[Surely you drink one or the other or know someone who does- write about it!]

Creeping through the shadows, Momo tiptoed her way down a long set of spiral, carpeted stairs. Her breath, almost nonexistent, as quiet as can be. At the bottom of the stairs, she oriented herself against a wall to assist her sneaking, as she could not see anything through the veil of night.

After a few wrong turns and almost giving herself away by tripping, Momo reached a part of the mansion that still glowed brightly—despite the fact that it wasn’t supposed to at that hour. Slowing her steps even further and controlling her breathing with more precision, Momo knew she’d reached the final, and most difficult, stretch of her mission.

Ten feet from the door, she began sweating.

Five feet, she was close enough to pick up faint hints of sounds.

Right next to the door frame, Momo was absolutely positive that she could hear lapping. It was go time.

“AH-HA!” Mom roared at the top of her lungs after jumping through the open door.

A crash sounded as a colorful, fuzzy blur dashed around the kitchen before trying to make it past Momo out the door.

“No you don’t!” Momo yelled, moving beyond her physical limits to grab the blur. “GOT YOU, BASTARD!”

Fiercely struggling within Momo’s grip was a calico cat with brown stains on its face, mewling, clearly frightened and angry at the same time.

“This is the last time, Sir Squiggles the Feisty! I warned you many times not to drink coffee, but you continued anyway! Face your punishment!”

Momo secured Sir Squiggles the Feisty in one hand before shoving a finger from the other hand into its mouth, causing it to gag.

“I’m tired of you getting yourself sick from coffee! This will be the last time you ever drink it!”

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