Thieves' Dungeon

by NoDragons

Original ONGOING Fantasy Dungeon High Fantasy Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

When a Dungeon Core acquires a taste for beautiful jewels, it sets out to become a criminal kingpin, operating from the sewers beneath the city. Updates daily / 3x on weekends.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0.1 Awakened ago
0.2 Serpent's Den ago
0.3 Betrayals ago
0.4 Argent ago
0.5 Gardening ago
0.6 The Night Market ago
0.7 Contract ago
0.8 The Storm ago
0.9 The Adventurers ago
0.10 Blood In The Water ago
0.11 Adamant ago
0.12 Growth ago
0.13 Just Like That ago
0.14 First Contact ago
0.15 Overflow ago
1.1 Plans Within Plans ago
1.2 Legitimate Business ago
1.3 Many Question & Few Answers ago
1.4 Foundations ago
1.5 According to Plan ago
1.6 Red Alchemy ago
1.7 Confrontations ago
1.8 Olin's Masterpiece ago
1.9 Normality ago
1.10 Bells and Lies ago
1.11 Gleam and Greed ago
1.12 A Few Small Stories ago
1.13 A Message ago
1.14 The Everforest ago
1.15 A Challenge ago
1.16 Battle Lines ago
1.17 Diverging Paths ago
1.18 Filthy Rich ago
1.19 Midnight ago
1.20 Underhanded ago
1.21 Moonlight ago
1.22 Incursion ago
1.23 Relative Mercy ago
1.24 Just Desserts ago
1.25 Fortifications ago
1.26 Allegiances ago
1.27 Honor Among Thieves ago
1.28 Delve ago
1.29 Fortune Favors the Bold ago
1.30 Fresh Canvas ago
1.31 Men Plan, Gods Laugh ago
1.32 Into the Fire ago
1.33 Forge ago
1.34 Promises, Promises ago
1.35 Craftsmanship ago
1.36 Plans and Predictions ago
1.37 Pick Your Poison ago
1.38 The Serpentine ago
1.39 The Night of White Fires ago
1.40 The Underqueen ago
1.41 Seven-Fold Tower ago
1.42 Deus Ex Machina ago
1.43 Thirty Days ago
1.44 Pretty Clouds ago
1.45 Ironclad ago
1.46 Freedoms ago
1.47 What the Rats Saw ago
1.48 Familiar Faces ago
1.49 Velum and Salt ago
1.50 The Free Men ago
1.51 Forced March ago
1.52 Control ago
1.53 Aftermath ago
1.54 Ash ago
1.55 Cold Fear ago
1.56 Stories Old & New ago
1.57 Best Served Cold ago
1.58 Easy Prey ago
1.59 Titans ago
1.60 The Parting of Ways ago
2.1 A Rude Awakening ago
2.2 Last Chance ago
2.3 Earth and Sky ago
2.4 Cowardice ago
2.5 Rivalry ago
2.6 Lures and Traps and Shiny Things ago
2.7 Freakshow ago
2.8 Poisoned ago
2.9 The Great Reef ago
2.10 Nadir ago
2.11 The Nameless ago

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A dungeon story that differs from most, come read!

Well, now this is a different and very promising dungeon core story, definitely a fresh breath of air on this site. It is simply better than most, just with how the pacing in this story is handled. Definitely worth a read and one i will enjoy for sure.

By a series of events, involving the city underworld's leader comissioning to create a special ring with a mana source embedded in it, he gets the jeweler killed to keep it a secret, but in turn gets killed himself, and the ring is hid in the sewers, from the sight of everyone, a dungeon core finds itself awaking in the sewers of the city, the fresh dungeon core quickly gathers minions from the existing fauna of the sewers and builds his dungeon, but then finds himself in danger, for his envivornment is not friendly to dungeons, and the city's underworld hasnt completely forgotten that something valueable disappeared months ago in the sewers, and many are interested in claiming that for themselves, faced with such threats, the core has to adapt, or be either enslaved or destroyed.

The MC (who has no name yet) is a sentient dungeon core, who became such by special circumstances surrounding his creation, this leads to a different type of MC, one that is not afraid to do every trick required to survive, to remain as a independent dungeon core making his name in the underworld of the city, he is not afraid at interaction with humans and other races, to the point of having subordinates like a crimical gang, but still is cautious of them, because they can form a threat to himself.

A thing i rather liked is that this story gives basic dungeon monsters like snakes, rats a personality through just their actions and interactions. Its rather novel.

This story does the dungeon trope better than most dungeon stories i have seen so far. Having the MC not being a person reincarnated as a dungeon core helps a lot, since that generally comes with morality baggage. There is also the fact that this story generally skips most of the dungeon building, spending far fewer words to it than usual, it rather goes for the action very fast, with the MC interacting with the outside world, in part this is due to the circumstances around the creation of his core, and the location he is in, so he is basically forced to do so, still quite the fresh breath of air.

