He didn't feel like he was dying anymore, that much Even knew the next time he woke up. Next, he was marginally warmer, and lastly, someone was patting his face with something made of fabric. He opened an eye to see purple eyes was back, leaning over his and looking like he was trying to clean his wound in the same way a five-year-old might.


Even quickly reached over and smacked the other young man's hand away, watching as the other pulled his hand away to give him a look that was both worried and disturbed. "You speak english?" Even asked, the other teen's frown twitching. "Français?" The young man's frown deepened and he looked at Even's mouth with some startlement. "Вы говорите по-русски?" The other looked even more startled. Even gritted his teeth. So he obviously didn't speak english, french, or russian, which were Even's best languages. Not surprising. That left the most likely and his least skilled, Greek - "ξερεις να μιλας ελληνικα?"

The other young man tilted his head and frowned before mumbling something that Even thought sounded latin, with a mixture of something else. He racked his brain for everything he knew on Latin.

"My name is Even Ev-ven." He struggled out in badly butchered Latin. The other fixed him with a funny look, and Even repeated himself slowly, pointing to himself.

The other look hesitant before he pointed to himself. "Markus. Mark-kus."

Even let out a slow breath. Fuck! His Latin was so bad. He had tried to learn it when he was younger and interested in mythology, but it had never stuck as well as the other languages he tried. He licked his lips as he tried to remember from whatever he had learned in the introductory course offered in middle school. "Are you going to hurt me?" He thought he said.

The other frowned at him, fixing him with a concerned look before his frown deepened. "Safe here." The other, Markus, said carefully.

Even relaxed a fraction and only that. He couldn't be sure he understood him right, and if he did, he couldn't trust that he was telling the truth. As he was trying to sit up a little to lean against the wall, realizing then that he was under a blanket of sorts, he watched the other dragged a bag over. Markus pulled out a loaf of bread and some water to set next to him and Even stared at it. The last fucking thing he wanted to do was eat - he was starving, but he knew he'd puke just from the sour, stale taste in his mouth. The water though, that he'd take.

He chugged the water, looking over the container with an unblinking stare at the other as he sized Markus up, determining that he looked strong enough to kick his ass, but there was a shell shocked energy about him that made Even think he might be able to take the other. When he was done he took his index finger and middle finger to move back and forth over his own eyes. "Why are your eyes that color?"

Markus nodded. "Blue."

Even rolled his eyes. "Your eyes. Your." He tried again.

Markus nodded a little, like he was impressed. "Blue."

Alright, so obviously Even wasn't doing it right. But he knew the word for purple, so he tried that. "Why are your eyes purple? What are you?" Because he sure as fuck wasn't human. 

And neither was fucking Casper. That stupid fuck. They looked it though, and why that was, Even wanted to know. There was a lot that Even wanted to know.

Markus said something that sounded a lot like 'head is silent' and Even scowled. "What?"

Markus pointed to Even's head. "Quiet. Thoughtless."

What the fuck? Did he just call Even stupid? "What?"

Markus frowned again, and pointed to his head. "Silent here," He pointed to Even. "Silent there."

Even just stared at him for a long moment before he took another drink. He then settled back against the wall, wincing at the feeling of it against his back. He gave the other a confused look, and Markus seemed to understand he had no idea what he was talking about. 

"I can not hear your head." Markus tried again like he had all the patience in the world. "Quiet."

Even just stared at him. "Your not-" He growled, saying in french 'no shit, your not supposed to head my head,', trying to find the right way to say that in something the other could understand. But as he drew a blank, he tried something else he knew he could ask. "Where are we?" He said before gesturing around him.

Markus nodded a little. "House."

EVen rolled his eyes hard and sighed even harder. "What year is this?"

"Year." Markus said, repeating the word again quietly as he looked like he was trying to figure it out.

"Date." Even tried. Markus looked to him. "Time?" Even suggested.

Markus looked relieved, like he understood. "Night." He said firmly.

Even closed his eyes. Oh my God. Why hadn't he put more work into learning Latin? He opened them again. "Where are we? What..." He sighed hard again, "Place? Greece?"

Markus seemed to think hard about that one, and Even started to think maybe he didn't know himself. Finally, he said. "Kokabel." The way he said it made Even think he didn't want to tell him about it.

He had never heard of Kokabel before, and clearly this was some...secret, magical world, so maybe mortals weren't supposed to be here, which would explain that fucking cave. It would make sense that something like that was made to keep people from getting to here. He watched as Markus reached forward and fussed with the necklaces Even had completely forgotten he was wearing, adjusting the amulet so it was dead center over his chest. Even pointed to it. "Why?"

Markus said something, but at Even's confused look, Markus said something else Even couldn't identify. When Even pointed to the necklace again, Markus tried. "Injury. Better. Fix."

Even thought about it for a minute. "Heals?" He tried. When Markus gave him a funny look, Even took a deep breath and tried "Fix-repair wounds?" Markus' expression relaxed and he nodded. So maybe it was a magic thing that helped with his wounds, which made sense. All things considering, he should probably be dead. Coming out of the cave, it felt like he had been thrashed around enough that it was fatal, so it would make sense that these stupid, ugly necklaces did some sort of healing magic if he was still able to drag himself around. 

