"It's getting late, we'll need to prepare to leave town soon since word has gotten out that I'm here for quite some time already, so we'll be taking our leave now. Thank you for inviting us Norton, until next time." Kou gives each of us a glance, then executes a slight bow before exiting with his companions.

"Sigh, he's finally gone."

"Hey now, it'll do you good to get used to socializing with all types of people, it's important to help you get connections. Anyway, what are you going to do now? I hope you're not thinking about running away to the capital right away, are you?"

"Of course not, too much hassle going back and forth to make it back in time for the slave auction, and of course, I didn't forget about the auction as well. I'll just continue with my routine of training in the dungeon until the auction starts, on the 10th of this month right?"

"Yes, glad that your memory is still working fine."

"Of course it does, hell I probably have a better memory than you! Oh, by the way, how much money do slaves usually go for in the slave auction?"

"Hmm, you probably don't have much to worry about if you are only buying potential slaves with your profits from today, it normally only ranges around 1 to 10 platinum coins depending on the rarity of their race, and appearance. Of course, some slaves of exceptionally quality can go much higher."

"Potential slaves?"

"It's just a term to describe younger slaves who are inexperienced and still require training before being of great use in the combat. The combat-ready slaves are usually older and their price varies a lot, with the most expensive being ones who have experience completing any dungeon, their price can skyrocket so they are usually the star of every auction."

Much more expensive than 10 platinum coins? They sure are some rich people in this world too.

"What's the most expensive a slave has ever sold for?"

"Hmm... not sure, I'm still kind of new to this but I heard it can go up to thousands of platinum coins for a slave who has conquered many dungeons or some of the more difficult ones. I doubt that's the limit though, you can't underestimate the spending power of kings and powerful nobles who are approaching the end of their lifespan."

"...The more you have, the more afraid you are of losing it." I guess that's true no matter what world I'm in.


"Well, thanks for the meal and the info, it's about time for us to leave as well, are you going to stay in town too until the auction?" I stand up and nudge Faris who was still absorbing with conversing with Norton's girls.

She sure looks happy hanging out with girls her age, don't worry, master will get you some friends soon.

"We've rested enough, we'll be heading back to Birds High to continue training. I'll come get you on the morning of the 10th so write down your address for me."

"Got it, I'll see you then."

"Bye-bye" Faris waves back energetically at Norton's group as we exit the restaurant.


We manage to make it back to our place under the dark sky with the guidance of some light magic. I haven't really gone out in the night time before but as you expected, night time in this world is really dark, with people having to use lanterns to move around, the only place still brightly lit are some occasional establishments.

Having fought the entire day out in the sun, the first thing we do upon reaching home is to head for the bath. Faris helps me undress as I conjure hot water for the bath.

Watching many fights today, it really struck me when I noticed fewer and fewer mages in the later stages of the tournament. The majority of mages couldn't recover their mana fast enough with the intensity of matches, even if they got far enough to be provided mana potions by the guild, it still wasn't enough. I really shouldn't slack off even with my superior mana pool, starting today I'm going to exhaust my mana before bed!

"I still have a long way to go..." I subconsciously blurt out.

"Hmmm?" Faris tilts her head at my sudden outburst.

"Uhhh, don't worry about it."

I enter the bath with Faris as I start my new training; expending mana. Seeing how we are in a bath, it wouldn't do to create ice and make the bath cold nor is it good to electrocute ourselves. I start trying to create steam by heating up the water, being careful to aim it away from us.

"Master, what are you doing?" Faris nudges up next to me as she presses her chest against my arm.

"Um, just a little training I decided to try out."

"Jeez, master you just recovered from your wounds, the healing mages said to rest more too! You should just relax for the day."

"It's fine, I'm fully recovered already." I continue to explore steam magic.


Seeing no way to convince me with words, Faris starts raining kisses onto me, starting from all over my cheeks to my neck, slowly heading lower after leaving no place not kissed behind.

I try to focus on my magic despite the distractions, trying to control my water magic even after it turns into steam. I continue my attempts while Faris has reached my nape, it's not working at all, as soon as the water turns into steam, I lose all control of it and the steam starts to disperse and cools back down, turning back into water.

It's like the magic is fragmented into millions of tiny particles and I can only control one or two. I guess I really can only control one tiny particle of water once it turns into steam, well there goes steam magic, it's good for heating up the surroundings or making a steam sauna though.

Faris reaches my chest and starts licking around my nipple while looking up at me, making my little brother stand at full attention. Okay, I can't concentrate on my magic anymore and screw exhausting my mana.

