"Let's go pick up Blacky and head back, I'll give you a hand."

"I'm fine now master, I can walk by myself."

Despite Faris's protests, I hold her by the arm as we walk, just like I did with my grandparents back in the days. We head out of the guild and retrieve Blacky who was tied up near the entrance.

"Master, we should drop by Clarice's, we still haven't bought the maintenance tools yet."

"I decided we are going to be taking a break day tomorrow, so we will have plenty of time to go shopping then."

"...Master, we have to treasure our equipment and diligently care for them every day."

Faris gives me a stern glare and I give up, I can't win against Faris when it comes to adventuring stuff.

"...Fine, but stay on Blacky, I'll quickly go pick it up."

I hand into the blacksmith shop and find them preparing to close for the day, I didn't spot Clarice so I just asked one of the attendants to bring me two sets of the maintenance toolkit that cost me 25 silver each.

Having finished my errand, we finally reach back to our inn after what felt to be a long day. We didn't even notice how famished we are until we started eating, and with our bellies full I couldn't wait to just jump into the bed and fall asleep.

"Master, let me help you take off your armor, I'll take care of all the maintenance for it."

"No, I actually want to learn how to do it, can't call myself an adventurer if I can't even take care of my own gear, besides when we get more party members in the future it'll be more efficient if everyone takes care of their own stuff."

"...More party members?"

"Uhhh, yeah, I'm planning to have a full party of six and together, we will aim to conquer all the dungeons and eat all the Weycorus fruits to gain immortality. At least that's what I want to take a try at. Does it sound too far-fetched?"

"...No, it suits you."

"What does?"

"Having such a grand dream, I'll do my best to help you achieve it, master!"

"...So, it's sort of weird saying this, but I plan to have four other girls join us in the it won't always be just the two of us, even so, will you stay with me forever even after my goal is achieved?"

"...Only if you promise me that you'll never start hating me and abandon me along the way, I'm sure you will come across many slaves better than me."

"Of course I won't hate you or abandon you, I'll tell you this as many times as I need to, you're mine and forever will be, I promise to always keep you by my side."

"...I...don't know how I'll feel if you start paying attention to other girls. I might start getting jealous and start being overly clingy and annoy you, even then?"


Faris gives me the most brilliant smile I've ever seen, even if I was unsure before if I was only lusting and being possessive over her, it makes me feel for sure now that I truly love her.

"Let's get started then master, you can watch how I do it first, then you can try while I watch over you."

I was unsure what she was talking about at first but seeing her open the maintenance toolkit and gather her equipment, I quickly caught along. The process didn't seem too difficult, just have to learn the procedure for different kinds of equipment like oil the blades or use the whetstone to fix the nicks on the blade. I watch carefully while holding the magic light next to her to give her better lighting and she finally finished after half an hour.

"All done, did you get a clear grasp on how to do it, master?"

"Ummm... I probably need to try going over it a few times first."

"Great, you try and I'll correct you along the way if you make any mistakes."

"Ok... so... like this?"

"Yep, you just need to make sure that part is... yeah almost finish, you did a good job master."

I probably spent a lot longer than Faris did but I managed to pick up a lot. When I finally finished, I notice Faris hugging me from behind, her soft chest pressing hard against me, and I can feel her soft cheeks rubbing against mine as I try to turn towards her. Before I can say anything, she turns her head to me and nibbles on my earlobe, sending shivers down my spine. She then proceeds to whisper into my ear.


I need to stay in control, Faris just recovered, I need to let her rest. The great war between angels and demons in my mind erupts once again.

"...Not... tonight, the healer said you need to rest properly even after the wounds are gone."

I feel her hold on my tighten.

"...Then, at least let me wash you."

Having planned to thoroughly clean myself anyway after a long day, I readily nod in agreement.

Faris continues to cling to me while we make our wash to the bathroom and start helping me undress. Getting caught up in the mood, my hands start wandering around her body as well while slowly undressing her as well.

"...Ahhh, where are you...ahhh...touching me, master? You have to sit down before I can start washing you."

I stop like a kid getting caught red-handed with his hand in a cookie jar, she looks at me with a mischievous grin. This little girl must be teasing me because I rejected her offer a second ago.

I try to clear my dirty thoughts and turn around to fill the basin with hot water before sitting down in the bath chair with my little brother at half-mast. Faris moves behind me and starts scoping warm water to pour down my back.

"Master, we still haven't used this soap much, let's do so tonight."

I didn't think much of her words as I try to control myself, mind over body, have to let my precious Faris rest for tonight at the least. The layer of defense I construct is instantly shattered as I feel two warm, soft mountains pressing against my bare skin. The mountains slowly rub up and down smoothly, aided by the slippery soap. I feel the urge to turn around and start cuddling around her slippery body but Faris appears in front of me, nudging herself in between my legs, acting before I could.

"Master, does it feel good?"

