Crows Feast



Gate to another World?


I was exhausted.
 Since one couldn't carry over Physical Exhaustion it was mostly the mental Exhaustion I had suffered the last day. But that was more then enough.

The last 24 hours have felt like eternity. I took of the helmet and with my last bit of power went to the toilet and drank some water. I fell back into the bed and fell  asleep in a second.

Normally my sleep is very deep but this time I couldn't come to rest. My thoughts have anchored on something. That's why I wasn't happy as my alarm clock woke me. I knew that I had to get up so I fought myself up and went to the Toilet again.

After I had showered I made myself breakfast. The whole time while I did this my thoughts always seemed to return to that topic. Just as I wanted to start eating my Phone started to ring. My Sleepiness was blown away as I saw that Kaen called me.

Taru: "Suuppp?!?"

Kaen: "Hyeo! How you doin?"

Taru: "Rank 22 that's how good I am doing you Motherfucker."

Kaen: "Bitch ass nigga. That Low? I am catching up just as I said."

Taru: "Yeah. Yeah. What are you. Rank 1 Million and 3. So Scary."

Kaen: "Bitch. I am 92. Prepare your ass. Because I am gonna rape it once I pass you."

Taru: "Seriously?"

Kaen: "Yep. I actually just got out of the Starting Area. But there´s a problem."

Taru: "Let me take a wild guess. You promised some cute Loli Girl that you would open up a Guild with her didn't you?"

Kaen: "Something like that. Actually its a bunch of girls. Apparently they recognized me from work. Happened to you yet?"

Taru: "Naw. But that's probably because I am far off the track. Don't think any time soon there will be People were I am. Anyway. You know how much responsibility the Guild Master has to take. Its not funny."

Kaen: "Bro. Don't spoil me. I wanna see for myself. Anyway. This means you are ok with me opening my own Guild?"

Taru: "Hm. I really don't care. But if you really want to open one maybe I will take part in it later. Right now however I am on full Adventure mode."

Kaen:" Alright. Then what´s about your sister?"

Taru: "She called you?"

Kaen: "No. But her Instabook status shows that she is playing to. I write her that you don't wanna join a Guild right away.
I keep her warm while you are gone."

Taru: "Bro! That's my Sister we are talking about."

Kaen: "So what? She is hot dam."

Taru: "Yeah. Go fuck yourself."

Kaen: "You to. Anyway I have to get to work now so I´ll call you tomorrow again."

Taru: "Do whatever you want you protestant Bastard."

Kaen: "Ohhh! You´ve done goofed now."

Taru: "Bye."

I hung up on him and started to grin over both ears.

´He is in for some serious trouble. I just knew he would end up with some weights holding him down. Lucky for me thou.´

Taru: "Oh crap. Itadakimasu."

I eat up my breakfast and then thought about what to do next. I wasn't rested so training seemed inappropriate. But if I go back to sleep now I will miss the start I knew that. So instead I turned on the TV and as if Fated wanted to mock me News of Crows Feast came up just as I turned it on.

I had expected the game to make the rounds in the news but what I didn't expect was that it was a Interview. It was one of the Producers of the game that talked to the News Chick. I came to the interview as they just discussed the NPCs in the game and how it was possible that they were so Realistic.

Producer: "It was probably the Hardest Challenge we faced as we created the Game. We all played the old Games and we all were annoyed by the static NPCs that only said a few lines often without Voice Actor and then just kept on walking even when you attacked them.
But we have managed to develop something unseen before. It works much like an AI from movies in it running on its own.
But the Difference is that the System we call XY-1Y isn't just able to fake emotions it is able to create new ones.
We have input a History in the code making the World seem as if it had existed long before the First Player had Looked in. The NPCs believe this world has existed solely for them until this point. Which makes them surprised or friendly or hostile towards the Players based on there upbringing."

News Chick: "If you say that the System is able to Fake Emotions. Doesn't this mean the NPCs can feel pain and happiness just as much as we do?"

Producer: "Yes. They are very much Sentient Beings. The Difference is that they are just 1s and 0s. They have no real value, but making them like this allows the Player to have a much more Realistic Experience. And that's all we care about."

