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  There are sooooooooooooo many things I dread doing, but most of them involve confrontation with emotional and/or stupid people having outbursts.

Now, when I say “emotional”, I mean to the extent that their emotions override logic. Here are some examples:

  1. PersonA cried about failing an important test, I asked them if they studied, they responded “No”. In the case that nothing prevented them from studying (like preoccupied with a job or taking care of family that can’t care for themselves) I WANT to say, “Then, it’s your fault. Study next time. It’s not as though the teacher sprang the test on us one day into the material it was based on. I don’t get straight As from ignoring homework and forgetting to review.”
    However, saying that would be “rude”, “mean”, and “insensitive”, rather than telling them the TRUTH! I get that not everyone is equally capable, but your poor results are your own fault (in almost every case I’ve seen in person). Stop whining about the result as if you couldn’t help it.
    Oh, you “forgot”? I have TONS of easy solutions for forgetting homework and studying. No, really! It’s simple and I’ll even help you. Take a pen and write on the back of your hand or your face “Remember to study/complete homework”. Don’t wanna write on yourself? Put rolled-up sheets of paper in your socks with “STUDY/HOMEWORK” scrawled all over them. Too uncomfortable despite that being what would remind you? Just stick those sheets of paper EVERYWHERE! Fill your pockets, shoes, pants, handbag, etc, with those sheets!
    Don’t want to, you say? Then your poor results are the result of your retarded laziness and you should just accept it.
    Oh? Now you’re offended by my attitude? What, can’t handle the truth? That’s right, I DON’T like you, exactly because you don’t take responsibility for your faults.
    I too, am lazy. However, if I screw up due to my laziness, I don’t blame someone else! I accept it and take steps to better myself so that it doesn’t happen again!
  2. In one of my classes I sometimes made jokes during lectures, something the teacher never stopped me from doing because they were short and related to the topic. At some point after joking, PersonB went off at me about how they hate that I continued to interrupt class with my stupid jokes and wasted time. If they were studious and respectful, I’d apologize but let them know I didn’t plan on stopping. However, the people who berate me for doing something they don’t like…were ALWAYS the people who either did the same thing or just didn’t care when anyone in their friend group did it!
    Such a thing is hypocritical, and I hate hypocrites. If I’m to point out your hypocrisy, for whatever reason, you don’t realize/accept the truth! You either “argue” that I still shouldn’t do the thing that annoys you, or simply try to shut down the conversation altogether because you know you can’t defend yourself! Never do you accept criticism of your character…God forbid that you’re in the wrong!
    I can and will accept criticism so that I can better myself. What’s stopping you?
    One time when I pointed out another’s hypocrisy and she tried to shut me up from criticizing her, she quickly gave up shutting me up and just said something like, “I GET IT! Just leave me alone! Not everyone’s perfect like you! (sarcastically)”. I didn’t think to say it at the time, but one good response is: “The first step to perfection is acknowledging your flaws. The second is building motivation to correct them. The third is seeking help.” Or something else like that.

  Those are all the examples off the top of my head, but I’m sure I experienced many more.

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