The God in the Grove

by Gmad

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The village of Roads End, lying on the outskirts of man’s territory near the Deep Forest, knew nothing about the rising tensions among the nearby countries. They lived in peace, receiving the occasional trader while being largely avoided by the strange beasts that roamed the wood. Though most didn’t believe in the forgotten god whose shrine resided just within the forest, they appreciated the quiet village and the cures and tonics the local temple provided.

Maria, a young priestess serving the nameless god, lived happily with her Grandmother in the small temple. Even she wasn’t sure about truth behind the small shrine within the mysterious grove. But when tragedy comes to her home, Maria will be forced to rely on…

The God in the Grove…


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Grove ago
Chapter 2: Arrival ago
Chapter 3: The God ago
Chapter 4: Death ago
Chapter 5: Back to the Village ago
Chapter 6: Anger ago
Chapter 7: Flames ago
Chapter 8: Awake Again ago
Chapter 9: Blessing ago
Chapter 10: Spreading the Blessing ago
Chapter 11: The Meeting ago
Chapter 12: Drunk ago
Chapter 13: The Kingdom ago
Chapter 14: Two Weeks After ago
Chapter 15: The Investigation arrives ago
Chapter 16: Weakling ago
Chapter 17: Challenge ago
Chapter 18: Apology ago
Chapter 19: New Follower? ago
Chapter 20: The Investigation Team Leaves ago
Chapter 21: Cornered ago
Chapter 22: Awakening at the Village ago
Chapter 23: We Fight! ago
Chapter 24: Preparing for Battle ago
Chapter 25: The 3rd Knight Order Approaches ago
Chapter 26: The 3rd Knight Order ago
Chapter 27: Deadly Onslaught ago
Chapter 28: 2nd Ambush ago
Chapter 29: The Battle of Road's End ago
Chapter 30: The Battle of Road's End Final. ago
Chapter 31: Bitterness ago
Chapter 32: Celebration ago
Chapter 33: Moving On ago
Chapter 34: To the Capital ago
Chapter 35: The Reaper ago
Chapter 36: Count Vilea's Manor ago
Chapter 37: The Meeting in the Dark ago
Chapter 38: Returned Safely ago
Chapter 39: Arrival at Rasor! ago
Chapter 40: Meeting with a King ago
Chapter 41: To Marquess Monter's ago
Chapter 42: Confronting Nile ago
Chapter 43: A Victory? ago
Chapter 44: Staying within the Castle ago
Chapter 45: The Shard of Fire ago
Chapter 46: Rejection ago
Chapter 47: A King's Words ago
Chapter 48: Rising Concern ago
Chapter 49: Realization ago
Chapter 50: A True Villain ago
Chapter 51: Using ago
Chapter 52: Breaking ago
Chapter 53: Revealed ago
Chapter 54: To the Shard Chamber ago
Chapter 55: Crimson Fire ago
Chapter 56: The Blessing of Fire Part 1 ago
Chapter 57: The Blessing of Fire Part 2 ago
Chapter 58: The Blessing of Fire Part 3 ago
Book 2 Chapter 1: The New Temple ago
Book 2 Chapter 2: Lutel ago
Book 2 Chapter 3: The Holy Priestess ago
Book 2 Chapter 4: Approaching the Border ago
Book 2 Chapter 5: Peace ago
Book 2 Chapter 6: Hostility ago
Book 2 Chapter 7: Shared Anger ago
Book 2 Chapter 8: Payback ago
Book 2 Chapter 9: The Holy Priestess ago
Book 2 Chapter 10: Waiting For You ago
Book 2 Chapter 11: Old Memories ago
Book 2 Chapter 12: Accusations ago
Book 2 Chapter 13: Saving the Water Temple ago
Book 2 Chapter 14: Building Trust ago
Book 2 Chapter 15: Beast Attack ago
Book 2 Chapter 16: Starfish beast ago
Book 2 Chapter 17: Just Children ago
Book 2 Chapter 18: Battle of the Beasts ago
Book 2 Chapter 19: The Guardian ago
Book 2 Chapter 20: Priestess's Fault ago
Book 2 Chapter 21: Hidden Clues ago
Book 2 Chapter 22: Into the Sea ago
Book 2 Chapter 23: Approaching the Caverns ago
Book 2 Chapter 24: The Wounded Beast ago
Book 2 Chapter 25: The Cavern's Depths ago
Book 2 Chapter 26: An Old Enemy ago
Book 2 Chapter 27: Fear ago
Book 2 Chapter 28: A Serious Welcome ago
Book 2 Chapter 29: Ending the War ago
Book 2 Chapter 30: The Reaper Returns ago
Book 2 Chapter 31 : The Former Leader ago
Book 2 Chapter 32: The Merchant Confederation ago
Book 2 Chapter 33: Behind the Scenes ago
Book 2 Chapter 34: The Silver Shard ago
Book 2 Chapter 35: Water and Time ago
Book 2 Chapter 36: Saving the Boy ago
Book 2 Chapter 37: Warehouse FIght ago

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This is a traditional fantasy. The protoganist is a forgotten God, Tirr, who has semi-amnesia, is woken to a future where his "empire" has factured into various kingdoms. And as such, various agents are against Tirr for his powers.

While I have read up to chapter 25, the story so far still seem introductory. We've only met a few characters with only a singular purpose, to protect the village that Tirr resides in.

With that said, this story is quite different from the common stories in royalroad. It's not a chinese wish fulfillment xianxia (thank fucking god). It's not a pathetic loser to hero reincarnation/transported to another world. It's not a game story, with 99% spent on grind.

This is a traditional fantasy and at the moment, has a promising start to an epic fantasy. It has varied characters and sensical plot lines (to a point I suppose). The writing style is on point, with the narration describing only what's necessary. It does not go on tangents nor does it lack imagination. And this is what I like most in my readings: short enough to be vivid but not long enough to lose my attention.

However, there are a few personal pet peeves: Some characterse are quite caricature, such as the village head being beyond irrational no matter what the situation. Other characters accept the story's situation too quickly to be believable (such as the princess acceptance of Tirr's power, purpose, and motives within a hair's breath).

I hope the author can improve from the above but this is definitely one of the top stories in my reading list so far.

  • Overall Score

I was looking for gems in the rough by searching through the Latest Updates Section, and I found this gem. I picked it up, since I didn't have anything to read at the time, and I am glad I found this story and began to read it. I enjoy stories, where the protagonist is thrown forward in time and stories where the protagonist is a god and this story, has both of those things. Furthermore, the grammar is mostly excellent. Lastly, the story flows well, which is a massive plus in my book. Even stories have tags I like, if they don't flow well, I usually drop them after a few chapters.

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As of ch 20 it looks promising.

The style is good, it keeps you reading, and it exposed part of the plot line and world in the early chapters of the story without long flashbacks or interruption of the narration. It was executed quite well.

I havent noticed grammar errors and the character are well built apart for maybe a thing or two.

This is an early review, and I can't say more, but as I already said it looks promising.

ail king
  • Overall Score

the story is very interesting to read from the start with cute god to make things more interested to the point of wanting new chapters fast

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Well written, interesting, & engaging

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Drunk

This story revitalizes the traditional ark following a character thrown forward through time, of forgotten power and glory, and the quest to reclaim it. The author has crafted this narrative in an vibrantly colorful world from a unique perspective that trails the dynamic interplay between god and girl.