News Chick: "But doesn't this seem unfair. You said that the NPCs believe this was there own World. If we can believe you this isn't any different then if someone suddenly made our World their Playground."

Producer: "What tells you that we aren't living inside a Matrix. Nothing is infinite therefore we cant be sure if we are real or not."

After that sentence the discussion drifted off and they started to argue over what live values are and what is real and what not. It didn't seem like the News Chick was a professional with the kind of questions she had asked. Maybe she was also part of the game and just wanted the NPCs to be treated more fairly.

Which lead me right back to think about the Problem that had been nagging me all this time. In the heat of the moment I never really thought about killing my enemies besides anything else but gathering EXP.
But now where I actually had time to think about it, it really wasn't nice. As he had said. Those NPCs really lived. This game wasn't a normal game. This was like a Portal to another World. And I just killed everything that came towards me with hostile intentions.

I shrugged my shoulders and decided that the Deaths I had caused up till now would go under the category "My mistakes". From now on however I would be more careful.

On the other hand. This made me really angry. Because if they were really that Real then that meant that Slavery was even worse then I had expected it to be.

´I don't like it. I don't like it one single bit.´

The Thought alone made me Heat up and I decided that I would just go for a quick jog around the block.
I changed into some athletic clothes and put my stinking running suit into the Washing Machine for now. I stretched while stepping down the stairs from my Apartment Building.

???: "Oh. Good Morning Taru."

I turned around only to come face to face with a smiling Sheila. I almost fell down the stairs backwards as I saw her outfit. She wore a tight pair of yoga Pants and a tank top with a sport bra that really pushed her Breasts upwards.
I coughed and shook my head.

Taru: "Morning. You are looking good."

She smiled a radiant smile at my compliment.

Sheila: "Great. I thought they wouldn't suit me at all. Are you going to train to?"

Taru: "Yeah. But I am only doing a quick run around the Block. I am really tired."

Sheila: "You knew what helps there? Sleeping."

At Sheilas ironic remark I couldn't to other then turn my eyes. The Gesture made her laugh in a crystal clear voice.

Sheila: "Sorry. I am just kidding. Anyway. How about we train together? I thought about doing some light Exercises myself. I wanna be in top form when fighting that First Boss everyone is talking about."

Taru: "Oh. You already reached Level 10?"

Sheila: "Yep. But I guess you can say I was lucky. I have found a really nice group of people. They helped me get over the first few levels."

Taru: "Isn´t that great. I am glad you found some People that can help you."

Sheila: "Thank you. What about you?"

I raised an eyebrow.

Taru: "What about me?"

Sheila: "How are you doing so far? Do you maybe need help?"

Taru: "Nah. I am doing fine."

Sheila: "Hey. How about meeting up in that Main City after we have both left the Starting Territory? Maybe you can even join the guild my group wants to make."

Taru: "Sorry. I already promised Kaen."

I bowed theatrically before clasping my hands together in front of my chest.

Sheila: "No. Don't worry. I shouldn't have asked like that."

Taru: "Its no problem really."

Sheila: "Thank God. But we can still meet up right. Maybe go have a Virtual Dinner together or something like that. What do you say?"

Taru: "Wellll........ As much as I would like to do so. I am not sure when the time will be for me to go to that city."

Sheila: "Don't worry. I will wait even if it takes days."

´Yeah that's the problem.´

Taru: "You shouldn't feel obliged to wait for me like that. It wouldn't just bother you but also everyone else you are traveling with. Lets just meet some day. Its not like its urgent."

´Sorry. Waifu. But I have to do this. Adventure!!!´

Sheila: "Oh my. You are right. I didn't thought about them at all. Sorry."

Taru: "No harm."

Sheila: "Well. Then at least tell me your In-game name. Its much simpler to find you like that once you reach the city."

Taru: "I would rather not."

She looked at me with a surprised face. I felt my heart cramping together at that sight but I had to be strong. If I would tell her my Avatar Name it would only lead to lots and lots of trouble.

Sheila: "Why not? Is it because its something silly. Don't worry I wont laugh."

