[Write about a time when you got stuck in between two parties fighting with each other.]

I don’t remember anything specific, but vague memories of being told by both sides to “shut the fuck up and mind [my] own fucking business”.

Truly, my peers can be barbarians. I only wanted to end their obnoxiously loud argument, but nOoOoOo, they have to be uncivilized pieces of shit that don’t know how to behave courteously.

Anyway, I can work with this prompt.

Happily strolling through his academy’s famously beautiful park, Apostol took in the figurative magic of the atmosphere with a satisfied grin. With each step she took, she saw a new kind of flower, smelled a different, pleasant scent, and marveled at the myriad of magnificent insects that crawled on the aforementioned vegetation. Apostol even whistled to an imaginary tune, feeling as though everything was right with the world.

Then, Apostol noticed how the path she was on lead to an incredibly cute “tunnel” in the garden made from arches which vines grew on. The scene fascinated her, but even more curiously, she could hear sounds from up ahead. She was interested.

However, the farther Apostol made it into the tunnel made from vines, the more unpleasant the sounds she heard felt. Eventually, she realized that what she was hearing were two voices!

Apostol neared the people within the vine arches, catching bits of what they yelled and deciphered it as an argument between fellow students…and an angry one, at that.

She considered turning back to avoid her angry peers, but saw that the entrance was not far ahead, beyond the duo. Thus, she pressed onward, closing in until there were but a few meters between them. Unfortunately, she could not go around or jump over them, as the vine arches were a bit narrow.

“E-excuse me?” She called, trying to catch their attention.

Yet, the duo ignored her, continuing to berate each other with various profanities. They even powered up a few spells and techniques, threatening a fight!

It was not only unpleasant to witness, but Apostol would regret seeing her academy’s beautiful garden be destroyed. This was only her first visit to it and she already planned many more!

“EXCUSE ME?!” She yelled, a little frustrated at being ignored.

But as fate would have it, the two did nothing to change their pattern of behavior. The fight was nearing.

So, Apostol broke the two apart herself, stepping in-between them.

“Please don’t fight in this garden! There’s an arena on the West side of the aca-“

Sharp streams of water burst in all directions from the student to her right.

“BITCH, WHO TOLD YOU TO GET INVOLVED?!” The student roared.


Yet, when the debris of the vegetation all fell to the ground and the dirt settled, the two were at a loss for words. The girl they attacked had not moved and was even floating in the exact spot where she previously stood. However, a deep frown glowed red on her face.

W-w-w-what did I J-JUST say?” Apostol struggled to keep her voice from quivering, but not from fear.

“Oh, now you’re trying to act tough?” One of the duo asked, readying another attack.

“I guess we can beat the shit outta you before settling our differences.”

But the next instant, a bloody aura exploded from Apostol, whose visage transformed. Her skin grew lines of deep, crimson red, and the air around her began glowing a deep pink. However, the most shocking change was the disgusting smell of blood permeating outwards from her.

You asked for it.” She let out through gnashing teeth.

The duo, now floating in the air around her, didn’t bother regretting their actions and quickly prepped for mortal combat. Armor flashed into existence around their bodies and weapons appeared in their hands. Even various tools materialized around them, building up power for massive attacks.

And it was all for naught.

A shockwave instantly inundated the two, causing them to fall out of the sky. Even their assortment of treasures were shattered to dust.

You worthless nonentities don’t even deserve to live at this point. You’ve reached THIS stage of power and haven’t learned humility or decency?

Apostol’s every word wormed their way into the duo’s heads, much like her bloodthirsty aura.

“H-how i-i-i-s-s-s t-t-“

Save yourself the trouble of finishing that sentence. We may be in the same realm of strength, but we are on very different levels.

Apostol left it at that, and ended her peers’ lives with another shockwave.

That’s what I wanna do to my classmates when they’re obnoxious =D

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