[Watch a movie that makes you cry. Write about that scene in the movie.]

The Madoka Magica movie made me cry. A bit. I don’t remember the particular scene, if any, but it was just sad.

Since I don’t feel like writing several paragraphs about (—Holy fuckin shit! I have two monitors and I set up my background so that it shuffles through pictures from various anime and other things I like, right? Well, what’dya know, but a Madoka Magica imagine pops up on the monitor my Word document isn’t open on…) Madoka Magica, I’ll write my feelings about movies in general.

—I generally don’t care for them. Yeah, I’ll watch a good comedy if I hear about it, but I neither search for movies nor look forward to them.

One: The format doesn’t appeal to me all that much. A film between one and three hours just doesn’t feel right. Like, if I can make a reasonable guess on when it will end, then there are no surprises. If it’s an hour and a half, I can predict when twists will occur and resolutions to character arcs fit, so I’m on the lookout for them rather than invested in the story.

Two: When I watch anything live action, I always end up picturing the set the video was recorded on, ruining my immersion. “I wonder in what order these shots were taken” “How did the actor perform this stunt?” “What part of that costume is real?” “Where did they film that?” “They’re yelling at a camera” etcetera.

Three: That’s all I can think of.

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