´Yeah the name is kind of silly to. But that's not the point.´

Taru: "No its not that. But I just cant tell you right now."

Sheila: "Really? What´s the harm then. Don't worry. I wont sell you out even if you do something stupid or dangerous in the Game."

I scratched my head searching for an answer. Until a idea came to mind.

Taru: "You know what? I tell you."

Sheila: "Really. I am so hap.."

Taru: "But only if you defeat me in a race around the house."

Sheila: "What???"

I grinned over both ears at her reaction.

Taru: "Come on. Wasn't it you who always told me to work hard if you really want something?"

Sheila: "But..... But..... Alright. I will race you around the house. If I win you tell me your name. If I lose........"

Taru: "You make me breakfast tomorrow."

Sheila: "Deal."

Taru: "Deal then."

We both shook hands before we walked down the stairs. I can imagine how it must have looked like for onlookers who saw the always smiling Sheila with such a serious face without knowing what´s going on.

Sheila: "Alright. But no cheating ok?"

We had reached the ground Level by now and were both getting warmed up.

Taru: "Alright.
So we both start from here, run around the house and however is back here first will be the winner. That alright?"

Sheila: "Yes. And as I said no cheating or shortcuts."

Taru: "Alright. On 3."

I was breathing in deeply.

Taru: "1."

We both dropped to a runner position.

Sheila: "2."

Our muscles tensed up as we prepared to run as fast as we could. I just remembered that Sheila used to be a light athlete before she became the Friendly woman she now is.

Taru & Sheila: "3. GO!!!"

My start wasn't as professional as Sheilas who used to run tracks in her teenage years. But I immediately noticed that she wasn't used to it anymore as I quickly caught up. 

That was until the first turn came and I tried to slow down instead of running around it full speed. Sheila used the way I had made and rushed right past me. I had no chance against her in the turns but I was much better off in the straight lines.

She wasn't used to running with all her power anymore and besides even with her sport bra her breasts jumped a lot making it harder for her to breath steadily and hold her balance. Although I had lost considerable speed in the first turn I had caught up to her again before we even had past half the side of the building.

However Sheila managed to stay on eye level with me until we reached the next turn. She used the point that she was closer to the building and pushed me of track just like a Professional Runner would do. I couldn't do anything else then slow down and make room for her or we would have crashed.


This time I managed to pass the corner of the building while keeping a good pace. But Sheila was far in front of me. If this kept up I would definitely lose. Then I would have to tell her. And then the whole thing would get really awkward.

I increased my speed and managed to catch up to her again just before the corner. This time I observed her moves carefully and imitated them enabling me to stay on her heels. After that turn we had reached the backside of the building which was the longest straight line we had to run.

I sprinted with all my might leaving Sheila far behind me before we got to the next corner. But even knowing that I imitated Sheila´s moves again and rushed around the corner like a bolt. 

I ran down that straight line as well and rushed past the last two corners who were so close to each other that I simply ran in a half circle motion. I slowed down and stopped just short before the wall of the building. I breathed in deeply while wiping over my forehead.

A few seconds after me Sheila came around the corner completely out of breath. I watched her until she had caught herself a bit. She smiled defeat but proud.

Sheila: "That was really something."

Taru: "Yep. For someone how hasn't trained for years you really are something."

She smiled over both ears at my compliment.

Sheila: "I was talking about you. With your speed and skill you could totally be a runner at the next Olympics."

Taru: "Hahahaha. Come on. Your making me blush."

Sheila: "But I really mean it. I was pretty confident that I would win but after the third corner you had already won."

Taru: "Guess I was lucky.
Anyway. Since you lost I expect something really good tomorrow morning. I will come by around 8 o´clock or something like that."

Sheila: "Alright. Then as promised I will make your favorite dish. Do you still wanna train some more?"

Taru: "Naw. I am good with that much. As I told I am really tired."

Sheila: "Well. Ok then. See you tomorrow I guess."

After we said our goodbyes we parted ways and I walked up the stairs back to my apartment. I showered, got changed into something comfortable and started up my PC. I spent the last two hours on the Internet researching some Great sword Techniques and stances as well as some information about the game.

