I initiate the fight, I teleport under him and kick him into the air, I teleport above him and chop off one of his heads, the head regenerated.

(Lilith) "Let's see how many heads it takes to kill you. evil smile"

I kick it to the side, all in midair, teleport above him and chop off another head. I kick him around in midair like a ping pong ball, as I also chop off his newly regenerated heads. I do this for a while and notice he didn't regenerate.

(Lilith) "Oh? Are you all dry? Hehehe."

I kick him to the ground, the hydra looks cut up, battered and only has one head left. Littered all over the ground are severed Hydra heads. I float in front of him.

(Lilith) "It's over. Goodbye."

My scythe increases in size, the staff is 9 meters long and the blade is 8 meters long.

(Lilith) "Soul Reap."

I cut off the last head and the body collapsed. I float down and land on the ground. The black aura around me fades away, my eyes return to normal, and my scythe returns to its original size.

I ignore the hydra and walk over to Rosa, I pick her up and sit down. I start petting her, waiting for her to regain consciousness.

Level Up! Rosa reached Level 84!

Level Up! Lilith reached Level 87!

Rosa glowed and the pink symbol on her body was back to its normal glow. The level up healed us, I poke Rosa.

(Rosa) "Hmm?"

(Lilith) "Wake up."

(Rosa) "What happened?"

(Lilith) "The hydra almost killed you. You fell unconscious."

(Rosa) "The hydra! What happened to it!?"

I point at the corpse and Rosa notices all the severed heads and bloody corpse.

(Rosa) "I knew Big Sis was strongest!"

Rosa turns back into her human form and gives a proud smug face.

(Lilith) "Hehe, I'm glad you're okay Rosa. I almost lost it when I saw what the hydra did."

(Rosa) "Big Sis. hugs It's okay. Nothing will ever separate us."

For the first time in my life, I feel this warmth. I start crying into Rosa's hug, despite not having tears.

(Lilith) "I almost thought I lost my only friend, my cute little sister."

(Rosa) "We just have to get stronger. So nothing can hurt us."

(Lilith) "Yes."

We got up and then a notification appeared.

Undir Cavern cleared!

S-Rank Boss defeated.

In front of us, two chests appeared.

Spirit Golem Core

A core meant for a Spirit Golem. When equipped all stats are increased by 15% and magic consumption reduced by 50%.

Magic Core S-Rank

A magic core. When equipped increase spell power by 120% and reduce spell cost by 30%.

Both of us received cores. I gained a spirit golem core, it looks very good. I pick it up and it flies out of my hand and went into my chest. My body feels invigorated and far calmer. Rosa picks up the magic core and swallows it, the old core she had comes out of her and shatters.

(???) "Oh? I didn't expect someone to defeat that Hydra, I thought I'd have to go through the trouble to bring this dungeon back to A+ rank. Looks like I don't have to."

We turn around and in front of us was a handsome man with dark blue hair, dark blue eyes, and wearing a blue suit, he looks to be in his twenties.

Name: Leviathan
Unique Race: Ocean Sovereign Dragon
Species: Ancient Dragon

Level: 94

HP: 958000/958000

MP: 647000/647000

Endurance: 127000

Attack: 104000

Defense: 185000

Magic: 107000

Dexterity: 115000

Innate Skills:

Ancient Dragon Aura

Ancient Dragon Scales

Ancient Dragon Eyes

Liquid Body




Dragon Breath


Water Magic Mastery (-)

Electric Magic Mastery (-)

Ice Magic Mastery (-)

Claw Mastery (-)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Resistance (S)

Thermal Fluctuation Immunity (-)

Poison Immunity (-)

Instant-Death Immunity (-)

Mental Status Immunity (-)


Origin Dragon

Master of Water


Serene King

King of the Sea

God Candidate

He's an origin dragon, probably Crya's brother. He's stronger than Crya too. It seems he noticed the existence of the S-Rank boss here and was either going to eliminate it or kick it out of the dungeon.

(Lilith) "So you're Crya's brother?"