I pull Faris up and hug her body against mine tightly before taking her lips. My tongue aggressively invades past Faris's soft lips as she retaliates equally aggressively as our tongue violently intertwines. We savor each other's taste as we swap saliva while my hands move around to explore her curves. One hand rests on her bouncy ass, massaging it as I please while my other hand strokes across her smooth back as it presses her harder against me, rubbing our bodies.

I continue until I feel my saliva is close to running dry, I break the kiss, prop myself up from the water and sit on the edge of the bath before positioning Faris ontop me, looking to move on to the next phase but a sudden chill runs through my spine.

"Master, relax," Faris whispers directly into my ears as she resumes nibbling on my earlobes and exploring around with her tongue.

This time she moves much faster, running her tongue down to my chest, my abdomen, before reaching my inner thighs. She licks all around while looking up at my teasingly, knowing very well what I want.

I'm unable to endure as I bring a hand to caress her cheeks and motion it towards my member. Faris doesn't resist and obediently moves toward my penis, positioning herself right in between my legs, sitting straight across from my proudly standing member.

She gives me another look and smiles devilishly before pushing out her lips, pecking at the tip of my penis with her lips. She continues to rain kisses on the tip while keeping eye contact with me then proceeds to run her lips along the shaft of my dick, rubbing them strongly as she moves by.

She finishes her round trip and finally takes the tip into her mouth as I start to feel her tongue swirling around, poking at my urethra and rolling around the frenulum. I continue to caress her cheeks as I feel my urge rising up, prompting my other hand to reach for the back of Faris's head and pulling her towards me as I push my hips forward.

Understanding my intentions, Faris braces herself and hugs me around my hips as I start to face fuck her, I start moving faster and faster at the beckon of my urges as I feel that I am near.


I start focusing on nothing but reaching the peak as I do one final thrust before unloading with all I have into Faris. Though my movements have stopped, Faris picks it back up and bobbles her head, sucking strongly as I watch the movement of her throat from swallowing my load.

"Heheh, there was so much master." Feel my convulsion stop for a while, Faris frees her mouth to talk and opens it to show me her work.

"That felt amazing, thanks Faris."

"My pleasure!" She takes my member back into her mouth again and starts thoroughly sucking me clean.

It doesn't take long before I'm reinvigorated.

"Fuck, can't take this any longer."

I pick up Faris and seat her down onto me, facing me while I remain sitting on the edge of the bath. I make sure my penis is lined up with her opening before dropping her hips down. Having her swallow me down to the base, Faris starts moving her hips with the help of my hands supporting her.

"AH... AHHH...AHHH..."

This is bliss, I think to myself as I listen to the sweet sounds of Faris's moaning right next to my ear while I feel my dick rubbing against her wet folds as they try to latch on.

"Mas..ter, let's go to the bed...AHHHH"

Not able to decline my Faris's request, I stand up while we are still connected, holding onto her and swinging my hips while she locks her legs around my waist and brings me into her kiss by wrapping her arms around my neck.

I slowly make my way to the bed, being careful not to bump into anything as I continue to pump my hips against hers. Having reached the bed, I place her down on the edge, mounting myself on top of her, giving me more leverage to slam down with more force.

"AHHHHHHH...MAS..TER, you're sup...pose to"

Not wanting to part from Faris for a second more than I need to, I pick her back up and sit on the edge of the bed. Faris struggles to stand up with my help and position herself to sit on top of me with her back facing my way.

She starts moving by halfway standing up and plopping herself back onto me, creating strong strokes but seeing her difficulty, I hold up her legs by the knees, allowing us to grind our hips with more ease. I kiss at Faris's nape, trying to leave my mark there as I nudge my hips against the soft feeling of her ass whenever they slam down into me.

"...MA...STER, I'M...CUMMING."

"Yeah, me too."

Feeling my second shot rising up, I push myself as deep as I can into Faris, dropping her legs down to hug her tight against me before giving it my best to fill up her hole. Having finished, I place Faris down on our side and was about to pull out but Faris pushes herself back into me, refusing to let me go.

"...Can we stay like this for a while longer?" Faris says with a flushed face after catching her breath.

Seeing how cute she is, I hold her tight, spooning her as I reach over to give her a kiss on her cheek.


Faris reaches out to the bedside table and picks up a book.

"...Want to... read... together?" Faris barely manages to get those words out of her throat as she hugs onto the book.

"...How can I say no? Let's take turns reading it to each other then."

I don't think I ever did an activity like reading together with anyone since I was a little kid, for some reason this feels so soothing.