I can only nod as Faris starts to clean my hand and arm by bringing them into the valley of her chest, watching the erotic scene of her snow-white skin enveloping my hand. She pushes her breasts together to increase the pressure around my hand as I watch and feel her erect pink nipples brush past me. This is certainly fully waking up my member.

She continues to do the same with my other hand before working on my chest, rubbing her softness against me up and down. She purposely slows down her movement and rubs the tip of her nose with mine while stares into my eyes with that same mischievous grin on her face, okay, I'll let you win a little.

I start hugging her back, brushing my body against hers and pulling on the back of her head towards me for a kiss. We gently embrace each other while I try to entangle my tongue with hers as much as possible, swapping saliva in turn at the same time. I try to memorize her scent, memorize the feeling of her tongue, the taste of her sweet saliva as I continue pushing my fully erect cock against her stomach.

Feeling the increasing eagerness of the hard thing poking at her, Faris breaks the kiss and slowly moves her mounds down my body. Her slow movements only increase my anticipation more as I focus on her nipples rubbing against my lower stomach, my navel area, and finally to my thighs. At the same time, her mounds are finally pressing against my dick.

"Master, let me make you feel good."

Faris looks up at me while on her knees, I see her big tits surround my penis from both sides, enveloped by he glistening skin. She pushes her hands against her chest and increases the pressure my member feels as she starts the back and forth movement to pleasure me.

"...Where'd you learn this from?"

"Hehe, I've been trained in many ways to pleasure my future master since I reached the adult age of 15."

Fucking perverted slave trader, Good job!

Faris slowly picks up the pace as sounds of slippery skins roughly pass through each other start to fill the bathroom. Being greedy for more pleasure, I start moving my hips in rhythm with her movements, causing more of my penis to start poking out of her chest, hitting her chin. After having poked her chin a few times, Faris turns her head down and positions her lips to where my penis is landing, kissing the tip whenever it approaches to cushion my thrusts. The fulfilling sensation of reaching the end of something sends a shiver down my spine and I start nudging my penis against her lips to feel more of their softness.

I start feeling something rise as pre-cum leaks from the tip to Faris's chin, prompting her to quicken her movements. Not wanting to prolong this any further, I grip onto Faris's shoulders to gain more leverage to match her movements. Faris starts to poke my urethra with her tongue and starts licking around the frenulum while I nudge it against her in between thrusts.

"Faris, I'm gonna cum."

In response, she sucks hard on my tip, giving me the final push. I pull up her chin to make her look at me while I start letting the dam break free. I don't stop thrusting in between her chest for a second while my seed erupts like a fountain over her face. I admire my work as Faris's flawless face gets plastered with my whiteness, with some getting into her silvery-grey hair or rolling down to her boobs. After I let out my last spurts, I release my hand holding her chin up to move them to get a grope on her chest while I close my eyes and take in a deep breath to try to imprint this experience deeply into my mind.

"That was great."

With my eyes closed, I easily feel my dick suddenly get enveloped into something tight and warm. I open my eyes to see Faris still on her knees, with her mouth glued to my dick. My cock starts to feel the blood flowing to it soon as it hardens once again and Faris response by enthusiastically bringing my dick deeper down her throat.

Remembering that Faris shouldn't strain herself, I try to finish quickly by gripping the back of her head as I start pumping my hips at her mouth. Faris looks up at me and nods with her eyes as I watch her hands make way to her dripping wet pussy. Maybe she is a bit of an M after all. Being granted permission, I start thrusting without holding back as I sense that familiar feeling welling up again.

"Faris, I'm gonna cum again, take it all in."


I hold the back of her head against me and I unload down her throat, the reverberating sensation I feel as her gulp down my cum only increase the intensity of my orgasm. I feel her entire body tensing up and vibrating as a puddle forms between her legs. Having clear my head a little bit while cumming, I start pulling my penis back out a little, not wanting to make her choke. I stay in that position for a minute as Faris licks my urethra clean before pulling out of her mouth. I stroke Faris's cheeks as she looks up happily to me while opening her mouth to show me its contents. I see her mouth full of my thick white semen rolling around her tongue before she closes her mouth to take a few gulps before once again opening her mouth to show me that she swallowed every drop, making me unable to resist petting her head.

We easily clean up as we were in the bathroom and head to bed.

"Let's sleep in tonight, we'll have the entire day off tomorrow anyway."

"Okay, goodnight, master."

"Goodnight, Faris."

We jump into our covers naked and start sleeping while I hug Faris again like a bodypillow. This is starting to become a habit, hell I want it to be my new habit.


"...Master, give me a few more minutes."

"When did you become so spoiled?"

"But you said we'll be getting new party members soon, so this will be the only chance I get to monopolize you, or do you hate me now that you've seen my lazy side?"

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, humanity's greatest weapon, puppy eyes.



We made it to the guild after a hearty brunch, after seeing there is basically no line at this time, I quickly sell my stock of 86 mana crystals before heading over to see Lawrence.

"Hey Lawrence, thanks a lot for yesterday."

"Oh, you guys seem energetic today, glad you're all fine now kiddos."

