[Write about your shopping wish list and how you like to spend money.]

What is this “shopping wish list” you speak of? How I like to spend money? These are questions that don’t apply to me! Were these prompts designed to be responded to by adults with jobs and money to spend?! This is ridiculous! Disrespectful! Blasphemous! Insidious! Discriminatory!

Anyway, if I had a shopping wish list, it’d probably only have computer parts, a trampoline, friends, and random interesting gadgets, because I’ve long since grown out of my “I want this and that” faze. If I don’t need something that I want and can’t reasonably obtain it, I just forget about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  Now, about spending money…another thing I don’t due. Uhhhmm……………if I had money to spend, I guess, besides necessities, I’d purchase tons of full-body costumes and decent-quality cameras to film myself and others walking around in public while wearing the aforementioned costumes! Sounds like fun.

  Well…these aren’t words for an entire post! Let me see…

  If I had enough money to do extravagant things, what would I do? First of all, install fun contraptions and stuff in my house. I’m talking long slides, trampolines, foam pits to jump in, a swimming pool, an archery range, and TVs everywhere. Ooooh, and a petting zoo…but only containing common house pets. Maybe a tiger.

  Besides those things, I’d also want to experience flight with the use of a wingsuit—THEY LOOK SO FUN TO USE! Jumping off a cliff or an airplane high over land and safely gliding to the bottom at tremendous speeds… Or, even better… Commission the construction of a skyscraper somewhere with tons of open space so that I can fly in a wingsuit from home! Never mind, a private helicopter would be simpler and better…

  Quite tired and require sleep. Ending the post here.

A note from FaebyenTheFairy


This was quite the boring and uninteresting post. Yay for synonyms!

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