Earth's Second Evolution

by kleimore

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Post Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

What would a normal person do if they found themselves trapped inside a magical barrier with monsters and floating blue screens ordering them to fight those very monsters? What if there was the incentive of becoming as strong as a superhero?

Elan was a kid living a regular life, studying hard, getting bullied sometimes—the usual—until a purple asteroid fell on Earth and turned everything upside down, forcing upon him that exact question.

With only a healing skill at his disposal, Elan will have to find a way of overcoming the trials brought by the asteroid and survive in what became of the world. A place where countries have crumbled to pieces and evolved individuals with superhuman powers claim those pieces as their own personal kingdoms.

And if that was not enough, unearthly powers loom over the world, vying for its control while humans, unaware of their growing influence in society, bicker and kill each other.


Quick disclaimer as usual. I'm not a native English speaker, so it'll be really appreciated if you can point out any mistakes you find.

This will be a slow-paced story where mc does not equal god's chosen child. I like an op MC as much as the next guy, but only when it makes sense. That is what I'm trying to create here.

Thanks for reading!

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3rd Anniversary
Word Count (13)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Asteroids and Their Tendency to Accelerate Evolution ago
Chapter 1: Find a monster and kill it ago
Chapter 2: Magic Really is a Thing Now ago
Chapter 3: Millennial Plaza ago
Chapter 4: Being Helpful is not so Bad ago
Chapter 5: Who Wants to go Explore? ago
Chapter 6: Fighting in a Party is Harder than Expected ago
Chapter 7: Evolution Points ago
Chapter 8: Lord of the Trial ago
Chapter 9: To Escape or not to Escape ago
Chapter 10: Breaking Through ago
Chapter 11: Getting Stronger ago
Chapter 12: Goblin Hunt III ago
Chapter 13: Elite Goblin ago
Chapter 14: Repayment ago
Chapter 15: Straying from the Path ago
Chapter 16: Adults ago
Chapter 17: Goldhorns and Breakdowns ago
Chapter 18: A way out ago
Chapter 19: A 'Skillful' Morning ago
Chapter 20: How to Charge into Battle ago
Chapter 21: A Reckless Charge ago
Chapter 22: A Chilling Voice ago
Chapter 23: New Enemies ago
Chapter 24: Questing ago
Chapter 25: Setting Out to Greener Lands ago
Chapter 26: Century Mall Once Again ago
Chapter 27: Goldhorn Hunt (1) ago
Chapter 28: Goldhorn Hunt (2) ago
Chapter 29: Choosing a Class ago
Chapter 30: Familiar Faces ago
Chapter 31: The Night of the Goldhorn ago
Chapter 32: Kithaerian Rage ago
Chapter 33: Raid on the Lord’s Lair (1) ago
Chapter 34: Raid on the Lord’s Lair (2) ago
Chapter 35: Raid on the Lord’s Lair (3) ago

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Claw out my eyes: And why that's not a bad thing.

Reviewed at: Chapter 18: A way out

First things first: I HATE teen drama. It makes me wanna run away screaming or tear out my own eyes so I don't have to be subjected to it. The fact that I managed to read as much as I have is an excellent sign.

But, on the flip side, if Teen Drama Tropes is what you're into, this thing has it in spades.

It's got all the ingredients:

Us Vs. Them mentality with the big mean adults who just don't understand how much smarter the MC is than them.

Bitchy teen girls who snub at the drop of a hat.
Bitchy teen MC who snubs back rather than ask questions.

He said, she said.

Who's dating who.

Wanting to score points with pretty girls.

A very strong self-deprecating internal monologue that truly captures the conflicting insecurity/superiority complex of a teen boy in a way that made me highly uncomfortable (I was never a teen, I skipped straight from adolescent to fully formed adult in my sleep.)

Style's alright, feels kinda of a frankenstein between post apoc survival and a Y/A novel.

Grammer's decent. better than some native speakers.

Story is a hodgepodge of things I've seen before a million times. More of what you came to royalroad for. That's not a bad thing, but I'm not giving it more than half stars.

Characters: While they constantly irritate the hell out of me, they are consistently constantly irritating the hell out of me, and the following of the Mc's train of thought is tight, so I guess I gotta give a pass for that one. They're acting like kids the whole time, though. Freakin' teens, man.

  • Overall Score

A pleasing new take on the arrival of magic on our Earth. As of chapter 2, the writing, spelling and syntax are correct. For the moment, the MC don’t seems overpowered. I am curious concerning the synopsis announcing “with only a healing power”.  Will Elan be forced to use physical force for killing the goblins and other menaces, or it’s a provisoire case.

I will follow this story with interest, and eventually make an advanced review.

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As of Chapter 26, this story has the foundations of what could be a damn good story. It does take a while to get off the ground (what awesome story doesn't?) and is written in such a way that the choices are believable on the personal level. It is LITRPG in the post-apocalyptic way which is one of my favorite veins. The MC's personal power isn't instantly op, and there is plenty of room to grow and expand which is keeping me hooked. I do wish the author would release more often, but I don't so it's hard to ask that of others, but I do enjoy the story and simply want more of it. The grammar and spelling is kept relatively neat and the overall flow is quite nice. Stay tuned for more as I check daily for more chapters.

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An MC who doesn't just roll over and let people step on him, what?!

Reviewed at: Chapter 22: A Chilling Voice

When the MC is screwed over by others he holds a grudge and tries to get back at them.

He is not some dumbass paragon of virtue saved by plot conviniance he actually cares about his life and wants to get stronger so that he won't get screwed over in the future.

His actions make sense and the supporting characters act like humans I have met (Some are dumber than others, but I have met people that would act like that before) and feel real. None of the humans are black and white, good or evil, sure there are naive nice people and weasley bastards ready to betray everyone to survive but newsflash that is how humans act.

  • Overall Score

Clearly not my thing, I dropped it in the early stages (ch 7).

The writing style and grammar are ok and the story is a classic LitRPG post-apo so far, none of which are a deal-breaker as far as I'm concerned...

The problem was that I just didn't care if the whiny jealous petty pervert selfish sociopath of a MC survived or not.

Spoiler: Spoiler

edit: I'm told that the MC eventually gets more interesting further along in the story, so you might want to stick with it.

I'm just not the target audience, I suppose that a young rebel in search of a light reading could like it.

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It is quite an interesting novel with the fact that the mc is an asshole but not too much of an asshole that he can kill or betray everyone around him without batting an eyelash. Its setting of the novel is interesting in the way that instead of grownups the main characters are teenagers filled with hormones. Seriously the mc gets kicked out of his group because he refused to heal someone. Though one question that I have with the mc main skill that increases the speed of his body's healing rate how much can it increase it by though for example it is impossible for a human to regrow a limb but would the mcs skill allow him regrow or would using his skill just heal the damage done to the skin around the wound if any of his limbs got cut off?

  • Overall Score

Well written post app story.

I decided to drop it beacause the protagonist feels like an unrepentant asshole.

Other than that I liked it.