Journey of 365 Days (((Kind of Completed)))

by FaebyenTheFairy

Original HIATUS Short Story

365 days, 365 scenes.
Battles among supreme beings.
Poems about losing love.
Dragons showing mercy.
Kids stumbling upon magic.

This journey involves my answering of 365 creative writing prompts in a desperate bid to overcome my laziness.
The prompts come from and I used to write one a day, but since I've been making progress with overcoming my laziness I'm spending much more time working on my Works in Progress (real novels).

THE SITUATION RIGHT NOW: I've gotten over the majority of my laziness. I'm unlikely to update this much. It's pretty much complete. The novel I'm working on is Dark Seas Leading Demise

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1--Outside the Window ago
2--The Unrequited Love Poem ago
3(Part 1)--The Vessel ago
4--Dancing ago
5--Food ago
6--Eye Contact ago
7--The Rocket-ship ago
8--The Dreamcatcher ago
9--Animals ago
10--Friendship ago
11--Dragon ago
12--Greeting ago
13--The Found Poem ago
14--The Letter ago
15--Eavesdropper ago
16--Addict ago
17--Dictionary Definition ago
18--Cleaning ago
19--Great Minds ago
20--Missed Connections ago
21--Foreclosure ago
22--Smoke, Fog, and Haze ago
23--Sugar ago
24--Numbers ago
25--Dread ago
26--Fear ago
27--Closed Doors ago
28--Shadow ago
29--Good Vibes ago
30--Shopping ago
31--The Professor ago
32--Rewrite ago
33--Jewelry ago
34--Sounds ago
35--War and Peace ago
36--Frame It ago
37--Puzzle ago
38--Fire-starters ago
39--Coffee & Tea ago
40--Car Keys ago
41--What You Don't Know ago
42--Warehouse ago
43--The Sound of Silence ago
44--Insult ago
45--Mirror, Mirror ago
46--Dirty ago
47--Light Switch ago
48--The Stars ago
49--Joke Poem ago
50--Just Say No ago
51--Sunrise/Sunset ago
52--Memory Lane ago
53--Tear-Jerker ago
54--Dear Diary ago
55--Holding Hands ago
56--Photograph ago
57--Alarm Clock ago
58--Darkness ago
59--Refreshed ago
61--Drama ago
62--Slip Up ago
63--Spice ago
64--Sing a New Song ago
65--Telephone ago
66--Name ago
67--Dollhouse ago
68--Random Wikipedia Article ago
69--Silly Sports ago
70--Recipe ago
71--Famous Artwork ago
72--Where That Place Used to Be ago
73--Last Person You Talk to ago
74--Caught Red-Handed ago
75--Interview ago
76--Missing You ago
77--Geography ago
78--Random Song ago
79--Hero ago
80--Ode to Strangers ago
81--Advertisement ago
82--Book Inspired ago
83--Magic ago
84--Fanciest Pen ago
85--A Day in the Life ago
86--Your Muse ago
87--Convenience Store ago
88--Natural Worlds of the World ago
89---Status Update ago
90--Green Thumb ago
91--Family Heirloom ago
92--Bug Catcher ago
93--Potion ago
94--Swinging & Sliding ago
95--Adjectives ago
96--Fairy Tales ago
97--Whispers ago
98--Smile ago
99--Seasonal ago
100--Normal ago

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Hey Fea thanks for this it’s helped me pour a couple of time already when I’ve had writers block

so I say again Thanks keep up the good works