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Cool, an easy one.

Well, here’s something I, and likely most of you reading this, have never heard of: Helicobacter anseris, a bacterium in the Helicobacteraceae family, Compylobacterales order. The article says it is “Gram-negative” and “microaerophilic”, which I’ve also never heard of. However, and without looking it up, I’m pretty sure I know the parts of the word “microaerophilic”. “micro” as in small, “aero” as in air, and “philic” as in liking something or being good with it. In this case, maybe liking air a little bit?
*After looking it up*

Okay, yeah, it means that whatever the word is being used to describe requires environments containing lower levels of oxygen than that are present in the atmosphere. Cool.

Anyway, Helicobacter anseris is also “spiral to curve-shaped, being first isolated from the faeces of geese.”

Cool, cool… And there’s basically no more information on it. Very short article.

Heh heh, I might as well add to it:

“The Helicobacter anseris bacterium is not known to infect humans, however, there have been six reported cases of it occurring with five of them being confirmed, the introduction to the bacterium being the accidental ingestion of geese faeces. In each case, the infected individual quickly developed symptoms that incapacitated them. Their nervous systems were attacked and limbs rendered almost useless. Yet, the bacterium stayed in the extremities of the body and did not spread to internal organs, baffling the doctors involved in inspecting the patients.

Because the bacterium did not affect the internal organs, they did not spread to other people. However, had the bacterium been contagious, countless more would have become victims to the single-celled organisms because in none of the confirmed cases was the infected individual properly quarantined.”

Sounds convincing for something I wrote off the top of my head, eh?

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Wikipedia article on bacteria...yay...

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