Heather the Necromancer

by omnixius

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Female Lead GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Supernatural

Heather was a normal girl living in an abnormal world. When the visitors came, they struggled to understand humans and their ways. It was through video games they began to learn, and then they came up with a plan. They created a virtual world of magic and dragons where people could translate and become parts of the game. Through this world, they watched and learned, growing in their understanding of us.


She knew little about it, only what came across the occasional tweet or blog post. She knew that people went into the world known as New Eden because they volunteered. She also knew that rarely other people were forcefully drawn in; these were referred to as the chosen.


Heather didn’t pay much attention to it all. For most of the world, things went on like they always had. She had classes to attend and boys to tease, and her cell phone was her world. That was until she woke in a forest clearing and realized she had been chosen.

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newbie writer, wise old story teller.

Word Count (16)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1-1 Chosen ago
1-2 A foul friend ago
1-3 A girl and her Ghoul ago
1-4 Level 0 has it's advantages ago
1-5 Don't feed the Nillacs ago
1-6 Apples are hard to reach ago
1-7 Goblins make good friends ago
1-8 too many choices ago
1-9 Gardens and graves ago
1-10 Never make fun of my dress! ago
1-11 Frank? ago
1-12 A Friend in Need ago
1-13 A bed to sleep in. ago
1-14 Hunters in the Woods ago
1-15 Such a Deal ago
1-16 Necromancers are Bad ago
1-17 Skeletons are Useless ago
1-18 Open for Business ago
1-19 A sad surprise ago
1-20 Ambush ago
1-21An unexpected friend ago
1-22 Zombies are a girls best friend ago
1-23 I need a Hero ago
1-24 True Friends ago
2-1 Too many choices ago
2-2 Oops ago
2-3 The forest trail ago
2-4 The first player ago
2-5 Never Again ago
2-6 Adventure! ago
2-7 A pretty dress ago
2-8 Older than Time ago
2-9 A dark book ago
2-10 Home again ago
2-11Flower Power ago
2-12 A hunter in the trees ago
2-13 Why is this normal? ago
2-14 A handsome fellow ago
2-15 For Pizza ago
2-16 Madame Grettah ago
2-17 You can't always run ago
2-18 A new chance ago
2-19 The Sherrif ago
2-20 The meezels ago
2-21 You lied to me ago
2-22 A bargain ago
2-23 The guardian of the moss ago
2-24 So that's how it works ago
2-25 Pizza at last ago

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Heather's odd necromantic adventures in a game world.

Reviewed at: 1-23 I need a Hero

Well, this was a pleasant surprise, found out recently that the author of one of my favorite stories is writing another one, one in a totally different genre, after reading this, i can say that the characters and the world they are in have quite grown onto me, i am actually quite liking them, and hope to see more of them.

One day, our MC Heather finds herself in another world, one that she recognizes as New Eden, created by the mysterious visitors who appeared years ago and tried to understand humans, and created New Eden as a way to understand humans, she realizes she has been Chosen. Unhappy with the fact that she has been taken away from her normal life, initially Heather tries to get back, but comes to accept that leaving is simply not possible and comes to slowly embrace her weird life in the game she is now in. But this game is a harsh one, where players compete with eachother, to get more levels, then there is the matter of necromancers being outlawed, and just that is a class Heather chooses.

Heather is just a average girl, one that wants to just have a easy life. And thats reflected in how she behaves as a character. To the point that she did not even bother following the events of the arrival of the visitors up to the creation of New Eden, this results in her not knowing what to do at all first, let alone how to play the game she is now in. This leads to her getting in dangerous situations, just because she does not know better, however she slowly learns from her experiences in the game, even if she still remains a rather normal girl, who rather wants cute and beautiful things and shudders at the thought of ugly things, like rotting undead, which is rather a contradiction given her first class.

Then there is Frank, even if their meeting mostly happens by luck, they still become a rather nice pair, of a undead and his necromancer. Im quite liking their interactions and how they become friends over the course of the story so far.

