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Walking along a busy sidewalk, a long-haired blonde beauty made her way to a particular restaurant situated at the corner of a busy street. Being located in such an advantageous location, the establishment received a lot of attention and customers. Some such potential customers, despite it being early in the morning, impatiently waited outside the building in something that resembled a line, as the new restaurant was already full.

The “line” of customers even somewhat blocked the entrance, preventing the long-haired blonde from entering without having to push someone aside.

“E-excuse me.” The blonde woman said, indicating with her tone that she wished for the man at the head of the line to step aside and let her through.

“Hmm?” The man had been focused on his phone and took a few seconds to move his attention. “Why? There’s a line, in case you couldn’t tell.” His tone wasn’t friendly, but also not too rude.

On the other hand, another guy farther back in the line didn’t mind being ill-mannered.

“Fuck ooooff!” He emphasized the second word. “You’re not special! You have to wait in line like everyone else!” His outburst even caused a few other people in the line to join in.

The woman didn’t mean to elicit such a reaction, but also wasn’t very surprised by it. Of course such a restaurant as this one would attract customers of the sort.

“I work here.” She simply responded, her previous smile replaced by a poker face.

The statement seemed to cause a wave of regret to roll over the men in line as they realized that the person they were just harsh toward could potentially be the one waiting on them—or worse, cooking their meal.

“Uh, sorry…” The man at the head of the line apologized, backing away from the restaurant entrance.

The sight that met the blonde woman as she entered the building immediately resurrected her smile. Before her stood one of the new maid cafés that had recently been brought to the States after Japan popularized the idea. What made a maid café different from others was quite obviously the theme: Waiters and waitresses dressed up as butlers and maids, as well as used language typical of a servant, to attend to customers as though they were “Masters” and “Mistresses”.

The blonde beauty quickly made her way past dozens of tables to the back of the restaurant, where she entered then soon came out of dressed in the café’s proper attire. Since the restaurant was open for almost twenty-four hours a day, her shift began when another’s night shift ended, hence why she didn’t have to be present when the place opened.

Although the woman was quite attractive, her beauty meant nothing there, where other good-looking men and women worked the same job she did—the perfect solution to her conundrum of wanting to look good whilst also not attracting too much attention for it.

At least, that was the case until a few hours into her shift when someone from her college recognized her.

Skyler, a girl from one of her classes, instantly recognized and specially asked for her to wait on her table. However, since she was there with friends, she didn’t outwardly call her out, instead using her phone to type out a message for the blonde.

“Aren’t you Jacob from my Psychology class? Don’t worry; I have no intention of telling anyone about what you’re doing here. However…I would like to have a chat with you after your shift 😉” The message read.

Jacob—who wasn’t a woman at all—was discovered crossdressing by his crush.

A note from FaebyenTheFairy


I wonder what fate awaits Jacob...

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