[The sun comes up, the sun goes down. It goes round and round. Write something inspiring about the sunrise or sunset.]

“When the wind blows and seeds are carried away…”

A man sat against a tall oak tree, his eyes closed and his hair dancing in the breeze, singing.

“They travel quite far for the sake of their name…”

He opened his eyes to look upon the grand body of water beneath him, his legs dangling off the cliffside he sat atop.

“But if fate is cruel and they fall in the ocean…”

The sun took its time setting over the sea, casting brilliant hues of orange out in all directions, nearly blinding the man.

“They will never sprout, never feeling life’s glory…”

He raised a calloused hand to cover his eyes, but could not seem to stop the tears which formed from falling.

“Oh, if Heaven hath justice, the Great Deep would have paid…”

Giving up on halting the emotion from washing down his face, the man’s hand lowered to grasp the locket around his neck.

“But the World is only cruel, and so everything…”

The last remnants of light from the sun disappeared as the celestial ball of flames left the man’s sight.

“Can only depend on itself.”

The man’s tears flowed no longer, he let go of his locket, and his frown turned into a snarl as a second light began to illuminate the world. Suddenly, the man shot to his feet, the grass he previously lied upon and the tree he leaned on burning like embers.

DAMN YOU!” He howled in rage to the sky, before his entire being burst into flames, becoming a second sun.

Yet, the flames did not hurt the man, but originated from him. And if one looked closely, they could see madness in his eyes, ready to explode out into the world to cause chaos and devastation.

YOU WON’T ESCAPE ME!” The man screamed as he leapt off the cliff.

NOTHING CAN SAVE YOU NOW!” The fall was long, taking more than thirty seconds, but the entire way, the man’s body grew brighter and the air around him melted.

ALL YOU FISH, SHARKS, EELS, TURTLES, WHALES, DRAGONS, SQUID, AND LEVIATHONS INVOLVED WILL PERISH!” Even before the man reached the ocean surface, the water boiled and evaporated, clearing the way for him as though he were a king walking through a crowd of his subjects.


He went under.

A note from FaebyenTheFairy


I fell asleep without uploading, yesterday xD

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