran into the nearest house. He kicked a door down and ran into the alley behind it. Heather followed him as he battered his way through the next building and coming out right beside the town hall.


He ran directly to a door on the side and smashed it in arriving in the back hall.


“She must be keeping it in one of these rooms,” Heather said as they started to down the empty hall. He tried the first door and looked into a library. The second door was an office that he quickly looked over and moved on. The last room was empty except for a large table in the center.


“I don’t see it in any of these,” Heather said.


“We need to find Moon. She will know where it is,” Frank replied.


As they came out of the room, a mocking voice called form down the hall.


“Looking for this?” Moon said as she held up Heather’s panel.


She stood fifty paces down the hall with the panel in her left hand and her sword in her right. She leveled it at Frank and smiled with her crooked smile.


“If you want it, come get it.”


Frank raced down the hall as Moon laughed at him.


“You should have run when you had the chance,” he said.


“You should have stayed in your graveyard,” she replied. “All I wanted was the girl.”


Frank raised his claws, and Moon suddenly whipped her arm out and threw the panel at him. He dodged out of the way as the panel came sailing down the hall to crash into a wall.


Moon laughed and took something from her pocket and poured it in her mouth.


“Where did she go?” Frank asked as he looked around.


Heather was watching the panel and not the fight. She looked up at Franks's words to see Moon racing at him with her sword leading the way. Frank didn't seem to be reacting to her as she stabbed him in the side.


“What's a matter, Frank?” Moon laughed. “Can't see me?”


He spun around and stared right at her as she stepped back.


“I can see you now!” he roared, but Moon lifted something to her mouth again and danced away, laughing.


Heather understood what was happening. Moon had a supply of the potions of invisibility to the undead. Even though Heather could see her, Frank could not. She watched horrified as Moon stabbed him in the back of a leg.


“Aww, didn’t you wonder how we snuck up on you?” Moon laughed as she stepped away from him. “We had a bunch of potions made to make sure you couldn’t see us.”


Frank lunged at her, but she drank another potion, and he stumbled, grasping at empty air.


“Frank, she is behind you!” Heather cried. She watched as he turned quickly, clawing at the air with his hands, but Moon danced away.


“That's cheating,” Moon laughed as she slashed at one of Franks's arms and drank another potion.


Frank clawed wildly around, trying to find her as she laughed at him. He toppled furniture and tore objects from the wall, throwing them randomly. He got desperate and tore two crossed swords from the wall and threw them where ever he heard Moon laugh.


“Too slow,” she mocked and cut him again.


Heather raced for the panel and picked it up. Quickly she stood facing the two as Moon danced around Frank, cutting him whenever he had his back to her. Already Frank was slowing as he bled from a bunch of wounds as Moon taunted him.


“Why would you risk yourself for a nobody?” Moon asked as she slashed at him again, and drank another potion.


“Heather is a genuinely nice person,” he panted. “And she deserves a chance to learn how to play without people like you, poisoning her experience.”


Moon went to cut him, but a vase suddenly struck her in the head. She cursed out loud as she put a hand to the side of her head.


“You wench!” Moon cried. “You broke my invisibility!” She regained her footing and lashed back at Frank who attacked before she could vanish again. The two exchanged blows for a few moments, and Frank tore at her in a dozen places before she vanished in a cloud of smoke and appeared behind him and drank another potion.


Frank spun around but saw nothing but Heather holding the panel.


Heather saw Moon moving around and raising her sword high.


“You badly wounded now,” Frank said, hoping to goad her. “You can't have much health left.”


Moon laughed and rushed at him but was suddenly struck and thrown back. Heather charged into Moon holding her panel as a ram. She took Moon off her feet, throwing her down into the debris. She stood in shock of what she had done as Moon staggered back to her feet.


“Lucky shot, kid,” Moon gasped as she tried to stand tall. It was only as she stood they could see one of the swords from the wall sticking through her back.


“Oh my gosh!” Heather cried as she saw the woman stagger.


Frank walked up and stood before her as she fell to her knees and started to laugh.