We read to each other into the night with the occasional night romp once I couldn't hold it in anymore as my member still remained inside of her. Before I knew it I fell asleep.


2nd day of the third month.

I wake up feeling pleasure and softness moving in my arms as I open my eyes to see myself still spooning Faris, more specifically Faris moving her hips while my dick was still in her.

"...Morning Faris."

"Ah!, master...I couldn't hold back... with your thing twitching around in me for so I..."

I stop listening to her excuses as I start pumping my hips as well to reach my first climax of the day.

We finish our morning exercises and start dressing for another day of adventuring, except I had Faris carefully put on her panties first before getting up from bed. The devils whispering to me this morning had won out against the angels, entertaining me with the idea to have her spend the day while keeping my seed inside her. The idea was such a turn on to me that the angels didn't even have a chance.

"You ready?"

"Yes master, I'm ready to go."

"Good." I hug Faris and gives her a peck on the cheeks before letting go with a parting slap on her butt.

"Master, don't..." Faris holds on to the spot I slapped her and pulls her clothes up.

"Why not?" I tease as I enjoy the sight of the embarrassed Faris.

"It'll sp---nevermind, let's go." Faris storms out the door with a red face.

I guess this is as much as I can tease her this morning.


We arrive at the guild, starting my first day at the guild as a rank three adventurer. I find Lawrence at his usual spot sitting beside his catkin co-worker who still stands out to me with bright pink fluffy looking tail and ears but with a well-toned body of a weightlifter.

"Morning Lawrence, it seems especially busy today doesn't it?" I rest my arm over the counter Lawrence is behind and greets him.

"Look at the announcement boar---" He stops himself as he sees the large crowd surrounding the message board.

"Well whatever, there's an official announcement today, war has officially started out in the eastern border with the elves of the forest."

"What? Is this a big deal, should I do something?"

"Don't worry, it seems a bunch of neighboring countries are all teaming up on the elves, it seems they are harboring some party of adventurers who found the way to conquer one of the more difficult dungeons. I doubt the scale will enlarge seeing how difficult it would be to move men into the forest so this just means more work for adventurers." Lawrence reassures me with a pat on the back.

"So anyway, is there anything you need today or are you just here to show off your promotion?"

"Oh, can you exchange some gold coins into platinum for me, change Faris's badge, as well as tell me about the guild store you talked about, I can access them now as a bronze rank right?"

"Go land up at the coun---...Fine, hand me the gold I'll go fetch it for you, I have to head that way for the badge anyway." Lawrence once again looks back into the crowd and decides to do it himself, what a nice guy.

I hand over a big bag of gold coins to Lawrence, 400 in total to exchange. Lawrence quickly disappears into the crowd and reappears within five minutes with a small pouch.

"Here, it's about time you start buying enchantments for your gear if you have that much extra cash, it'll definitely help you survive. And here is your badge young lady." Lawrence hands me the small pouch and Faris her new bronze badge.

"Ha, I'm still saving up as much as I can, I'm planning to recruit more members at the upcoming slave auction with Norton, remember?"

"Oh that's right, you better pick a good one as you're going to be entrusting your lives to them."

"That's the plan."

"Okay, let me explain to you about the guild store for bronze rank, come this way." Lawrence starts leading us to the staircase.

We head around a corridor before arriving at a counter where a group of guild staff are working. There is another set of stairs near them while a large door sits in front of the counter.

"This here is the guild exclusive store for bronze rank, up those stairs are for the higher ranking adventurers so don't worry about it for now."

"Guild store huh, how is it any different from the blacksmiths outside?"

"Well, like in its name, it's a store only, there aren't any blacksmiths here, we only resell the works of other stores. The difference is that the quality of equipment here is much higher as it is required for stores to sell equipment past a certain level through the guild. You still have to go back to a blacksmith for adjustments and custom orders though."

"Why would there be such a roundabout system just so the guild can make extra profits to selling high-quality equipment to adventurers?"

"The guild doesn't try to make a profit from this, the system is actually to help adventurers who want to conquer dungeons after all. Before this system was in place, rich merchants and nobles would just buy up the best gear and stockpile them all, using it to bait adventurers to work for them, or even just to drive up prices as they know how desperate people can get in order to conquer dungeons to increase their natural lifespan."

"So that's why the guild control the market to regulate the supply and prices?"