I do have to say however, that the characters overall dont appear to be that smart, especially if some random adventurers fall for one of the classic tricks. I dont have a problem with the MC being rather unintelligent at first, its part of how she is, and she has shown signs of improvement. However thats not enough and i can see it being hard for some reasons to stomach how the characters are like, especially Heather.

This story is quite well written, considering that the author has no previous experience writing a isekai/litrpg story, from his other work, i know he can create quite the immersive story worlds, with deep lore.

Since it is still quite early in the story, and thus its not fully shown yet how well constructed the world the author has created here is, this story could improve a lot, but as said, what i have seen from his other story, gives me lots of hope, even if the author is writing in a new genre he is unfamiliar with.

So far i have read, there are no signs that this story has the problems that normally plague the stories in those genres. Especially the fact that the MC is just 'normal' while being a necromancer, not edgy and out for kills like you see many do in other fictions.

Okay, grammar is not fully perfect, but considering the author is self-taught at english, its very good overall, just that the author has a habit of making the same mistakes over and over, those usually do get spotted, but its a bit annoying to find such constant errors of the same type. Should be perfectly readable for those who just want to read something with decent grammar.

The author's writing style is solid, i havent seen any issues with it so far, the pacing is rather nice, not too slow, enough time to let things develop. Also easy to read this story, for me atleast, and i dont have a issue at all with the way information is given to the reader in this story.

To conclude this, this is a good story by a rather skilled author who knows what he is doing, even if he is writing in a new genre he is unfamiliar with. Quite fun to read overall, although the grammar could still use improvements.

So yeah, i recommend this, for those who want a rather normal MC, who is not exactly OP or edgy like many necromancers MC's tend to be. So come join Heather in her adventures through the world of New Eden.

  • Overall Score

Could Use A Few Improvements, But Is Fun Overall

Reviewed at: 2-1 Too many choices

I binge read the first volume, and while I'll definitely be coming back for more, I think there are a few things that could use some work. We're not even 30 chapters in, so the author still has plenty of time to focus on what's needed.


The first problem encountered in isekai

I really like this part.

Too often in isekai stories,  "how they got there" is either some big background mystery that has little or nothing to nothing to do with the main plot, or the protagonist simply forgets about it in the first few chapters and picks up with their new life like nothing happened.

Heather doesn't exactly know why she's in this world, but she knows exactly what it is and how she got there.

It was aliens. And I love that that's not even spoilers because it's right there in the synopsis and prologue. 

This is rarely handled well, but I think the author aced it.

Is it weird? Yes. Is it better than dying and God giving the MC a full chapter of exposition? Also yes. Is it better than, "Hurr durr computer error. Yer trapped in a game now" bullshit? Oh God, yes.

I love it, not because it's unique, but because it makes sense for the setting.



This is something else I think the author has handled very well so far.

The worldbuilding has been kind of sparse, but for logical reasons. The first volume only covers a week or two of time, so having the entire world explained to us that fast would just bog us down in boring walls of expositional text.

The setting however, has been getting lots of love. We've seen how the world works, and how it's also a bit buggy. We certainly don't have all the details yet, but we have more than enough for Heather's graveyard adventure to make sense.


Characters and development

This is where I think it needs  the most work.


She's fun and doesn't seem like a Mary Sue, but she's a bit one dimensional and is clearly an audience stand-in character. We know that she doesn't play video games or read anything fantasy. Aside from some very surface level details, that's basically it. It gets hammered home so often, I'd be surprised if she even new who the main character of Harry Potter was. Even my 60 year old mother knows more about video games than Heather does.

It wasn't until near the end of volume one when someone said, "She's good for the world because she doesn't play video games," that I realized who Heather really is.

She's a rubber duck.

She is the rubber duck in "rubber duck debugging." Her job is to sit there and get talked to, and then make it obvious what the problem is when she doesn't understand their logic.

Her OP power isn't necromancy, it's her obliviousness!


Frank is awesome. I like Frank because he's a mostly normal guy who doesn't think "I'm normal" is a decent self introduction. 