(Leviathan) "Yes. I see you met my sister, also how did you manage to beat that Hydra, from what I can see neither of you is its match despite that slime's absurd magic stat."

(Lilith) "When it nearly killed my sister here I went a little out of control and acquired a new title and skill that gave me the power to kill it."

(Leviathan) "Must be one hell of a skill to bring that Hydra to this state. Well, since you already did my job I'll take my leave. If we ever meet again feel free to call me Levi."

We see him leave the room and then turn back to the corpses. Rosa stores all of them and we leave this cursed place.

We arrive back at the capital and head to the adventurer's guild. Inside I can recognize some adventurers from Hart. They must be here for the tournaments. 

(Harpy Adventurer) "It's the Dark Twins of Destruction."

(Minotaur Adventurer) "Looks like Rosa changed her look. They must have evolved again." 

(Harpy Adventurer) "Yeah, she looks very princess-like."

(Minotaur Adventurer) "Also Lilith looks far more alive now. I wonder if the material she's composed of is different now."

It's those two. They are always commenting about us, they're now telling the story of our registration to some other adventurers. Well, our reputation is gonna spread out now. We walk over to the reception, the receptionist is an oni girl, her name is Cue.

(Cue) "Welcome, how can I be of service today?"

(Lilith) "We came to sell monster materials."

(Cue) "I see, follow me to the back room."

We start following her and I can hear a group of footsteps behind us. Here we go again. The backroom is even bigger than the one in Hart.

(Cue) "Please leave the materials here."

(Rosa) "Okay."

Rosa starts dumping all the B-A rank monsters we fought in the dungeon. I can hear whispers and gasps behind me, Rosa took out the Aquatic Killer Tarantula and even more gasps and talking ensued. 

(Ogre Adventurer) "Aquatic Killer Tarantula!"

Rosa then took out the Titan Abyssal Serpent and Thunder Megalodon. The crowd erupted.

(Harpy Adventurer) "Titan Abyssal Serpent and Thunder Megalodon those are boss-class A-ranks!"

(Minotaur Adventurer) "Where were they?"

Finally, Rosa took out the Hydra and all of the severed heads. There were 68 heads. The place exploded.

(Harpy Adventurer) "Eh-eh-eh S+ Supreme Abyssal Hydra!"

(Minotaur Adventurer) "What dungeon had this!"

The place was exploding with noise. I poke Cue to get her to snap out of shock, but she fainted.

(???) "What's with all the noise!?"

The moment that voice resounded the crowd went silent. Impressive. From the crowd, a young lady with deep red hair, red eyes, a red jumpsuit with some armor plating, and tan skin. A guild worker comes up and whispers in her ear. She walks over to me.

(???) "You must be the two Levi, communicated me about. You immediately come to sell the materials after leaving Undir Cavern, sigh Arthur hurry up and calculate how much they earned. I wish Hydra didn't regenerate heads now we have to give even more money for the materials of each head."

After an hour of calculating our profit came to a total of 36895600 jin. You can probably live for over a hundred years with a cushy lifestyle with the money in our possession. 

(???) "My name is Lavana, Adventurer Guild's Guildmaster. Member of Unique's council. I hope to see you two at the tournaments."

Name: Lavana
Unique Race: Tyrant Lava Dragon
Species: Ancient Dragon

Level: 92

HP: 745000/745000

MP: 256000/256000

Endurance: 92600

Attack: 153600

Defense: 124800

Magic: 65700

Dexterity: 53900

Innate Skills:

Ancient Dragon Aura

Ancient Dragon Scales

Ancient Dragon Eyes

Molten Body




Dragon Breath


Fire Magic Mastery (-)

Earth Magic Mastery (-)

Lava Magic Mastery (-)

Claw Mastery (-)

Physical Attack Resistance (S)

Magical Attack Resistance (S)

Thermal Fluctuation Immunity (-)

Poison Immunity (-)

Instant-Death Immunity (-)

Mental Status Immunity (-)


Origin Dragon

Master of Lava


Aggressive Queen


Goddess Candidate

What are the odds we'd meet two Origin Dragons in one day? 

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