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Chapter 24: Questing


Wow. I finally got a new hunting quest and it didn’t seem that hard. Despite the snake’s trickiness, it was pretty easy to kill as long as I kept it from biting me and 20 ether was good enough as a reward.

I carefully bent over the snake and picked its crystal while avoiding its twirling body.

+2 Ether

That was not a bad harvest from a single monster, but the problem was its trickiness. I needed a larger blade to be able to deal with that kind of snakes in an easier way but I knew of no store in the area that had swords in stock.

I tried to be as careful as possible while exploring the streets near the house, mainly because all the trees and bushes where monsters could hide to ambush me. And even with all my carefulness, I still got ambushed by another.

I stopped it with a thrust of my spear to its body just before its long and sharp fangs sank into my skin and watched as it began curling itself while struggling to get free. I pinned it against the base of a tree and relaxed a little thinking I had that fight in my pocket already, when I saw the spear’s body begin to crack. I had enough strength to keep the snake’s thick body at bay, but the common broomstick that was the body of my spear did not.

While I was ahead I jumped on the snake, restraining it even more and just like before, cut its head as it wrapped its sharp body around me.

I waited until the crystal dropped from its chest and then got off its body.

+3 ether


Bladed Snakes slain: 1/10

It was as if I was back to where I started, getting my body torn up to complete a quest by killing monsters that gave me 2 o 3 ether. It was as if I had made no progress at all.

At least my next fight lifted up my mood a little.

I saw a two meters long lizard in the distance, moving its head sideways at a regular pattern while sticking out its tongue.

After making sure there were no snakes or other monsters hiding in the surroundings, I activated my charge and rushed towards the lizard with my bat in hand.

I was upon the lizard in just a few seconds and swung my bat at its head.

The lizard jerked its head towards my bat, opening its arrow-shaped mouth and trying to bite the bat.

A fat mistake on its part.

My bat broke its teeth and continued causing destruction in its path until I let it go when the pressure on my wrist almost snapped it.

I kept on running for a little while until the momentum from the charge disappeared and turned around with a knife in hand, just in case.

The bat had pushed through the lizard’s mouth and crushed everything all the way to the throat, killing it instantly.

New Quest: Snapping Lizard Hunt
  • Quest Rank: 1
  • Objective: Kill 10 Snapping Lizards
  • Progress: 0/10
  • Reward: 20 Ether

All your quest modules are occupied, select a quest to abandon:

  1. Break the barrier - 3★
  2. Goblin hunt III - 2
  3. Black Goldhorn Hunt - 2★
  4. Claim back your home I - 3
  5. Blade Snake Hunt - 1

Fuck, no. Another quest? I clicked my tongue. Now they were abundant.

I stared at the window prompting me to abandon a quest.

The only ones that I was willing to abandon were the goblin hunt and the one to claim back the plaza. I still had no idea where to find goblins and I might not even find any for a long while, but in case I did find a suitable place to hunt them, it was a pretty easy quest with a nice reward. It was better to hold onto that quest for a while longer.

On the other hand, would I really go through the trouble of trying to reclaim the plaza? It was impossible for me to do on my own and even if I joined forces with others I doubted it would be easy. Of course, I had not seen what kind of monsters had occupied the plaza but seeing the quest’s rank, it was easy to assume it was way beyond me.

It was painful to abandon the possibility of gaining 2 more evolution points, but I had to work towards more realistic goals. I touched the fourth spot on the list and the fifth quest took its place. Then the snapping lizard hunt took the fifth spot.

Oh well. I sighed and retrieved my crystal.

+3 Ether

I went around some more and encountered a huge beetle with a long horn in the middle of its head moving about. It was as big as one of the spiky boars.

Like with the lizard, I charged at it with my bat, but the damn thing opened its wings and flew off before I could get close enough.

I kicked the ground and moved along.

I had not walked more than five meters when I heard a buzzing sound from behind and saw the fucking beetle flying towards me, its horn pointed at me.

