[What did the wall say to the other wall? Meet you at the corner! Write something inspired by a favorite joke.]

No joke came to mind, so I’ll use the one in the prompt:

The left wall joked with the right wall, and they both laughed,

But on the inside, they both wished that a vehicle crashed,

Right into them, making that day their last,

Because fate for a sapient wall was actually worse,

Than whatever pain a human could possibly immerse,

Themselves in, even if they were to traverse,

All the way to Hell for tortures,

And followed all the Devil’s orders,

Gaining all awful disorders,

Which is ‘cause being a sapient wall is to,

Be trapped, forced to experience and view,

All the exciting or boring events around you,

Not a good thing by any measurement,

Even if it’s to be part of a settlement,

Where humans are most in their element,

Because watching their lives play out,

Can bring far more pain without a doubt,

When the poor walls can’t even shout,

Or communicate with other creatures in any way,

Watching everything pass by until the very day,

When they’re demolished and life turns to gray.

A note from FaebyenTheFairy


My idea was to turn the joke into something dark.

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Bio: A web novelist. Currently in training as a fantasy writer.

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