[Write about staying quiet when you feel like shouting.]


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH BOY! Too many times do I not only feel like shouting, but feel the need to put a pencil in someone’s neck!

Of all the schools I can remember anything about how the students behaved, this was always worse with girls: being unnecessarily rude when they think they’re correct, even when they’re not. Now, I’m not projecting bias against females. There are SO MANY WAYS male students infuriate me at school, but that isn’t one of the main ones.

A clique of girls are chatting about something unrelated to me…but we’re in a classroom and they’re loud, so I hear every word of it despite reading a book. One of the girls states something utterly incorrect, let’s say “Albert Einstein failed math class.” So I pipe up saying, “No, that’s a myth and common misconception. Albert Einstein did not fail mathematics.” Then I go back to reading.

Simple, right? Nothing much? I didn’t even needlessly insult her or anything! Just quickly corrected her.

“Bitch, I ain’t talkin’ to you, so stay out of our conversation!”

I wordlessly look up from my book again to gaze into her eyes, then stand up and walk to her. Multiple classmates notice what happened, whispering, pulling out their phones in the hopes of recording a catfight or beatdown. They’ll get neither.

The girl who told me off after being harmlessly corrected also stands up, asking me if I “wanna go”. Her friends also arise with snarls and sneers, stepping in front of her protectively. What morons. I wouldn’t dare keep friends so lacking in manners.

They try to obstruct my path, but I sidestep the one closest to me and jump onto a desk. They didn’t expect that, so I leap from the desk to the rude bitch, uncontested. My boot makes contact with her face, toppling her, while her friends move to restrain me. They’re too slow.

I slip a pencil out of my pocket and slide it into her neck, aiming for her trachea.

I’m back in reality, just staring at the rude bitch as she continues chatting with her friends, uncaring of whether I was correct in telling her that she was wrong.

“We’re both quite lucky that I have such control of my violent urges.” I think to myself.

I wish I was exaggerating about her response and my impulses ┐(´д`)┌

I hate when people are rude without good cause just because they know they’re safe behind the law. Such a characteristic, as I see it, is a blight to society.

“Maybe she was having a bad day.” Friends have told me when I complain to them about shitty people.

Having a bad day isn’t an excuse for acting out. It’s not that they act unnaturally when stressed, it’s that they’re truer to their emotions.

Also, my sister once tripped and chipped one of her front teeth—a horrible experience. She didn’t just suddenly become an annoying bitch.

There was also (recently) a time I was taken to the hospital after having severe abdominal pains that prevented me from moving (the car ride hurt like hell). Did I give shit to the hospital staff or my father while I was physically incapacitated? No, I did my best to crack jokes the entire time, the effort of which only hurt more.

“Not everyone is like or needs to be like you.” I’ve been told when I give examples of myself suffering whilst not becoming insufferable.

“Correct. And that sucks.”

My point with all that was that it’s possible to resist compulsions, whether they be murderous ones or bitchy ones.

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The edginess, I know...but I can't help but to say the truth!

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