Frank has passion. Frank has goals. Frank knows that they may put him on the low end of the social spectrum, but caring about other people's opinions of him is low on his list of priorities. He's a nice guy who wants to play the role of a villain, and he's not about to let the genuine assholes ruin his fun.

I think we all need a Frank in our lives, just to remind us of what's actually important.

Graveyards. Spooky graveyards. Also zombies.

And maybe something or other about working hard to make your dreams a reality or whatever.

Everyone else:

"Social contract? Ha ha! What's that? Git good, scrub!"

It's like Log Horizon got combined with The Purge.

My theory is that most of them didn't "volunteer" to come to this world. They simply had nowhere else to go when their families kicked them out for being such insufferable asshats.

These people are just awful, and it really makes me wonder what video games the author has been playing, because someone has certainly done a good job at killing his faith in humanity.



The scenes are detailed, and the conversations sound natural and realistic. Sometimes heather will pay attention to insignificant things when there's something much more important going on, but no major complaints here.



It's solid enough so far. There's enough foreshadowing to hint at bigger stuff coming up, but it still leaves room for plenty of fun while we get there.

My only complaint is the plot hole near the end of volume one.

It doesn't annoy me because it's big (it's not), it annoys me because of how easy it would have been to prevent.

Spoiler: Spoiler
  • Overall Score

Two of my favorite story genre: UNDEAD and a fantasy world with NO HAREM!!!!!

Reviewed at: 1-2 A foul friend

It only got 2 chapters so far and I'm already hooked!
I love the concept of the story and I hope the author would keep the chapters going, I would really love to see where this is going.

Legeis M
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I didn't realize LitRPG meant Isekai - BTW Heather is Awesome!

Reviewed at: 1-10 Never make fun of my dress!

Great story with unique premis and chariters. I would highly recomend! 

Heather is Awsome! It's it nice to see a other world RPG fantisy that isn't a harem story.

Heather is a down to earth normal girl thats not a hussy and thank god for that also the auother seems to want to keep it that way which is nice.

Also Frank OMG why dose every story not have a Frank. Frank is my fav and the best. Long live Frank!

Mandy D
  • Overall Score

The first book I loved enough to use Patreon with

Reviewed at: 1-23 I need a Hero

I really enjoyed reading the first book of this series. I can actually relate to the main character as someone who is not big into gaming with a friend who is all in. I also like the world that the author is building and I am loking forward to reading more .

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  • Grammar Score
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I am really enjoying this!

Reviewed at: 1-23 I need a Hero

Heather is a story about an ordanry girl who is sucked into a video game world against her will. Heather is not a gamer so she dosen't know anything about the world or how games work and embarks on a journy to grow and understand this strange new world she is in. Since most of the inhabidents of this world are people who volenteered to be sent to this world, It has attracted mostly gammers who wanted to escape the reality of life and live in a video game. Heather strugles to understand the choses and behaviors of the other people in the game as well as the basics of how the game works. Its a story of growth and struggle as an ordanary girl tries to adapt a world shaped by gamers. 

  • Overall Score

It's cute. Characters are too simplified to feel completely real but it fits the tone and goals of the story. If you want something fun and lighthearted this is a great story.

  • Overall Score

So far I'm pleased with what I've read. Moon has to be my favorite character, though. Totally have no idea why.

Peter Siegel
  • Overall Score

Heather is a good girl! Its nice to have a female charicter that is not a slut in a fantisy novel! Some have complained she is immature for her age, I don't think this is true. I think what they want is a perfect person with no flaws but Heather is human and has flaws and has been growing and trying to overcome her weak points through out the story! In my opinion this far more interesting to read than a story with a super OP MC that has plot armor that lets them overcome any obsitcal with ease!

  • Overall Score

Strange MC charactarization

Reviewed at: 1-1 Chosen

The main character is apparently 22, but she acts like she is 12. Seriously hard to believe that we are talking about an adult, and that perspective is constantly reinforced. It is really hard for me to get over that discrepancy.