[Write about a phone call you recently received.]

Wow…assuming I talk to people. So inconsiderate.

Well, I got my first phone recently—because my previous tablet died (RIP Galaxy Tab)—and since then, I’ve been receiving calls and texts from the previous owner of my new phone number. I’ve yet to respond to any of them, but imagine if I did. Imagine all the pranks I could pull!

“Michael, are you interested in this service?”

“Hi! This is definitely Michael and I’m VERY interested in this service. Could you give me more information on it?”

“Sure thing, Michael! Here is our website with all the information you’ll need: (@&$#*&[email protected]_#((#@()*U$(@*(#. And if you don’t find what you need, feel free to ask!”

“Cool, cool. So, do you deliver? I’m very busy and can’t make time to buy it in person.”

“Uhh, yes, the cruise tickets can be delivered!”

“Tickets? No, no, I meant the cruise. Y’see, I don’t have the time to take off work to go on one, so I inflated and fill a pool in my backyard. So, does your company offer delivery? And if it does, I hope it’s free. I AM paying for a ticket, after all.”

“Sir, we don’t understand what you mean. The cruise ticket can definitely be mailed to you, but you will have to travel to the harbor the cruise ship will be parked in to join the cruise.”

“Again, I can’t do that. I’m too busy to travel at all. But, look here: I’m willing to make you a deal. Fifty dollars delivery fee? That’s the highest I’ll go on it.”

Then I’d continue like that until they don’t respond anymore.

Kidding! I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time like that! Unless they were trying to scam me. To see that, look up “This is what happens when you reply to spam, James Veitch” on YouTube. It’s pretty funny.

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No idea for a short story today either >.>

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