He didn't know what else to ask. He kind of just wanted to sleep. "Safe?" He asked Markus. Markus nodded firmly and Even grunted before he pulled the blanket up, wincing at all the muscles it took to do that, and closed his eyes. He opened his eyes with an annoyed look when he felt Markus tucking the blanket in around him, glaring at the other teen as he sat back with a nod, like he was pleased with his work.

"Stay." Markus said firmly, pointing to the ground before he climbed to his feet, said it again more quietly, and then marched out of the house.

Even, still hidden behind the table, had no idea where he went, but when he left the room, he took his nervous, anxious energy with him.

Even closed his eyes.

It felt like a very short time passed before he opened them again to see Markus hoovering in front of him, but seeing as bright light was coming in over the table, he figured he'd been asleep for a while, even if it didn't feel like it.

When Markus tried to push a piece of bread into his mouth, Even smacked his hand away before grabbing the bread from him. "I'm not a fucking child." He spat in english, before saying 'thanks' in latin. Markus nodded and sat back. Even took a bit before he tore the rest in half and held it out for Markus, giving him an expectant look. Markus stared at it before he slowly took it, eating it silently while Even slowly chewed on his own bit.

After Markus swallowed he said firmly something that sounded like - and might be - "I will take you home." But also could have been "You must go home."

Either way, the message was the same. "No shit." Even said in french before saying in Latin "How?"

 Markus looked unsure, but then said firmly "I will find out."

Even grunted and tore the remaining piece of his bread into two again, handing one half to a hesitant looking Markus before eating his, nodding. He pointed to Markus then. "No caves." He tried, then "No underground." When Markus frowned. Markus nodded, seeming to understand what Even was trying to communicate, and Even nodded as well. "Thanks."

Markus nodded slowly and they sat in silence for a while, Even taking a drink from the water before handing it to Markus. Markus, it seemed, really didn't want to drink after him, or didn't know if he should, but did so after a minute.

When Even got it back, he could tell there wasn't much left so he took a small drink before handing it to Markus. "All yours." He said before he experimentally stretched his legs, wincing hard at the feeling, his knee caps grinding hard against the bones underneath. "Hard to walk." He said as Markus drank the rest. "But off mountain." He said firmly, because he fucking HATED heights. He licked his lips then and made eye contact with Markus, motioning between them. "We...not same? You...not..." He said the greek word for 'mortal'.

Markus looked him over with an unsure expression before shaking his head slowly. "No." He frowned before he held his hand out, palm down. "Mortal." He lifted his hand a little. "Markus." He lifted his hand a little. "Kokabel." He lifted his hand a little. "God."

"Kokabel. Man? Place?"

 Markus nodded. 

Even frowned. "Kokabel what? Man or place?" He asked, saying 'or' in greek.

Markus frowned and motioned around them. "Kokabel." And then to himself. "Kokabel."

"Markus." Even said, pointing to him, thoroughly confused.

Markus frowned and stared up at the ceiling for the longest time before he looked back to Even. "Mortal. Markus. Holy. God."

"Holy." Even repeated, pretty sure he meant the latin word 'sanciō' which translated to holy, saint or something like that. So - "Even is mortal." Even said firmly. "Markus is..."

"Not mortal." Markus said carefully.

Even nodded. He hadn't thought so. People didn't have eyes like that. "How?" Even asked.

Markus frowned before he stood, reaching down to easily pull Even to his feet - Even's vision flashed white from the pain of doing so before it slowly came back. When it did, he followed Markus outside to lean heavily against the side of the house in the windless night. 

He watched Markus walk backward, holding his hand out in front of him and telling him to stay. When Markus was a good distance away, he turned and - 

The air exploded with a thunderous noise and Even was knocked flat on his back, reaching up to grab his ears with a scream he couldn't hear - for a long minute, he could hear nothing but loud ringing, when his hearing came back - a dull ringing still there - he sat up and coughed violently, looking around for Markus but couldn't see him. His flesh felt hot, like he had the beginnings of a sunburn, which was weird and something he attributed to whatever the fuck just happened to Markus.

He crawled over to where the ground dipped to look down to see if the other teen had been knocked down, but instead just saw what looked like a fucking missile flying down the side of the mountain, whizzing down so fast it left a huge fucking cone in the air behind it. He watched as it lept off the side of the mountain, realizing it was Markus, landed several hundred feet down easily and then with another clap of thunder the other teen started off running like lightning again.

Even crawled back up the hill to sit just inside the house, staring at the opposite wall with wide eyes.


Markus was, for sure, not mortal. 

He looked mortal in every way except the eyes, which were purple, lighter at the iris and darker the further away it went.

Even frowned and slowly looked up the hill toward the trees, thinking about the strange fruit there - gold, and then purple. A purple similar, if not exactly like, Markus' eyes. His lips thinned and he went to grab his pickaxe before he struggled back up the hill, opening up half-closed wounds to get back to the archway to look in at the nearest fruit tree. 