Soon I ended up on a forum were there was a hot debate about the Interview from before.
There were Three Groups in that argument. One said that the NPCs should be treated like Real People while the others argued against that with sentences like "even if they can experience pain they are still just a bunch of Pixels."

The Third group just stirred in sometimes shooting stupid or racist comments down while they themselves had a neutral standing point to the whole thing. I focused on one very interesting conversation between members of all three groups. They argued how to handle NPCs that attacked you with hostile intentions.

Group 1 Member: "I have heard someone had fought them because they attacked him but instead of killing them he just knocked them out."

Group 2 Member: "So that they can wake up and attack the next one. Great stuff."

Group 1 Member: "That doesn't really matter. I would rather die and lose a level then kill a Sentient Being. Think about there families."

Group 2 Member: "So you are saying they are worth more then Really Real People. Great. You must be really stupid."

Group 3 Member: "Hey. No Insults. But I do have to agree with him. For example if you were to meet bandits and let them live there is the chance of them attacking and killing another NPC basically murdering someone."

Group 2 Member: "See. How about really thinking about there Families."

Group 1 Member:: "But there must be another way. We cant just kill them like that."

Group 2 Member: "Excuse me? Have you ever looked at that world. There are monsters everywhere. I think the least of there Problems is some Adventurer killing some scum off.
Sure I wont just kill everyone and I wouldn't support someone that would hurt innocent People. But getting attacked its really a natural think that you defend yourself. Don't you agree?"

Group 1 Member: "Yeah but."

Group 3 Member: "I do agree. Defending yourself against someone how attacks with the intention to kill you is a Human instinct."

Group 1 Member: "But."

Group 3 Member: "No but. You show no mercy to the monsters either right?"

Group 1 Member: "No I....... Alright you win."

Group 2 Member: "See I told you it didn't make any sense from the beginning."

After that the discussion ended and I focused on various others. Some more heated others as calm and rational as that one. In the end I mostly agreed with the Third Party Members. You always had to look at the Bigger Picture.
Kill some bandits may save a caravan or two.

The Forum emptied itself about 10 minutes before the game started again and I prepared myself as well. I went on the toilet and laid down in my bed. I put on the helmet and started the game with a new mindset.


I awaited to find myself in the small patch of forest that I had stopped playing. But as I opened my eyes all that I could find was the aftermath of that Dragons Rage.

All around me the Ground was scorched black and the tress were burnt to crisps. I whistled.

´Did this mean that the Game would play on even if we would be banned from it in the server maintenance time? That's interesting. This really is like a Gate to another world.´

I looked around a bit but soon found out that only this patch of forest was burnt down. Well besides the Mountain which was completely destroyed.
I decided that from now on I would classify Dragons at the same danger level as a Nuke. I mean the destruction was about the same. The only problem was that the Dragon could fly off and destroy even more then a Nuke.

I walked back to the crossroad and decided I would go right towards the Mountains instead of going back to the Village.
It would be annoying as fuck to meet them now. Besides. Adventure!

So I walked down the new road which was accompanied by young healthy trees on both sides. While I walked down that road I sometimes felt like someone was watching me. And this time it wasn't my paranoia. There really was someone stalking me.

I heard a rustling from time to time that was clearly not caused by some Forest Animal. When I slowed down the intervals of the rustling become longer and when I speed up they also increased.

While I sprinted down the road to cause my follower to also become faster I made a abrupt stop and whirled around looking left and right. I caught a spider abdomen vanishing behind a tree to my left just as I turned. I turned back around wondering if she really thought I didn't see her.

Taru: "Must have been my imagination."

After loudly proclaiming that I started to walk again. Soon I heard another rustle almost starting to laugh at her naivety.

It took no genius to figure out that it was that Spider Girl who´s Mother I killed. 

´The Question is why she is following me? Well not really. She knows that I am stronger. That's why she will wait until I drop my guard to attack. Maybe I should just do that.´

I kept on walking for a few more minutes until I stopped looked around and walked to the side of the road. I yawned loudly and sat down besides a tree. I leaned back and pretended to take a rest while I waited for her to make her move.

