[Write about flavors and tastes or a favorite spice of yours.]

“That adds a lot of flavor to the room, Charlotte.”

“Oh, do you like it, Reggie? It was painted by my grandmother a few months before she died.”

Reggie stood facing the painting of a vegetable garden that hung above the fireplace. She couldn’t specifically tell what she found so pleasant about the painting, but the atmosphere surrounding it was just…magical.

Reggie put a hand to her chin in contemplation. “But, I think the blending of the clouds in the top right could have been done better.” As she was a working painter, the flaw immediately became apparent to her.

“Y-you think…what?” Charlotte looked up from the food she was seasoning. “T-the blend-ding could…have been, b-better?” Right eye twitching incessantly, her grip tightened on the container of garlic powder.

“You know, the blending.” Reggie failed to notice the change in her friend’s attitude. “Like, the cloud has too much of an…edge. Also, th-“

She didn’t finish the sentence as the glass container of garlic powder struck her head just above her right eye, knocking her to the floor.

“YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” Charlotte screamed from the kitchen. “MY GRANDMOTHER MADE NO MISTAKES!”

Reggie was given no option to defend herself as the living room began to shake, and a deep, evil voice said, “YOU WHO HAS COMMITTED THE GRAVEST OF SINS WILL BE PUNISHED!”

Soon after, the painting of the vegetable garden glowed with a bright light, incapacitating Reggie, not even allowing her to scream.

“You were right about the painting adding flavor to the room, Reggie.” Charlotte almost seemed to spit out her former friend’s name. “Though, now that flavor will be of blood.”

Bursting forth from the glowing painting were…vegetables! Hundreds of vegetables shot out from the frame toward Reggie, continuously beating her body.

All Reggie could do while being pummeled to death was wonder if she were in a nightmare.

A note from FaebyenTheFairy


Just a little something that a friend gave me the idea for.

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Bio: A web novelist. Currently in training as a fantasy writer.

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