[Write about someone getting their driver’s license for the first time.]

Heh, I don’t even have mine yet, so instead of thinking up something creative, I’m going to write another blog-style post.

Driving: it’s overrated.

I’ve heard from my peers that they highly value the ability to drive because it allows them to feel free and they can go out to buy takeout whenever they wish…but I don’t care for either of those.

To begin with, I don’t feel restricted at home, so why would I feel free when outside? It’s not as though I’m being held against my will! Plus, even if I only felt free when driving, what would I do? Rack up a huge gas bill by driving around aimlessly for the thrill? No! It’d be like playing Minecraft for only half an hour at a time! Who the Hell does that of their own volition?! No, I typically play for sessions of at least an hour with upwards of eight!

Now, regarding going places for takeout or shopping… I’m not a compulsive buyer. Period.

The only enjoyment I get from being on the road is from watching the landscape whizz by while in the back seat with all the leg room I want. I couldn’t enjoy myself while driving if I had to pay constant attention to the road and other vehicles to keep from crashing!

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