[Write about being inside an old abandoned warehouse.]

Yeesh, so vague. Can’t these prompts have a little more detail? It’s just giving me a simple setting. How about telling me to write about a warehouse, werewolves, and spies?

“Scour the entire building! No crate unturned! Smoke out that rat!” A voice roared.

From where Bideo hid, he could see countless lycanthropes destroying the interior of the warehouse he was trapped within. Searching for him, they overturned and smashed giant wooden crates, checking every nook and cranny of the building, and even cast spells to light the place on fire.

“The rotten human stole important documents! Find him or all our asses our toast!” The same voice ordered again.

Bideo looked toward the huge figure standing at the entrance to the warehouse.

“Rogenhaulder.” Bideo thought. “When I get out of here, I’ll be coming back for your life.”

The lycanthrope Rogenhaulder was a terrible, corrupt general, and Bideo had even witnessed his atrocities firsthand during his stay in their military camp. The bastard not only treated his own subordinates as though they were garbage, but gave immoral and wicked orders even when taking into consideration the fact that their country was at war.

“This bastard is one of the reasons lycanthropes have such a horrible reputation among humans.”

Bideo gnashed his teeth in rage every time he thought of that man whose only interests included sadistic practices. Despite how lycanthropes, humans, and the other races were on the brink of reaching fair and just agreements that would benefit all behind the scene, all Rogenhaulder wanted was carnage. After all, he wouldn’t have prisoners of war to torture if his country was at peace.

Bideo patiently bided his time while everything around him was burned and turned to rubble, only making a move once he saw an opening through the encirclement. He carefully maintained the effects of his stealth treasures before darting from his spot on the ceiling out of the area unseen. Yet, instead of looking to escape with the enemy intel he acquired, Bideo took off to take care of some unfinished business.

“This isn’t part of the job, but I will make it so.”

Quickly locating the general’s accommodation, Bideo hid near the premises until Rogenhaulder appeared, fuming and ready to lash out at the ‘spoils of war’ he kept for his personal use.

“No guards, huh? Thank you for your arrogance, Rogenhaulder, for today will be your last.”

Although a spy by trade, Bideo was an assassin by name. With most of his life devoted to the art of snuffing out lives like candles, he could even take out individuals like Rogenhaulder, whose cultivation base was actually an entire realm higher.

He waited for the right moment, watching every step Rogenhaulder took, every huff from a breath, every swish of his fur. Then, he blinked. Faster than the wind, Bideo dove from atop a tree with a dagger in each hand, allowing gravity to add to his attack.

Suddenly, the lycanthrope felt an unnatural disturbance in the air behind him and flushed his system with qi…but too late, as one blade punctured his spinal cord, while the other stabbed into his brain.

“Mission complete.”

A note from FaebyenTheFairy


I DID plan something a bit longer with more details and plot...but couldn't figure out how to make it sound nice.

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