The dungeon system is a bit different, with few stats being used, and the 'generic' upgrade system for the dungeon is barely used at all in this story, rather the MC can choose traits when levelling, or could get a randomized one, with no way to predict what it will be. The monster choice is also nice,, with the MC going for something different for his dungeon monsters.

Not much outside of the dungeon has been shown so far, i know thats eventually set to change, especially due how the MC interacts with the world.

Flawless grammar overall, maybe noticed only one typo in this story, the author really thoroughly checks the story to make sure almost nothing slips by. And even if one does, those generally do not bother reading at all.

The writing style here works very well for the story, overall its easy to read, with barely any parts where the reader is left confused as to what is happening in the story. The pace is rather fast for a dungeon story, leaving much of the usual dungeon stuff out of the story, thus in my opinion, improving the overall quality of the story by a huge margin. Making it overall one of the best written dungeon stories on this site.

A additional thing is that currently the pace of releases is very fast, 3 a day, which i consider a big bonus, and a handy treat for people who want to read more chapters. However it remains to be seen if the author can keep writing this story.

Certainly a story i can recommend to many readers, this is simply perfect for those who want a different kind of dungeon story, veterans of the genre, who have read many dungeon stories, with that often leading to disappointment as the story bogs itself down, will really like this. Also recommended for readers who want to try their first dungeon story, this is simply easy to read and doenst have much of the complicated mechanics other dungeon stories have.


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Is it a rat? Is it a snake? No, it's a dungeon core!

Well I can tell from the first chapters (up to 0.5) that this story is a hit! There are a few points in the chapters where I've spotted a few typos, but nobody is immune to those little scourges.

[Insert dungeon name here] is a core that was inspired by the ring he adorned to make his dungeon sssssssssnake themed. So five stars, because snakes are awesome. Though ironically, the nameless dungeon core has named his followers.

And it's weird that the author can convey the personalities of simple creatures like rats and snakes with no dialogue. Impressive, to say the least. I've grown attached to the characters in the short amount of time I've known them, and I'll definitely be favoriting this one.

If you're a fan of in-site references, ingenuity, and originality, then this is the dungeon core novel for you. A good start for anybody who hasn't read a dungeon core novel before, too, since it's explained well enough for both beginners and veterans! It's also very well paced, so you don't find yourself getting bored at all. In fact, it makes me want to write my own novel... I'll be back!

  • Overall Score

This is a interesting book. It is very different from most Dungeon Core books. There are two common faults that this book doesn’t have: The dungeon doesn’t just hunker down and roll with punches (I feel like a lot of dungeon book authors tend to make their MC unwilling/unable to send minions outside, which throws away the opportunity for interesting side POVs and worldbuilding), and our dungeon core doesn’t act like a adventurer casino, with the dungeon actually trying to kill the people that enter him. In addition to that there is solid grammar and an interesting style.

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More Than A Story, A True Dungeon!

If a famous author saw this story there won't be enough words to express what this feast is. Although not the best thing to represent it, I will add a little poem to summarize what it's all about. 

A rat, a golem and a snake beside,
A greedy gem awaits inside, 
Enter, stranger, but take heed,
The only thief surviving here is greed. 

Pay it dearly or with life, 
It doesn't matter, you'll not survive, 
Search for treasures, search for strife, 
But only appreciate the way you live. 

Welcome thieves,
Welcome rats, 
Take your knives, 
A gem awaits under your hats. 




I don't need to say anything in this part. The author is almost perfect in this. Even the commas are placed in the right place and I can't find errors above a few typos that are either on purpose or don't really matter to the level of the story. 



Author-made tables and notifications. The pace, the style, and the musical flow of the tunes assembled in such a great story are a composition rivaling a Shakespearian Sonnet or a Rhythmical invocation to open the great door to the wonders acclaimed inside a thieves' dungeon: A gem core and its jewel-like characters that are engraved with the perfect trimming of gold. A treasure trove. 


Doesn't it ring a bell that a dungeon finds its pleasure by collecting gems? What if those gems are fleshed out characters that interact in an incredible way? Well, fear not since that's the case. This Dungeon will relieve your heart, but also snap it with a maze. Believe me friend, as all I say, is that Dungeon'll not behave the normal way. Find its place above the top, these characters are more than precious gold. 



Already described above. Seriously there is even a moonlight rat. Almost a shadow raccoon. 



Not enough stars to rate this. This is above most stories I have read. It just needs to never falter and it will leave a place that I'll never forget. Please, author, write it well. I can't live without a taste of this GEM.  

Thanks Again for an SSS story!

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  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
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Initial review (as of 1.9)

My first critic was after 3 chapters. Now, as from chapter 1.9, I must admit that the development of the story has surpassed my first impressions. I read these last years many tales of dungeons, this one is apart and above others: the first originality is the emplacement of the dungeon, in the sewers of a big city, the Unnamed has thence many interesting possibilities of interacting with persons others that adventurers and has also access at all the ressources from a city.