I slowed my breathing till it became a steady rhythm luring her to believe I was sleeping. And soon enough I heard a rustling nearby. But instead of her stepping out of the undergrowth besides what followed was a yelp and then a loud crack.

I shot up whirled around and drew my sword all in one fluid motion. Besides me something big flew onto the road and only after I had turned around to look at it I saw that it was indeed that Spider Girl. She groaned weakly and I saw a blunt wound on her forehead.

My Brain made the connections on its on and I quickly turned back to the forest. And just in time to. Because right now a Green Skinned and Horned creature stepped out of the Forest a giant club ready to crush its enemy. It was a Bogar.
It looked at me in confusion for a second before screaming.

Bogar: "KILL HUMAN!!!"

He swung his club with enormous power towards my head in a vertical arc. Which I easily sidestepped.

Taru: "You guys aren't really all that talkative are you?"

He swung his club again trying to hit my side but I simply used. [Step Back].

He came at me again with a diagonal arc which I dodged by stepping back.

It was a fact that my Agility hadn't changed much since the start but the calmer you looked at a enemy the easier it was to avoid its attacks. This was brilliantly showcased with the Bogar here. My first time with one I really struggled but only because he caught me by surprise.
That one was comparable with a Logar now. In the way that I didn't even feel excited anymore fighting him. He was to easy.

I sidestepped his back hand swing and I decided that I would end this now. I quickly slashed at his chest. [1120], [340].

As I expected he didn't die with just that swing but I was already coming back with my sword again.
He also tried to hit me with his club but my longer reach let me hit him before he could touch me. [1200], [250].

You have Killed a Bogar
+1700 EXP

I realized that he dropped more EXP because he probably was on a higher Level then the First Bogar I had fought. Which made me realize that even Monster and NPCs could have Levels.

´Why didn't I realize that sooner. Well that could be a interesting piece of information. Gotta memorize that.´

I turned around since the immediate threat was dispatched and checked out the one that had stalked me the last few minutes. The Spider Girl was still lying on the ground but it seemed she had already recovered from the attack. She looked at the disappearing Bogar with wide eyes until she noticed I looked at her.

She looked back at me and then with quick movements stood up. Before she could do anything stupid thou I pointed my sword at her.

Taru: "Don't move."

She froze looking at my sword with horrified eyes. This was when I noticed that she was bandaged around the chest and red dots were forming on the white bandage. Her chest wound had opened up.

´So wounds didn't heal on them like they did on us Adventurers.
This is bad. That means I cant even carelessly chop of limbs to defend myself.´

While I was still thinking about that there was a change in the situation. Tears welled up in her eyes and she broke down sobbing loudly. I took a step back out of surprise and slowly lowered my sword. I scratched my chin with my free hand.

´What should I do? What should I do? Cant kill her just like that. Although sure as hell would make things easier.´

Taru: `Sigh` "Hey! Stop. I wont hurt you."

I sheathed my sword and to empathize my point sat down in front of the tree from before. She looked at me confused at first but after we locked eyes for a second and she saw my glare she quickly looked down again.

Taru: "Good. You calmed down it seems. So care to tell me why you are following me?"

She fidgeted around uncomfortable but didn't answer. Of course the question was more or less answered already.

Taru: "Forget the question. I know why.
That's why I will warn you once. Go back or you will sooner or later die. Not necessarily by my hand but you will."

She trembled at my threat but still refused to say anything or move.

Taru: "Ok. I really don't have any time to deal with something like this. I advise you to stay away from me."

I stood up and turned towards the Mountains again. Before I resumed my march thou I pulled out something from my Magical Purse.
I placed down one Health Potion and the Two items the Mysterious Person had looted off the corpse of her mother.

Taru: "They belonged to your mother. Take care of them."

After that I resumed my walk and only as I was finally out of her sight I breathed a sigh of relieve.

´Playing the Badass is really tough.´

I shrugged my shoulders and resumed my relaxed walk. I let the gentle wind brush through my hair while closing my eyes. It was a sunny day and even thou it had become a bit colder it was still easy to handle with my current equipment.