At first, I wanted to strike it with my bat but I change my mind very quickly and jumped away when it came closer. I didn’t know how strong its attack was, so I could have ended with its horn piercing my chest if I was unable to divert its path.

The beetled ended up some distance away from me and I did not let the change go and charged towards it.

It tried to fly off again, but I aimed by bat high and my bat hit it head-on.

The back of my arm hurt but I kept my grip on the bat and sent the beetle crashing into a tree, its shell completely shattered.

I ran to the beetle and finished the job.


New Quest: Unicorn Beetle Hunt
  • Quest Rank: 1
  • Objective: Kill 10 Unicorn Beetles
  • Progress: 0/10
  • Reward: 20 Ether


All your quest modules are occupied, select a quest to abandon:

  1. Break the barrier - 3★
  2. Goblin hunt III - 2
  3. Black Goldhorn Hunt - 2★
  4. Blade Snake Hunt - 1
  5. Snapping Lizard Hunt - 1

No way. I stared at the blue window slack-jawed. This time I had no quest I was willing to abandon. The fifth quest maybe, but I didn’t know which monster was more common. It was simply redundant.

I negated the screen’s question in my mind and it disappeared. There was nothing I could do about it.

I then consumed the crystal and left.

+2 ether

Since my main objective was to find water or juice or something similar, I headed towards the ‘Peace Mart’. Or tried to, because I got quite lost in the way and ended up fighting a lot of monsters before finding the way.

I killed a few snakes, lizards and beetles, but also a new one—a huge moth that spit a mild acid. It was pretty annoying because it was hard to hit and its acid burned my skin really bad, but the moment my bat hit it, it fell to the ground almost dead. The rest after that was easy.

Every time I killed a monster that gave a quest I had not accepted it appeared again and made me refuse it each time. By the time I finally reached the peace mart, I had had to refuse the beetle quest three more times.

To my relief, the store was occupied by a single beetle that probably had just been passing by.

So I got rid of the unlucky fella and proceeded to grab a big 20-liter bottle of water with one hand and fill three bags with a few bottles of juice and soda and take them with the other. I had to tie my spear and my bat to the backpack, but I wanted to take as much as I could to avoid having to come back for at least a few days.

Regretting not having ten more arms to pick more stuff, I left and began making my way back to the house.

Several times I went through the task of putting the load down and untying my weapons to fight and then pick it back up. Because of that things got ugly a few times, but I slowly but surely made it back to the house.

Both the snake and lizard hunts were at 5 and 4 out of 10 respectively and I still had half of the day ahead of me.

Split between the training in the house or continuing the hunt, I wanted to throw a coin to decide it. Since I had no coin, I ended up picking up a small and flat stone, scratched one of its sides with my knife and flipped as if a coin.

To my displeasure, the flip ended up choosing the option to stay behind to train.

Fuck that. I clicked my tongue and went out anyway.

I came back to the house in the evening, having gained 28 more ether points and gotten both quests at 8 out of 10 completion.

Content with myself, I trained for a little while and went to sleep for the night.

The next morning I immediately set out after eating and managed to complete the snake hunt less than 1 hour later.

Quest Complete!


+20 Ether

With the lizards I was not so lucky, finding only snakes, beetles, moth, and even a new grasshopper-like monster. Instead of jumping very high to increase its mobility, the monster used its strong legs to push itself towards its enemy—me—and headbutt it with its helmet-shaped head. My arm broke when I hit it with my bat, but it was an insta-kill.

My luck with the lizard quest was so bad that when I finally completed it, the other quest I’d picked up—to hunt beetles—was already at 4/10.

Quest Complete!


+20 Ether

I took a little break after completing that quest and then returned to the hunt, finishing the beetle hunt two hours later and getting the moth hunt just 3 more kills shy of completion when the sun was going down. Like the previous day, I ended up the day with a few hours of weight training.

A note from kleimore

Thanks for reading!

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