[Everyone’s addicted to something in some shape or form. What are things you can’t go without?]


  I’m sure there’s more than just this, but from the top of my head:

  Minecraft—Sometimes I just need to immerse myself in the blocky game, either building in a survival world or kicking ass on an arcade server.

  Overwatch—Sometimes I just need to coordinate with strangers to shoot people.

  Sugar—I love me some sweets. A world without sugar is a sad one devoid of happiness. Though, I won’t kill myself with my addiction to it (unlike some people).

  Weed—Of course not! I’m not stupid!

  Smoking—Of course not! I’m not stupid!

  Alcohol—Of course not! I’m not stupid!

  YouTube—There’re just so many talented and skilled video creators that produce entertaining content!

  Manga—I read so much! So many intriguing and entertaining Japanese stories to be told in the format of black and white comics!

  Anime—Not anymore, as I read much more than watch anime, and I’d prefer reading the manga of an anime anyway.

  Novels—Speaking of reading: so many damn good fantasy novels! Chinese, Korean, America, there are just so many! Read all my recommendations on Amazon:

  Cradle series (American), Street Cultivation (American), Shadow Sun series (American), The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs (American sci-fi), A Monster Who Levels Up (Korean), and Coiling Dragon (Chinese)! Remember to ask for more recommendations in the comments section (but be specific about genre)!


  Now for a rant.

  It is well known that drugs (I’ll use the term ‘drugs’ loosely for referring to often illegal, recreational/feel-good drugs like marijuana, heroin, opium, cocaine, etc) are bad for the human body to the point of stunting growth, causing illness, and generally impairing the ability to think rationally, often leading to poor health/bad decisions. Yet, so many people still throw caution to the wind and get hooked, potentially ruining their lives. Why?

  I ask that question—why?—to almost everyone I meet/know that gets themselves addicted to something harmful, including smoking and alcohol. If they don’t already hate me for questioning their bad life decisions, the answer always boils down to: it feels good and I’m harming no one (but themselves).

  If they don’t fully understand how bad their consumption of whatever product is bad, then they claim that they’ll be fine and that they can control themselves. If they DO fully understand how bad their consumption of whatever product is bad, then it always ends with, “Let me hurt myself. You don’t need to worry about it. I accept the risk that comes with the pleasure.”

  The irrationality irks me.

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Another boring, short, uninspired entry. Let's hope for a more intriguing prompt.

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