Thinking about the climate difference I realized that I would probably need to get some thick clothing before climbing those Mountains.

´And Other stuff as well like icepicks and stuff...... Am I overthinking this? I mean the producers probably worked in a way to get past these Mountains without having to climb them. Like a underground cave system or something else that would make sense in a RPG.´


Just now I had finally past the border between the Forest and the wide Plains that lead up to the Mountains. If I would continue with my current speed I would reach the feet of the Mountains while the sun was still up.
But it didn't look good for me. And the reason why I said that is because I missed to catch the Weather Broadcast for this area.

Black dangerous looking Storm Clouds were coming from the Mountains and headed straight towards me. From the looks of it they would reach me in mere minutes and since the plains I currently stood on were pretty much barren of any shelter I now had two choices.
Either I would turn back around and hide in the Forest till the Storm was over or I would brace it.

´What the fuck am I thinking? Its just a little storm. A bit of rain never hurt anyone.´

I regretted those thoughts as the storm clouds had reached me and I was helplessly standing on the Plains watching in awe as a gust of wind rolled towards me. The Grass that was swaying gentle before was pressed down and I saw where my mistake was.

´This isn't just some Small Storm. This could be considered a cyclone.´

The Wind rolled over me and stopped my advance immediately. I shielded my eyes from the hard hitting rain drops and slowly advanced. Fighting against the wind and the rain I pushed myself forward one step at a time.
My Fighting spirit awoke as a Bolt of lightning struck somewhere nearby. I laughed out loud and continued my walk.

But well. I didn't really get anywhere considering the strong winds pushed me back whenever I lifted a foot to take a step.

A lighting Bolt struck down right besides the road I was walking on and flinched together. The Parch of ground was completely scorched. This was when I realized that this storm much like the Dragon was something a Human couldn't beat just like that. I turned around and with the winds supporting me I headed back to the forests.

As soon as I entered them the Wind died down considerably and the rain didn't hit me as much as before. I looked around and noticed something weird. Not far from were I had entered the Forest I saw some Big Spider Legs peaking t from behind a tree.

I sighed inwardly and sneaked closer. It took no genius to find out who that was hiding behind that tree. I breathed in deeply and circled my shoulders.

´Ok. Badass mode on.´

I stepped around the tree and leaned against it.

Taru: "What do we have here?"

The Spider Girl shrieked loudly and darted up. She tried to run away but something seemed to be wrong because she slumped together after just two feet. Before she could hit the ground I captured her Human half in my hands. She whimpered weakly and I noticed that I had gripped her wound.

I quickly shifted my holding of her and turned her human upright. I looked her in the face and immediately noticed that her naturally pale almost white skin from before had taken on a red hue. This was pretty much a sign of fever but to make sure I reached for her forehead and immediately cursed.
She was burning up. She tried to free herself from my grip and struggled weakly but it was pointless with her current strength.

Instead I sat her down behind a tree so the rain wouldn't hit her back pulled out a Health Potion and one Energy Potion from my Magical Purse. I didn't know if they would help her in that situation but I at least had to try.

`Its true. I have no real reason to protect her. But that's no reason to just let her die like that.´

She turned her head away as I tried to set the Health Potion to her lips so I grabbed her chin and forced her mouth open. She swallowed every bit of the Potion and before she could do so much as cough I set the Energy Potion to her lips.
Only after I had made sure she had swallowed all of it did I let go of her mouth. She instantly slumped together and breathed heavily.

But luckily the Potions did seem to have an effect as her natural skin color slowly returned. She was still just laying there with her eyes closed breathing heavily but it seemed the worst was over.

´This Health Potions are really something. Cures a fever in an instant. Or was it that Energy Potion? Ehhh. Whatever.´

I looked back at her and for the first time noticed a weird fragrance in the air. The source of that smell was quickly made out.

Well not that I hadn't noticed before, but that Spider Girl was completely naked. That wasn't anything for her Spider side but her Human half was as well. And while I say Human half. Its actually a bit more then the half.
Her Spider Side starts were a normal humans thighs would be. And coming back to the fragrance we discussed before. Her Female Genitalia is fully human slightly reddened and completely drenched.

