[Write about the power you felt when you told someone no.]

Uhhhh, power? None, that I recall, here. Hell, if anything, I feel a little bad whenever I refuse someone something. Some examples:

When people I know from school ask to hang out, 90% of the time the answer is “no” because I just don’t enjoy doing so. They might want to spend time with me, but I feel no need to spend time with anyone.

When classmates ask for the answers to whatever worksheet, I comply most of the time because it’s not much, but if I see that they ignored the work and only came to me because they didn’t feel like doing it themselves, the answer will be “no”.

When I’m asked to check something out, whether it be a book or TV show, I don’t often comply unless the media was something I already had my eye on.

When someone creates something they’re proud of and asks for my input on whether they did well. If I have to criticize their creation, they almost never take it well (which infuriates me! WHY CAN’T PEOPLE ACCEPT CRITICISM NOWADAYS?!?!).

When my cooperation is asked for a project that I infer will fail or never be completed.

Yeah, I mostly feel bad when I deny someone something. I suppose the only time I feel “power” from telling someone “No.” is when it’s the response to a question about me regarding bad activities. Like, if I smoke.

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Really short post, but I didn't feel like making anything more of it.

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