Second Patriarch: Rise of the Liu Clan


Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead War and Military Xianxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

After the death of his father, Liu Zhu must prevail over his older brother in order to become the Liu Clan's second patriarch and bring his family to glory within Yutian Country. In the process Liu Zhu will come across lucky chances, have brushes with death, and slowly expand his world beyond that of the small country he lives in.

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Word Count (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Cultivation Realms/Stages (No Spoilers) ago
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Chance ago
Chapter 2: Taking Stock ago
Chapter 3: Experimentation ago
Chapter 4: Sparring With Dai He ago
Chapter 5: Dozen Treasures Pavilion ago
Chapter 6: Making Rounds ago
Chapter 7: Propositions ago
Chapter 8: Departure ago
Chapter 9: Arrogance ago
Chapter 10: Blackmail ago
Chapter 11: Arriving at Yu Mountain ago
Chapter 12: Fundamentals ago
Chapter 13: The Hunt (Part 1) ago
Chapter 14: The Hunt (Part 2) ago
Chapter 15: Visiting Town ago
Chapter 16: 72 Desires ago
Chapter 17: An Unfortunate Encounter ago
Chapter 18: Rematch ago
Chapter 19: Surprise ago
Chapter 20: Blue Mount City ago
Chapter 21: Ji Quxin ago
Chapter 22: Investing in Vermilion City ago
Chapter 23: Three Months ago
Chapter 24: Third Time's The Charm? ago
Chapter 25: Standstill ago
Chapter 26: A New Journey Begins ago
Chapter 27: Arriving in Border City ago
Chapter 28: Building Rapport ago
Chapter 29: Wolfden Village ago
Chapter 30: Forming a Squad ago
Chapter 31: Teambuilding ago
Chapter 32: The Beast Horde Appears ago
Chapter 33: The First Wave ago
Chapter 34: Becoming a Wall ago
Chapter 35: From Leader to Soldier ago
Chapter 36: Wolfden Village's Survival Decided ago
Chapter 37: Payment ago
Chapter 38: A Turncoat's Compensation ago
Chapter 39: Origin of the Beast Horde ago
Chapter 40: Newfound Discovery ago
Chapter 41: Cautious Examination ago
Chapter 42: Seizing Every Chance You Get ago
Chapter 43: A Journey Resumes ago
Chapter 44: Short-term Goals ago
Chapter 45: Setting Off With Herb Gatherers ago
Chapter 46: Being In Two Places At Once ago
Chapter 47: Meanwhile, Throughout Yutian Country... ago
Chapter 48: Physical Abnormality ago
Chapter 49: Returning to the Bustling Border City (Part 1) ago
Chapter 50: Returning to the Bustling Border City (Part 2) ago
Chapter 51: Meeting Friends Old and New ago
Chapter 52: The Power Of Experience ago
Chapter 53: Butterfly Loft ago
Chapter 54: Hidden Depths ago
Chapter 55: Refiner Long's Disciple Selection (Part 1) ago
Chapter 56: Refiner Long's Disciple Selection (Part 2) ago
Chapter 57: Refiner Long's Disciple Selection (Part 3) ago
Chapter 58: Refiner Long's Disciple Selection (Part 4) ago
Chapter 59: Refiner Long Selects Disciples ago
Chapter 60: Leaving Border City ago

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Overall, there aren't many gripes to be had with this. The Main Character has the potential of snowballing through lucky encounter after lucky encounter, but that hasn't happened yet. Some side characters tend to blur together a little bit, but overall worth reading

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The story is about a cultivator improving himself physically and financially to become the patriarch of his clan rather then his always drunk older brother the novel has a chinese feel to it but unlike xianxia and wuxia novels there's no cringy face slapping or the exaggerated enemity and killing.

Regardless of the casual typos or grammatical mistakes this is a good novel for me and i'd recommend it. 

  • Overall Score

Enjoyable xanxia, few of the bad parts

Reviewed at: Chapter 53: Butterfly Loft

An enjoyable xanxia without the parts that get really annoying.  Not really a 'western' xanxia but more like a xanxia that has been paired down.  

Writing quality is not professional quality but is not bad. OK to read and above average on RRL.  Doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of the story.

Looking forward to more.

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Reviewed at: Cultivation Realms/Stages (No Spoilers)

Pretty good for those who are specifically looking for a xianxia story. For those who aren't super into the genre it may not pull you in like other more broadly appealing xianxia or xianxia inspired stories like Street Cultivation.


It feels to early to say something super positive about this as the main character obtains a rare physique pretty early in the story, so there is always a risk of the MC becoming too OP for the story to be interesting, therefore it also affects the style rating. I am excited at the idea of him actually working on building up his clan (not just as a side note, as one of his major goals)  instead of focusing on himself, while also spending time with the Liu Clan instead of constantly being on some journey and stopping by for a little while.


What we know about the main character so far is a generic desire to get stronger and take over the clan, which is understandable as it's a xianxia story. However, we may need something more substiantial to add on to that. There's also a danger of that bout of good fortune making the main character too lucky. So I'll wait and see.