I ripped my eyes of her private parts and looked her in the face. She had slightly opened her eyes but didn't seem to be against me being so close nor did she seem to care were my eyes were. She looked as if she was drunk. But that didn't change shit about my situation.

I immediately pulled of my shirt and before she even realized what was going on she wore it. I still had the Chainmail on so this worked just fine.

So now I was sitting there directly opposite of her the Storm Raging on around us. She wearing my shirt and me waiting for her to say or do anything to break the awkward silence.
For about 10 minutes we sat like that she only looking at me when she thought I wouldn't notice. I had just reached my pain barrier for awkwardness as she finally broke the silence.

Spider Girl: "I..... I... I am sorry."

And the first sentence she uttered was straight out of a slave Manga or Light Novel. I gritted my teeth and like a mantra repeated the words "She doesn't know anything about it" in my mind. She continued.

Spider Girl: "I am.... I..... Please don't hurt me."

I lashed onto that sentence straight away giving her no other choice but to shut up.

Taru: "I wont! I wont hurt you. Or do you really think I would bother to heal you just to hurt you afterwards?"

She seemed to freeze at my last sentence. She began to tremble slightly but answered.

Spider Girl: "No.... I.... Of course not. I am sorry. Forgive me. Please"

´And she took it the wrong w......... Wait? I feel like if been here before.´

Spider Girl: "I know..... I know that I don't deserve to live......... but please...... Please show mercy."

I facepalmed. But I refrained from sighing. Anything I could or would do now could give her another reason to apologize or beg for mercy.

Taru: "As I have said. You don't have to worry. I won´t hurt you."

Spider Girl: "But.... But you said....... I am sorry. I am sorry."

Even thou I had said or done nothing she found a reason to apologize. I realized what it was a second later.
Apparently even so much as looking at me seemed to set her fear meter of. Which I didn't really understand since I definitely wasn't that terrifying.

Spider Girl: "I.........I Didn't mean to look at you.. I..... Please don't hurt me."

I was wondering why she was like that. Not even a trauma could cause someone to become like that. Maybe something had happened in her past.

Taru: "Hey. This conversation is getting kind of repetitive don't you think?
You know what? Let me tell you one more time. You don't have to be worried. I wont harm you. I promise."

She looked at me more then a little surprised but skillfully avoided looking at my face. She slowly retreated against the tree while stammering.

Spider Girl: "But......But.......But....You....I......Even thou........But......"

Before she could bite of her own tongue I stopped her with a simple hand gesture.

Taru: "Calm down. I wont understand you that way."

She immediately stopped stammering and took a deep breath. She calmed herself and then continued where she had left of.

Spider Girl: "Sorry. I am really sorry. I was just.... Just surprised. Why wouldn't you hurt me?"

I raised an eyebrow at that question which made her shrink. She averted her gaze even more away from me while fiddling with her hands.

Taru: "Well. First of all. I personally think that I have hurt you enough already. And secondly because I have no reason to do so. Or would rather prefer if I hurt you?"

Spider Girl: "No..... I... Please don't.
But.....You have said it yourself. If I.... If I were to follow you then you would kill me."

Taru: "You misunderstood. I said that you would get killed. I didn't imply that it was me who would hurt you.
It could have been some Forest Monster or something else. I mean you were almost killed by that Bogar before."

My mention of the Bogar from before seemed to activate a switch inside her because she was down on her knees in a second. She even went so far as to completely press her human half to the floor head on the ground. I sighed inwardly.

´What now?´

Spider Girl: "I.... have completely forgot.... I..... I am truly grateful that you have saved my life. Not once but twice. And the second time  even thou I was disobeying you."

Taru: `Sigh` "Girl...... The First time was efficient self-defense and the second time is also subjective. Who knows if that fever wouldn't have died down from itself after a while. No reason to thank me in my eyes."

She chewed on my clean cut answer for a while before responding.

Spider Girl: "But...... Do you mean...... Do you mean to say that you don't want anything in return?"

Taru: "Nope. Besides it isn't like you have much on you."

She looked sullen at my comment.