“What’s so funny?” Frank asked as he loomed over her.


Moon looked up at him and smiled a weak smile. “I win,” she said and fell over.


“What does she mean she win’s?” Heather asked.


“No!” Frank cried. “You helped kill her! You will get experience!”


“So?” Heather asked, not sure what he meant.


“How close are you to leveling?” he asked.


“I don’t know!” Heather snapped. “Moon wanted me to kill two people to level me up.”


“Heather change your class now!” he shouted.


She turned her panel over and tapped at the screen to pull up her character as a familiar sound echoed in her ears.


DING!- [Necromancer Level 3]

DING!- [Recluse Level 2]


Heather stood motionless and looked up at Frank.


“Hurry, change your class!” he insisted.


Heather looked up at him in shock. “I can’t, I just leveled.”


They stood there silently, and then Frank shook his head.


“But I only killed one person, and it was by accident,” Heather protested.


“Moon was higher level, she was worth a lot more,” Frank groaned.


Heather looked up with wide eyes as Frank sat down to rest his wounded legs.


“What do I do now?” she asked.


“There is nothing you can do now. From here on, you are Heather the Necromancer, and Moon will come looking for you sooner or later.”


“What if she tells King Kevin about me?”


Frank laid back as he panted in pain. “I am willing to bet the reward is much higher if she delivers you herself. If she tells him and he comes for you, she will probably get a tiny amount. I would bet she keeps you a secret until she can find a way to catch you.”


“Great, so now I have a power-hungry crazy after me,” she snapped.


“Moon isn’t crazy,” he sighed. “She is what a lot of players are. Desperate to level up and reach the big rewards.”


“She said she would have the money to buy a kingdom,” Heather sighed.


“Which is why she won't snitch on you. She needs to bring you in herself, or she won't get the money.”


“Are you sure?”


He shrugged and put a hand over his face. “There is no point in worrying about it now. We can't undo it unless you want to be chain killed until you get the reset option.”


Heather shook her head. She wasn’t sure she wanted to know what it was like to die and respawn. Let alone do it over and over until she could reset. Thinking about it suddenly brought another thought to her mind.


“Wait, is Moon going to respawn any second?”


Frank shook his head. “There is a delay. She won’t respawn for four hours.”


“Where is she while she’s waiting?”


Frank shrugged again. “I don't know. To the player's perspective, it's instant. You wake up like only a second has passed.”


“Does it hurt?”


He shook his head. “None of this really hurts like you think it would. You feel pain, but it's dull, not excruciating.”


“So those cuts don’t hurt?” Heather asked.


He sighed. “They hurt, but they aren’t the screaming pain they should be.”


She nodded and looked at her panel. “How do I see what spells I have?”


[Spell List level 3 Necromancer!] it chirped.


Heather looked through the list and then walked over to Frank. She held the panel with her left hand as she put her right hand on his arm.


“Astrilus restitor,” she said out loud.


A green light spread over Frank, and his wounds began to knit.


“What was that?” Frank asked.


“I had a spell at second level called mend the dead,” she said with a sigh. “I need to spend some time looking at what I can do. If I am going to be trapped as a necromancer, I want to know how to play one.”


“We need to figure out how to hide your panel as well,” Frank said as he sat up.


Heather nodded, and then they heard a noise behind them.


“Well, she got what was coming to her,” Margus said as he came through the broken door. Behind him came Eribold and the others as well as Umtha and a few goblins.


Heather saw them walking in, but Quinny limped with an injury in her shoulder and leg.


“Quinny,” Heather called. “Come here.”


“I healed everybody else,” Dixie said. “But I can’t heal the undead.”


Heather nodded and held up her panel. She put a hand on Quinny and repeated the spell. “Astrilus restitor.”


A green light spread over Quinny knitting her wounds and restoring her health.


“How did you do that?” Quinny asked.


“I can heal the undead,” Heather said with a smile.


“You know you don’t need to say the magic words,” Eribold said.


“I don’t?” Heather asked.


“You can choose to use the magic words, or you can use English,” he replied.