The second has I said in my initial review is it’s search of the beauty ( and accessorily jewels.

The third is his choice of close supporters : serpent, rat and golem and their evolution.


I read the first three chpters just after publication. I will wait to make an advanced review until a dozen of chapters are available

First impressions : A dungeon interested by beauty residing in the sewers of a town is a new variation in the dungeon stories. Spelling or syntar errors aren't apparent

A little critic on the story : the core benefits of many blessings at first, don't overpower him.

Initial conclusion, I woill follow and favorite the story after reading hree chapters.




  • Overall Score

Every once in awhile I find stories on Royalroad that are head and shoulders above the rest for one reason or another. This is one of them. It has tons of personality and imagination, something vital for any story but dungeon stories in particular. I was drawn in almost immediately and am looking forward to more.

  • Overall Score

Like an adventurer is attracted by glittering gemstones, i am attracted by good stories. Thieves' Dungeon seems to have the potential to be one. 

This opinion isn't based on its plot, characters or themes (we are only on the 3rd chapter so we don't have a good feel for those yet), but on how it manages to avoid many of the problems dungeon stories have.

The beginning of dungeon stories are always hard to get trough. This is mostly because they all begin in roughly the same way only really deviating when other characters are brought into the mix. 

Thieves' Dungeon cuts out much of the usual fluff in the beginning (waking up, learning about itself and its powers etc etc) and progresses the story at a fast pace giving us the stuff we actually do care about (cool powers/setting, interactions with other characters etc etc) in a way that makes sense, managing to catch my attention right from the start. 

I also have to give a nod at the authors good writing, managing to make the internal mologuing of the dungeon entertaining to read. 

I don't know how good this story will turn out to be, it still has many hurdles to climb, especially since it is writing in a hard genre. I will say however that it has begun very strongly and is heading towards a good direction. 

Long story short; i will be following this story and i think you should too. 


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

If you like dungeon core stories, this is a must read.

This is just an utterly fantastic dungeon-core story. That's the tea, right there. 

I made this an advanced review because I genuinely love everything about it and I want readers who see this review to see that I stan this story. I'm up to date as 1.28 Delve, and it's a fantastic, engaging read that stands head and feet above the overwhelmingly majority of dungeon core stories both on and off Royal Road. 

Everything from the A-crew, dungeon core's family of little monster pals, to the supporting cast, is astoundingly well-written. The story proceeds at a solid pace, much faster than a lot of dungeon-core stories, and it's perfect for keeping the reader engaged. I read this in one sitting and it took me about 2 and a half hours of more or less constant reading as of the point the story is in where I am. 


If you're interested in a regularly updated story that awesomely handles dungeons this story will be up your alley. 

magical heart
  • Overall Score

this story is quit enjoyable and I can't wait to see what happens next.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Very well written and entertaining dungeon core story

(as of chapter 1.40)

This is a Dungeon Core story which shares many elements with others from its genre but some elements are unusual and are nicely done. The dungeon is under a city and the core has a thing for beautiful items and jewelry. This comes from being "born" as a jewel in a beautiful ring and is supported by the mechanics because the unnamed (and not-a-reincarnated-human) core can increase its power and upgrade its monsters with gems. In order to get more nice stuff, the monsters ambush people, steal loose items and even execute some complex heists. But not everything is fun and games, somehow the a-hole gods don't like the MC and powerful non-natural opponents rear their heads...

Style/Grammar: The story mixes narrative styles. A large part of the story is told in first-person internal style by the dungeon core; because of its ability to view through its monsters' eyes we can follow many of the events that take place outside of the dungeon as well. In between there are often scenes from other points of view, be it a dungeon monster or an antagonist, those are told in third-person internal style. Descriptions of the dungeon environment and wildlife, of the events and of the surroundings are rich without losing themselves in the details. The word choice is great and the story is easy to read. Spelling is very good, the few typos are quickly corrected.

Story: We find many of the regular dungeon core story elements here, but there is enough difference and original events that it doesn't get boring. There are some cute/heartwarming scenes (usually about monsters) that feel really nice and humorous moments aren't missing either. The pacing of the dungeon's progress is quicker than in many other stories but not in a negative way, the omission of most grinding mechanics makes for a much easier impression.

Characters: The MC is pretty smart in how it acts and progresses, at the same time it follows its own goals without submitting to powerful adversaries. It is presented as having emotions but its personality is not very complex. On the other hand, a handful of the monsters are presented in a very detailed way, with their own (simple but lovable) personalities, interactions and complex internal processes that make them feel unusually alive even though they never say any word. Even the other characters, both friendly and opposed, are not one-dimensional edgy clichés but act from consistent motivations and in believable ways.

All in all, a very nice dungeon core story without disruptive flaws or overly complex mechanics and with good writing quality, just the right story for a relaxed evening on the couch.