Hazardous Debugging: Reanimation

by TzarNik

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Horror Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead GameLit LitRPG Reincarnation Strong Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Once upon a time, there lived an ordinary man. He lived among us, maybe some of you even knew him. And then he died.
Explosive rounds shot to the chest aren't very good for your health. His body was buried, his brain preserved. Three centuries have passed.
Our descendants discovered the old refrigerator with the brains of their ancestors, took our hero out of the ice, digitizing his persona, and implanting him into a videogame.
Little did they know that they fulfilled the terms of a contract to their demise. Because Fillin doesn't intend to spend an eternity in this digital playground even if though there's no difference from the real world.
But the only way he can return to reality is to become God in the game. And so our hero sets foot on the Path of the Gods, ignoring the facts that he is followed by a walking nightmare named FreakHead, that the skies mock his every step and that anyone who looks upon him sees the title "Bringer of Chaos."

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  • Overall Score

Has a hell of a start. Leaves enough to the imagination to keep you guessing, and shows enough to keep you looking. I'd recommend this to anyone that is tired of all the "everything is gonna be ok" stories. Will re review later around chapter 20 or so

  • Overall Score

I honestly do not have the words or language to describe the sheer amount of fun this is.


An old soul having glorious fun shattetimg the staus quo. The boring boyscouts irl and in fiction may not appeciate it but by the nine divines....this is some amazing writing.

Alexandr Kan Mpq
  • Overall Score

Original. Anti-hero try to live like he can, but this process changes the world around him crittically! Butterfly effect in virtual life. We don`t need easy right ways, only hardcore!
And strong charisma with friends will help to overcome all the challenges to become a god in virtual world

  • Overall Score

Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?

Admit I'm not a fan LITRPG genre. Probably wasn’t. I love SCI-FI. But this book... Author... Ahem. Filin pulled me in he's madness. The author can make impossible. He combined all my favorite genre's. Yeah, book has a little swearing but that's man (author) so skillfully weaves it into the text. What is impossible to hold back a laugh. Rly im cryin') God damn! I almost got a heart attack when thought that everything will end on the first book. But mr.Tsarenko struk me again. It's really unbelievable. I wery recomennded to plunge in madness world of Filin. I can't give y'all recension. Just my emotions. I hope u to fall in love, in history about Filin and he's suffering team))

Saint Deimos
  • Overall Score

It's a great book that does not oblige anyone to its reader. For easy reading by fans. Starts with light trash and ends completely wild. It's not about the victory of good over evil, but about the person who entered the game, and not at his own request.


I just want to say to the author: thanks for this story, and I hope you continue to write such a world further.


'' Noblesse oblige ''

Roman Galimov
  • Overall Score

Review by Roman. Hazardous Debugging: Rehabilitation, Adaptation, Utilization

The first book of the trilogy in the genre of "Litrpg" or “RealRPG” "Haphazard debugging" was published in 2017.

It was written by relatively unknown modern writer of great potential, , which has few books "LitRPG" by the writer Timofey Tsarenko.

These are interesting humorous and chaotic books. What we even said the nickname of the protagonist of "The Filin, bringer of chaos.” As for negative side this work has some vulgar words, but not so much.

The events of the trilogy unfold in the virtual reality of the 24th century "Forgotten kingdoms"

             The book begins with the fact that the hero finds himself in a dark room with a man in the middle. The only memory is a few unplanned holes in the body and followed by darkness. It's untreatable.

However, it was explained to him that in one of the points of the medical contract of 2024, it was said about the freezing of the brain after the death of the body. To get into the real world, you need to earn 300 points of social significance or become a God in the game.

            After short reflection and some pampering he decided to become a werewolf, with the second form of "owl" and Mentalist on class. One of the most difficult races and no less difficult class.

            After mental team before the face of comes the sky with three moons. Hard and old shirt and pants a little uncomfortable, the ropes on the hands and feet do not allow to move ... and begins one of the many exciting stories.

             Next, the hero will get into a lot of the most absurd situations, from which he will get out in the most absurd and insane way.

            The ending will surprise you as the secrets and intrigues are finally found out.

            I do not recommend this book to those who have not yet formed as a person and find yourself.

            But I will not scare you ahead of time, as the author says in the description of his work:

             "Spice your life with a drop of madness»

  • Overall Score

It is a very reckless hero!!!

The book is just incredible. I have never seen a more reckless protagonist in my life. I respect the author a lot and wish him more inspiration for writing such wonderful books or better.

  • Overall Score

What do you know about chaos?!

Это была книга об очень странном человеке. Он стал сумасшедшим.  он выбирает из игр и становится богом. его можно потерять безумцу? Ум? Но был ли он с ним? 

  1. PS Английский язык не является моим родным языком, поэтому я читаю переводчик на этом сайте через Google. Извините за этот маленький грамотный комментарий.
  • Overall Score

good start, disappointing in general.

The description made it look like a cool, interesting book, so did the start - however the writting is all over the place, you struggle to follow the plot, if there is one - som chapters are a paragraph, some are longer. But overall dissatisfying - props for a nice idea tho.

  • Overall Score

I enjoyed reading this book. It was funny, there were good story and characters, it wasn't banal. I liked it, I hope others Will too.