The small, hand-sized fruit there were the exact same color as Markus' eyes, the same hues of purple that changed from light to dark the further away they went from the stem, and there's no fucking way that was a coincidence. Maybe Markus was mortal once, and after eating these fruit, he gained some freaky power. It wouldn't surprise him if that was the case - there was something very off about the trees.

 He sat down against one of the archways and waited.

Markus' return was proceeded by a distance whistling before Markus came jumping up to stand on the edge of the ledge, balancing himself as the air around him exploded loudly. Even watched him walk over to the ruins of the house, come out quickly looked terrified, and then relax once he saw where Even was sitting.

He came up to Even fast - what took Even almost two hours to crawl up Markus cleared in about three seconds, and that was without the cone forming behind him. He squatted down and placed a bracelet on Even's wrist, and Even stared down at it with an annoyed look before he decided that it must have been something else to help heal him, so he wouldn't bother. He watched Markus put on one identical to it and grew concerned. He didn't want to end up being enslaved or something by someone who looked as unstable as Markus.

He motioned to it, but Markus didn't seem to notice. He was instead busying himself with trying to straighten the necklace Even wore.

Even glanced over to the fruit then, pointing to it as he tried to think of how to ask if those were what make Markus like he was. "Fruit gives power?"

Markus looked at him with a frown before he looked to Even's finger, and then followed where it was pointing to the fruit. He looked to Even then with a serious, hard expression.

When Markus lifted one of his index fingers to hold it right in front of Even's face, Even immediately got pissed. It reminded him way too much of his Dad, who would often get into Even's face and use the finger to smack his nose like he was a dog-

Markus gently struck Even's nose with the finger. "No."

Even bristled and without thinking, punched Markus square in the face with all his might. He then screamed out in pain, pushing back to press heavily against the archway as he clutched his shattered hand to his chest, staring down at the broken bones of his knuckles before he looked up to Markus, bewildered. Markus hadn't even flinched.

 "THE FUCK!?" Even screamed at him in english.

Markus looked guilty and knocked against his forehead. "Hard." He said simply in latin.

"NO SHIT!" Even screamed back in french. He huffed and puffed, cradling his shattered hand as he tried to breath through the pain. When Markus tried to readjust his necklace again, Even screamed at him to get away, first in french and then in butchered latin, which was enough for Markus to back off a few feet like a guilty looking child.

It felt like Even had punched a fucking diamond or something - which was probably what he deserved. He was always fast to react, fast to fight, and when certain things triggered him, he punched before thinking. Getting tapped on the nose was probably his biggest trigger, which wasn't Markus' fault. The other teen had brought his food and water, pulled him out of the cave, and even brought a blanket that Even was sure now had some warming magic on it - so Even really shouldn't have tried to punch him.

But still.

"Don't touch me." Even spat at Markus. "I don't like being touched..." He frowned when he saw Markus staring into space. "Hey. I'm sorry." Markus didn't react. It looked like he had stalled out or something, just staring there that that stupid constipated look on his face. Even released his broken hand to grab and rock and toss it over at him.

When it bounced off his leg, Markus snapped back to reality and looked to Even with a weary look.

"Sorry. About hitting you." Even said again.

Markus's eyebrows rose briefly before his gaze darted up, the other teen nodding with a little frown.

"You are not going to kill me." Even said carefully, looking for confirmation.

"Stay away from Penemue." Markus replied.

Even frowned. "What?"

Markus' frown deepened and he pointed to the mountains next to their own. "Penemue." He said. "Stay away or you die."

Even frowned then. "Okay?" He said in english.

Markus weirdly seemed to know what 'okay' meant because he nodded with a pleased look. "I will take you home." Markus said then. "To mortal world."

Even winced as he went back to cradling his hand. "How?"

Markus looked nervous then, said something that Even couldn't interpret, and then said "I will find out."

Even grunted and nodded, looking back to the fruit. "Did the fruit give you powers?" He said. "Not that I'd eat one."

Markus looked to the trees and shook his head.

"Then why are your eyes purple like the fruit?" He wanted to say it was weird, but had second thoughts, as he had just broken his fist on the other teens face.

Markus frowned and looked unsure. " of holy. Holy ancestor."

So there was a connection. Even was pleased with himself, nodding. "Neat." He said in english, before replying in latin "Thank you for that information," which weirdly made Markus look very nervous. Even swallowed. "How do we get off this mountain?"

Markus sat up a little straighter and pointed to the house. "Sleep first."

Even nodded, because why the fuck not. After seeing someone his age fly down a fucking mountain the size of fucking Everest and come back in a few hours just as fast, he was kind of exhausted. He started scooting down toward the house, making it clear that he didn't want help to Markus when he tried to help him off. His knees were fucking killing him so standing on them wasn't going to do him anything other than maybe distract him for a brief few minutes form the pain in his hand, and he sure as fuck didn't want to be carried. 

While he scooted, he watched Markus run around the mountain, clearly searching for something.

By the time Even reached the house, Markus hadn't found it and looked stressed, but Even didn't ask. He just went over to his corner, got under the blanket, and went to sleep. 


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