[Write about waking up.]

Too simple! I’m going to randomly generate a word and add it to the prompt.

The word is…”medium”!

Pulled from her gentle, dreamless sleep, Orit opened her eyes to see the familiar face of her adorable house cat.

“Mrew” It let out in her face.

“Yeah, yeah; you’re hungry. Give me a,“ Orit yawned and stretched her arms, displacing the cat which previously sat on her belly, “minute or two to fully wake up.”

Ignoring the petulant feline which clawed at her through her blankets and wailed as though it were dying, Orit closed her eyes and rolled over on her side, using her arm as a pillow, combing through her memories in search for anything important going on that day.

Just when she determined she was safe to sleep a bit longer, a sound coming from something other than her “starving” cat caught her attention.

“Ooooh~ This one has a pretty good figure. It’s too bad I can’t properly appreciate it as I am.”

Orit’s eyes shot open as her hand automatically opened the top drawer of her bedside stand, from which she pulled out a Glock. She was armed and up in but a moment, ready to face the home intruder.

Yet, just as quickly as she’d prepared herself to fight, she heard a scream and saw only a flash of light pass through her closed bedroom door.

Orit did nothing but sit there with her weapon pointing at the door for a few seconds, confusion clouding her mind. What had happened?

“Was I…wrong? Did I imagine that? But I heard the words so clearly! And what was the flash of light?!”

Questions popped into and out of existence in her head, only further mystifying her. But, Orit was not one to take chances! If there was really an intruder in her home, she would damn well find and riddle them with holes.

Yet, just as she got to her feet.

“I don’t know why I ran from you after you pulled out that gun, because I just pass through all matter! But, more importantly, you can hear and see me, right?”

A note from FaebyenTheFairy


I know I could have fleshed this out, set up a plot, and even made it funnier! However, my knuckles hurt ;-; No more typing.

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