Spider Girl: "You are right. Even thou you have so gracefully saved me I have nothing to give. The only thing I can offer is my everlasting servitude. And this is hardly worth anyth..."

Taru: "Wait. Wait. Wait. What did you just say?"

She made another confused face and started to tremble again. Probably because of my loud voice.

Spider Girl: "All.... All I can give is my life. I know it isn't much but..... I will do anything you order. And I will never question your decisions. I swear."

Taru: "Nope. No. No. No. No. You aren't getting in anyone´s servitude. And the least in mine. You understand."

She looked at me shocked. She bowed down again and with a sad voice answered.

Spider Girl: "Of course. I wouldn't..... I didn't actually believe someone like you would take a piece of shit like me as servant. I must have been dreaming. Excuse me."

I looked up at the dark sky raising my hands in a helpless gesture.

´What the fuck?´

Taru: `Whine` "That's not it. I mean why would you try to serve me in the first place?"

She looked at me with innocent eyes and a tilted head. She had new hope in her eyes as she answered.

Spider Girl: "Its Simple. Not just that you have saved my life twice already. But you have also freed me and my mother from the Claws of this Monster. That's why..... That's why I want to serve you until I breath my last breath."

I wanted to retaliate but the answer made me stumble. It got me thinking.

´Why were they there in the first place? It didn't seem like the Kibug´s had shared the cave. There were no traces of Spider Webs anywhere. Those this mean they were captured there to? Would explain why they had no clothes on. But still...´

Taru: "I haven't freed you. I have killed your Mother and almost killed you to. That's not what I call saving someone."

Spider Girl: "But.... But no matter how you may look at it you have saved my mother from dying a slaves death. Not only did you grant her a warriors death you also made her remember."

Taru: "Remember?"

Spider Girl: "My Mothers spirit was long broken. She was only a puppet to her Master. She only listened to him and even went so far to hurt me to please him. But in her last moments she saw clearly. And that was because you have saved her. For that I thank you eternally."

Taru: "Alright. I give you that point. But even considering that we are just about equal.
The First save gets negated by the fact that your mother died because of me. The Second one was as said self-defense and the third one was only possible because I was the reason you got the fever in the first place. With the chest wound and all."

She smiled for the first time and I had to give her that she looked cute that way. But I still wont accept it.

Spider Girl: "No.... Because all the things you did to me or my Mother were also self-defense. Its natural that you try to survive. Considering that I have attacked you, you still have one on me. And I know that you could have easily left me to die to the Bogar. They aren't hard to outrun."

Taru: "Damm. Why are you trying so desperately to becomes the slave of the Person that killed your Mother?"

Spider Girl: "Freed."

Taru: "Not the point."

Spider Girl: "It is! Besides...... I....... don't have a home anymore. And I thought maybe if I travel with you. Then.... one day.... I could find a new one."

I sighed again. There was no arguing with that girl. She clearly won that one.

Taru: "Fine! You can travel with me for now. But only until we find a place for you to stay. And we wont travel as Master and Slave but as companions. Alright?"

She smiled a radiant smile that seemed to blow the darkness around us away. She nodded happily.

Spider Girl: "Alright."

I extended my hand and with a exhausted smile said.

Taru: "Well. My Names Chiame. Nice to meet you."

She took my hand with both of hers and kissed the middle finger.

Spider Girl: "My name is Leila. May I call you Chiame-sama?"

I turned my eyes taking back my hand.

Taru: "We have to work on your handshake and no. Just call me Chiame or you or some silly nickname but not that."

Leila: "But....?"

Taru: "No buts."

I stood up and realized that the Storm had already ended. And just in time to.

Taru: "Come on. Lets go."

She stood up behind me and followed quickly her spider legs making soft thuds on the wet ground.


Hello. I know that fleshing out the Race he had with Sheila may seem a bit weird but this will serve to explain why he is so OP later on. And although the chapter besides that was mostly talking I hope you can enjoy it anyway.

So I was really sick this week and couldn't go to work or evening school yet I couldn't work on the chapter either because I was constantly in bed. Hope you can forgive me.

Till next week. Bye!

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