[Write about building a fire.]

“Noooooow, kiss!” Cupid whispered to himself, tightly gripping his bow in excitement.

Where Cupid watched down in a mortal realm, the two teens he’d been playing with stared into each other’s eyes with passion. Surprising the guy, the girl took the initiative in closing her eyes, puckering her lips, and leaning forward. The two were about to make contact when a knock was heard coming from the bedroom door.

“Nathon! Angela! The cookies are ready! Come downstairs to have some!”

The teens separated and blushed furiously before the boy called out, “Yes, mom! We’ll be there right away!” He hung his head in shame as the girl giggled.

But up in the Heavens, Cupid cursed.

“Damn it! They were so close! I want to witness their romance bear fruit! The two mortals should just accept their carnal desires and finally hook up! By everything that is Holy, what is preventing them?!”

It was then that Cupid felt a divine spirit attempt contact with him. One he knew all too well.

“LOKI!” Cupid screamed as he accepted the contact request.

“Hey, Cupid. Suffering, aren’t ya?” A smug voice transmitted through the spirit.

“BASTARD, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT WAS YOU! I’LL HAVE YOUR HEAD ON A PIKE IF YOU RUIN ANOTHER PERFECT RELATIONSHIP!” Cupid held nothing back as he transferred a shred of his power through the connection, hoping to catch Loki off guard and injure him. Yet, as soon as he sent the shred of power, another equally powerful attack canceled his.

“Nuh-uh-uh!” Loki chortled. “Don’t worry, I don’t wish to ruin anything here…yet. I just want to see how long I can mess up your machinations!”

At that point, Cupid fumed with rage so great that his pupils and descendants scattered across the many worlds could feel it. “That. Best. Be. The. Case.” He forced through gritted teeth.

Over the next few years, Loki did well to stay true to his word, using nearby people or random objects to interrupt the mortals from progressing in their relationship too much, ironically building the emotions between the two to staggering heights. It even reached the point where the two cared not for where they were and who saw before displaying affection.

Cupid had won that battle.

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Wrote short and simple.

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Bio: A web novelist. Currently in training as a fantasy writer.

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