Okay, that's it, let's see how old you are, old man.


Human Male
Age: 55

Magic Level:

  Strength Lv. 62
  Stamina Lv. 47
  Dexterity Lv. 1
  Fire Lv. 1
  Water Lv. 1

Unique Magic:

55?! And those are some of the highest levels I've seen since coming to this world.

"...Haha, I wanted to formally introduce you to my new party member today, this here is Faris."

"My name is Faris, Master Aster's slave, I am pleased to meet you and thank you for taking care of us yesterday."

"Oh, a slave huh, seems to be the best choice for a loner like you if you have the money, you better take good care of her Aster. Anyway, I am Lawrence, just regular guild staff working here, glad to see that you're all fine, little miss."

"I will, we're going to head to the training ground now since I promised old man Morgan that I'll come today."

"Oh that reminds me, before you go, I have a message for you from Lord Norton this morning. He wanted to invite you to go to the slave auction happening in a few weeks together, he just registered as an adventurer though, so I'm sure he'll be busy until then."

"Wow, Larence registered already?"

"Yep, along with his slaves; one strong looking dude, a handsome tomboyish looking human girl, a pretty foxkin girl, plus his catkin maid."

...Norton you...are a man of culture I see.


I sparred with instructor Morgan until a little past noon, Faris watched and join in when I was taking breaks.

Now, we're going to upgrade our equipment now that we have a bit of extra cash. We managed to easily spot the pink hair of Clarice today.

"Faris! Welcome!"

"Hi Clarice, how are you."

I leave the girls to their conversation as I walk up to Bosgrem who's tending to some blades behind the counter.

"Boss, can you show me the best armors you got for me and Faris over there."

"What happened to yer old ones?"

"Faris's got a big slash across hers while mine's fine, we're looking for an upgrade."

"Fine, the best armor we got that's suitable for yer group is probably dragon hide, tough and light enough fer a dragon to fly."

"Dragon hide? You guys just have that sitting around for sale? Sounds rare and valuable to me."

"While dragons ar rare and tough boss monsters, one dragon can produce quite a lot of hide so it isn't that rare of a material, meanwhile dragon scale would be the treasure yer thinking'bout, it is as valuable as a national treasure."

"Okay, how much is it?"

"25 gold coins per set, it ain't expensive considering its performance, normal arrows and blades won't be able to pierce through it."

"Fine I'll take two sets, but can you change up the grip of the boots to make it easier to run on ice?"

"Money first, pickup in the morning."


Faris ended up buying a few more spare daggers and short swords to replace some of the damaged ones from the incident, giving me a grand total of 51 gold coins. I'm spending as fast as I'm making, though it's worth it as our safety is the priority.

We then went shopping for some clothes and other miscellaneous items until we arrived at a store I looked up beforehand. Walking into the store there was no flashy set up to display their products, it didn't even have other customers right now from what I can see. An employee at a nearby desk comes over to greet us.

"Welcome to Unatis Housing, how may I be of service for you guys today?"

"I'm looking to rent a place here, preferably not too far from the adventurer guild."

"Please come over this way and I can show you our catalog."

The employee brings me over to her desk and before finding a booklet to let me browse through.

"All the details on each property as well as their cost and location are written in here. If you have any questions feel free to ask me."

The norm here seems to be shopping through their catalog here, it's rare to go inspect each property if you're just renting as transportation is inconvenient. I browse through while Faris curiously looks together with me while sitting to my side. We need something not too expensive nor too big right now as it isn't likely for me to suddenly have a full party right away. I spend a whole hour looking through and finally settled on one I like.

"What do you think of this one Faris?"

"I like whichever one master picks."

Okay, no opposition is good enough for me. The one I picked had two floors and comes fully furnished, the first floor had a decent size living room with a dining table and a kitchen. The second floor is where is the bedrooms are; one large master bedroom with three smaller rooms. I'm not planning on letting my slaves sleep on their own though, just let them have their own room to store their stuff and to have some personal space. The biggest deciding factor though is that it had a large bathroom with a built-in bath in the master bedroom.

"I would like the rent this place."

"Perfect, if you can pay the rent of 5 gold coins now, I can get it cleaned and ready for you by tomorrow, the 24th day of the second month."

We paid the rent and left and started shopping around aimlessly once more, I should get a calendar now to know when to pay rent at the least.

"We sure bought a lot today, is there anything you wanted to get Faris?"

"Hmmm, nothing really in particular."

"How about something as a hobby for when we are taking a break from dungeons, is there anything you normally do?"

"All I did was train or study, our only entertainment was sharing stories with the other slaves..."

"...Then, how about getting some books to read?"


We ended our shopping spree after our trip to the bookstore with a balance of 20 gold coins, 102 silver coins, and 21 copper coins. Tomorrow we have to start going deeper into the dungeons and start saving up for the slave auction, it seems like a good chance to add a member to our party. So I guess we better get to rest early, of course after some bonding time with Faris.


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