Thieves' Dungeon

by NoDragons

Original COMPLETED Fantasy Dungeon High Fantasy Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

When a Dungeon Core acquires a taste for beautiful jewels, it sets out to become a criminal kingpin, operating from the sewers beneath the city. Updates daily / 3x on weekends.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0.1 Awakened ago
0.2 Serpent's Den ago
0.3 Betrayals ago
0.4 Argent ago
0.5 Gardening ago
0.6 The Night Market ago
0.7 Contract ago
0.8 The Storm ago
0.9 The Adventurers ago
0.10 Blood In The Water ago
0.11 Adamant ago
0.12 Growth ago
0.13 Just Like That ago
0.14 First Contact ago
0.15 Overflow ago
1.1 Plans Within Plans ago
1.2 Legitimate Business ago
1.3 Many Question & Few Answers ago
1.4 Foundations ago
1.5 According to Plan ago
1.6 Red Alchemy ago
1.7 Confrontations ago
1.8 Olin's Masterpiece ago
1.9 Normality ago
1.10 Bells and Lies ago
1.11 Gleam and Greed ago
1.12 A Few Small Stories ago
1.13 A Message ago
1.14 The Everforest ago
1.15 A Challenge ago
1.16 Battle Lines ago
1.17 Diverging Paths ago
1.18 Filthy Rich ago
1.19 Midnight ago
1.20 Underhanded ago
1.21 Moonlight ago
1.22 Incursion ago
1.23 Relative Mercy ago
1.24 Just Desserts ago
1.25 Fortifications ago
1.26 Allegiances ago
1.27 Honor Among Thieves ago
1.28 Delve ago
1.29 Fortune Favors the Bold ago
1.30 Fresh Canvas ago
1.31 Men Plan, Gods Laugh ago
1.32 Into the Fire ago
1.33 Forge ago
1.34 Promises, Promises ago
1.35 Craftsmanship ago
1.36 Plans and Predictions ago
1.37 Pick Your Poison ago
1.38 The Serpentine ago
1.39 The Night of White Fires ago
1.40 The Underqueen ago
1.41 Seven-Fold Tower ago
1.42 Deus Ex Machina ago
1.43 Thirty Days ago
1.44 Pretty Clouds ago
1.45 Ironclad ago
1.46 Freedoms ago
1.47 What the Rats Saw ago
1.48 Familiar Faces ago
1.49 Velum and Salt ago
1.50 The Free Men ago
1.51 Forced March ago
1.52 Control ago
1.53 Aftermath ago
1.54 Ash ago
1.55 Cold Fear ago
1.56 Stories Old & New ago
1.57 Best Served Cold ago
1.58 Easy Prey ago
1.59 Titans ago
1.60 The Parting of Ways ago
2.1 A Rude Awakening ago
2.2 Last Chance ago
2.3 Earth and Sky ago
2.4 Cowardice ago
2.5 Rivalry ago
2.6 Lures and Traps and Shiny Things ago
2.7 Freakshow ago
2.8 Poisoned ago
2.10 Nadir ago
2.11 The Nameless ago
2.12 Excerpts I ago
2.13 Soldier of Fortune ago
2.14 Into Chaos ago
2.15 The Tides ago
2.16 Through Other Eyes ago
2.17 Peace ago
2.18 Lord-Protector ago
2.19 A Fine Mess ago
2.20 Un-Dragon ago
2.21 Wayward Son ago
2.22 Tribute ago
2.23 Destination ago
2.24 New Horizons ago
2.25 The Heroes ago
2.26 Fire-Blossom ago
2.27 First Culling ago
2.28 For Glory ago
2.29 Prey and Predator ago
2.30 Convergence ago
2.31 On Borrowed Time ago
2.32 Into the Night ago
2.33 Mutual Annihilation ago
Epilogue .1 ago

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Dead Wolf

Very well descriptions and loving the story so far. Can't wait to see where this goes!


I have been looking through RR for over a year now, looking for a dungeon story that was as well written as this.

Well worth the read, no OP cheats, villans who think like an average person and chapters that update every single day. I see no reason why someone wouldn't read this novel. 


A very interesting take on the Dungeon Core formula, with excellent development and characters!

Seventh Sage

It’s a good take on dungeon genre. Does well to show the character of the dungeon’s more intelligent monsters.



Author is working hard to stick to name sake of the story and it is working. Nameless makes truly devious schemes, cool heists with magic in them and above all has the most interesting world setting


A very nice story with some interesting twists and variating characters. 


I didnt get to far into this one. Only 1.6. And I enjoyed most of it.

The dungeon itself is fairly original in both its abilitys and attitude. The minions created are each unique and fun. The world seems like it can be built apon as the author has given it a really interesting foundation.

The only reason I am not continuing is due to the constant changing of POV. The switching just isnt something I am interested in.


Lot of loose threads, incomplete series

Reviewed at: Epilogue .1

Warning for serious readers: Dont read, you wont get an ending

TL;DR: Murder hobo dungeon makes everything murder everything else

1. Lots of loose threads: The author sometimes goes off in a tangent, reaches somewhere and doesnt end it.

2. The title is misleading: There is not much fascination with jewels apart from the initial chapters. Does not become a crime kingpin, but rather just controls a city at the end. A dungeon in a sewer. Nothing about crime or jewels afterwards.

3. There is no attraction, no hook to the story, cant relate to the characters. There is no going against anything, just going with the tide, becoming increasingly murder hobo. The side characters are better tahn the MC in this regard, they have at least a personality. But agan, nothing comes of it.

4. The author seems to have burned himself out in the middle. Asks readers for ideas and cuts the story short with a shitty epilogue. The "climax" and conclusion felt hollow and unstatisfying and wasnt based on the rest of the story at all. A 'new' story was introduced in the middle just for the climax.

5. The power schematics is broken with the world reliant on dungeons for attunement, and all dungeons looking to kill potential delvers. Lots of new species made by crossing and developing how the world survived to the level is doubtful. Though I must agree the evolutionary pathways are quite good.

6. Most of the negative characters are the traditionsl evil for evils sake. No real motivations.

7. Other dungeons could have been done a lot better. No motivation there if all dungeons are to be murder hobo.

Character development is good. Nicely done.


Both Author & Core Forgot Their Purpose by the End

Reviewed at: Epilogue .1

Another Western Dungeon Management novel, this time with a greater emphasis on the LitRPG aspect. The nature of this Dungeon Core MC initially comes across as a bit vague. Monologuing like a Reincarnator, but without the moral quandaries of one, when it comes to slaughtering dungeon delvers. And my god, is there a lot of that. The story doesn't waste time, getting straight into the thick of it, however this pacing does sacrifice any early world building that could easier the reader in.

Just like the Dungeon Core, one has to get through all the turmoil and vital dungeon expansions, in order to be rewarded with some good world building and character additions (human & beast). Then shit hits the fan and it's over. Just like that.


It's great if you're into the dungeon genre.

Reviewed at: Epilogue .1

I get the feeling the world was bigger than it needed to be. It feels cluttered with random elements popping up without any proper reason or motivation nor closure. It's still a pretty good read if you're into dungeons and stuff, at the least the tone is consistent. Apart from that though, I didn't really care for anyone.

The dungeon was alien, I assume that was supposed to be the case. It's great that it's consistently alien but at the same time I couldn't really relate to anyone.

Everyone else had no fleshing out, we know they're trying to kill each other but that's that. People who had interactions with the dungeon without death just end up not mattering anyway in most cases.


Conclusion, if you're into the dungeon core genre then you'll like this more than I did.