"Exactly, it also got more people to become adventurers and frequent dungeons more often, preventing excess monsters from spilling out as well as bringing equipment to the people who are truly in need of them. That's all there is to it, why don't you head you to give it a look, you just have to present your guild badge and they will let you enter, I've got to get back to work so see ya." Lawrence disappears in a flash before hearing my reply.


"...Let's go then Faris."


We enter together after presenting our badges upon which we are greeted to a huge selection of equipment, all made with varying amounts of rare metals like adamantite or hides from strong monsters but the thing that stood out to me the most was the price. The cheapest thing I've seen here are daggers that cost dozens of gold coins. There's even high-quality potions and other supplies here, not just weapons though they all have the common detriment of having high prices.


I use identify on a dagger labeled "Mixed-Alloy Dagger" and find a different name. 


Unpure Adamantite Dagger
Age: 1
Condition: 100/100



Is this where all the money of high-rank adventurer goes...? I'm starting to feel the devasting gap in wealth between the rich and the poor though strangely, everyone seemed happy and well-fed and I haven't seen anything alike to the slums in the city yet so I'm not sure what to make of it.

I can't afford to spend any extra cash before the auction, making me too ashamed to even ask for assistance as I know I won't be buying anything today.

We retreat after having a good look at all the high-level gear I could buy in the future and head back to our usual blacksmith store run by Bosgrem and Clarice.

"Master, I'm going to find Clarice." We enter the familiar store and Faris immediately informs me with excitement.

"Okay, I'll come to you once I'm done." Faris moves off to find Clarice at my words.

Well then, not sure how I should feel to be dumped for a girl. I bury these strange feelings as I head off as well.

"Hey boss, you free to do a small order for me?" I enter to see Bosgrem, the owner of this store manning the counter.

"Sure thing, what do ya need?"

"Can you line the palms of my leather gloves with some alloys, it messed up my palms from too strong of an impact when I used my spear, see?" I hold up my gloves that are a mess in the palm area from my battle against Kou.

"...Aye, ya sure done them in good, it looks like something only an enhancer would cause, what did'ya do lad...nevermind I'll have them done sometime tonight. It'll be three gold if ya want to use quality alloy."

"That's fine, can you reinforce my boots too?"

"No problem."

I hand over my gloves and boots before handing off in search of Faris. I find the duo happily talking in the section with swords and daggers.

"Master! Done already?" Faris sounding reluctant to part leave so soon.

"Yeah, but don't worry, you can take some more time to chat with Clarice. I'll go pay first so hand me your selection."

"Un, thanks master." Faris hands me a dozen daggers and a short sword.

I go back to the boss and pay a total of six gold before starting a chat to kill some time while Faris and Clarice are having fun.

"Thanks for ya business. I'll finish the order sometime tonight so it's better if you pick it up in the morning"

"Sure, anyway boss, I wanted to ask, do you guys supply the guild with higher quality gear too?"

"Of course, we pride ourselves at this store to being able to forge with even the best materials. So ya got a look at the guild store eh?"

"Yeah, but the prices there are all so high, can't believe adventurers spend so much on equipment. The amount of money I'm starting to deal with seems to eclipse that of normal people." I lean back on the counter.

"Well of course they do, they're not FOR normal people, they're for adventurers aiming to conquer dungeons! People want to live longer, that's why they aim to conquer the dungeons, so why would they cheap out on gear? The point is to live longer, not die quickly by foolishly rushing into dungeons ill-equipped. Believe me, those equipment are well worth their price, you're lucky to have the chance to buy them."

"...I know you're right, I guess I'm just feeling a little shaken after realizing the disparity of wealth between people is much more than I had thought."

"Haha, ya not wrong, there is a big'ol gap in wealth. Though the common folks may seem poor to you, it's not hard for them to just enjoy their life in peace if they wanted to, and their quality of life won't be all that bad either with food being so cheap thanks to nature mages. And even if they wanted that wealth, they all have the chance to gain it if they dare take on the risks of an adventurer, so don't worry about it, the people aren't in a bad spot as you might imagine."


I guess with the presence of magic and dungeons, society here has evolved around it and things aren't nearly the same as the middle-ages of my old world. No wonder there seemed to be such a high population in cities and the lack of people I've seen working in the agriculture sector.


 "Remember kid, always be clear on what your end goals are, money isn't nothing but a tool to help you reach that very goal."


How is this rough-looking blacksmith starting to sound like a wise sage all of a sudden?

"Thanks for the advice boss, I really enjoyed our chat but it's about time I take my leave, I'll see you later."

"Aye, don't die out there now."

I head back over to fetch Faris to head out to the dungeons. Let's take it easy now until the slave auction, shall we?


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