“I am tired of not knowing any of this!” she groaned. “I have been acting like a fool this whole time.”


“You’re new to a world you know nothing about,” Frank said. “And people took advantage of that. It’s no wonder you let your guard down.”


“You're very sweet,” Heather said with a nod. “But, I'm done acting like a child.”


“You need to focus on changing your class like Frank said,” Dixie pointed out.


Heather looked at her panel and took a deep sigh.


“I can't. I helped Frank fight Moon, and I leveled.” She paused and folded her arms. “But I don't care. I didn't come here of my own free will, and I refuse to be bullied for what I am. I like the necromancer class, and I intend to play one. I am not going to play this game according to the rules people like Moon or this Kevin make. I will play my way, and I will invite anybody who wants to do the same to join us.”


“It's good to hear you're finally taking this seriously,” Margus said. “But we need to make some fast moves. They will all be respawning by midday.”


Heather looked around and clutched her panel to her chest. “I have the panel, so were done.”


“We need to deal with Moon first,” Frank said.


“Moon is already dead,” Heather said.


Frank shook his head. “She still has a bed. Let’s see how she likes being reset for a change.”


“Are you sure you want to do that?” Heather asked.


Frank looked around and nodded. “If she comes back here, she will just continue to screw over new players and harass us at the graveyard.”


“I regret to say your right,” Eribold said. “If she isn't reset, she has effectively lost nothing. She will be ready to act in a day or less.”


“I wouldn’t mind chopping her bed into firewood,” Margus laughed.


“But doesn't that remove the town. Won’t you all lose you spawn points?” Heather asked.


“To be honest, none of us are staying here,” Eribold said. “Moon will come after us with a vengeance when she respawns. Were all going to move on and go to the city to set a safer home.”


“All of you?” Heather asked as she looked at Quinny.


“I can’t go to the city,” she said. “I hear there are uninhabited places far to the south. I will go there.


“Why not come to our graveyard,” Heather said as she walked over to Quinny. “You can help us build it into something bigger.”


“Are you a building class?” Frank asked.


Quinny looked around nervously. “I am a forest haunter.”


Heather turned to Frank uncertain.


“It's another class that can make a type of haunted forest,” he said. “She can reshape the forest, and it will spawn dangerous animals and plants.”


“I start with bats and wolves,” Quinny said. “But, I can add other things as I level.”


“Then she is perfect,” Heather said with a smile. “You can build your forest beside the graveyard, and we can work together.”


“She would fit the theme well,” Frank admitted.


“So, I would have people to play with?” Quinny asked.


“Of course,” Heather said. “I meant what I saw a minute ago. Anybody who wants to help is welcome.”


“It sounds like a good idea to me,” Margus said. “After we get settled in the city, we will come to visit.”


“Then all we need to do now is deal with Moon,” Heather said.


“Aye, I am looking forward to that,” Margus said as he handled his axe. “I will personally fix her spawn point.”


“Let's not be too hasty. Remember, all this is ours to loot,” Eribold said.


They looked around the town hall at the furniture and artworks.


“So, we can take any of this?”


“Only if you can carry it off,” Eribold said.


Heather smiled and looked at Frank.


“Oh, no,” he groaned.



A note from omnixius

This is the end of book 1. Hopefully, I can post it this time because I keep getting an error when I post. 

I will now take one to two weeks to write the entire book 2, and resume releasing chapters when they are ready. 

As always, please consider a follow, rating, or just leaving a comment. I am hoping to break into the trending stories list, and I am not sure how that's done, so I will shoot for all the activity I can get.

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I love dragons and have for years been working on a story where they featured heavily. This is the culmination of that work. I hope it measures up to some kind of standard and that you the reader deeply enjoy it.

I have no awards to brag about. I have no education to brag about. I haven’t written any award-winning books or articles in major publications. I am just an obscure storyteller shouting his story from the void in the hopes that somebody will hear it.

Thank you so much for reading my story. Sharing what I have and finding a way to focus on it for the future is all I ever wanted to do.

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